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Shakin out the #sirens @sorenbryce shoot from her recent @thisisasides #huffpost interview Check her out!!!

Blown away by @Isacelliot today in the office! 😍 @primarywave

rainy day attire ☔️

office for the day

Vagabondz had their first interview ever with A-Sides w/ Jon Chattman! We was coolin lml they da homies! #LESSons #Vagabondz @thisisasides @huffingtonpost

Just interviewed two legends and two of my inspirations in music today at work. If you don't know who @claudekelly (has written for MJ, Bruno Mars, Britney Spears, etc) or @chuckharmony_ (has produced for Ne-Yo, Mary J, Celine Dion, etc) are... Look them up. Some amazing pieces of art have been made by these two. Make sure to also check out their single as @louisyorkmusic #ClairHuxtable #BerkleeAlum #Inspirations #StillInAwe

I prefer Cougars, why you ask? Because they have their own and don't need mine... #plano #Dallas #bestshirtever @bluemartini_tx

Good meeting with the @primarywave family with @taylormathews @lghanna @jmcgrue and of course the legend himself Mark Cerami


Afternoon showcase imported from Canada. Thank you @TenorsMusic 🇨🇦

Mood: Wavy Foevvver 🏄 #freethebossdon

Daily reminders at the PW office.

santa-gram #killinem

PWE gets ready for the holidays by eating shake shake and listening to holiday music starring @jlawmcgraw

people are hating on my biggie socks

I'd like to thank my cooling racks for breaking in half causing me to drop the cookies I made last night forcing me to switch it up and make a red velvet cake at 5:30am this morning. This win's for you.

catch me at the dinner table on thursday

killing the snapchat game

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