Berua Village. More than enough green in a day 💚💚💚

sepoi-sepoi bikin hepi~

Main-main ke sawah, lari-lari di bukit batu
📸 by hubyby @doddiwalyadi

K E L I L I P A N ~

I thought I saw your face today
But I just turned my head away
Your face against the trees
But I just see the memories
As they come~~
#SheandHim #IthoughtIsawyourfacetoday #memories

Sebaik baiknya sahabat itu,pasti pernah melukai perasaan sahabatnya..dan untuk itu kita harus memaaf kan nya

We don’t look perfect in this picture, but we are too happy to be together, spending short quality time as a FAMILY 💕

Dulu cuman bisa lihat di Tv, sekarang bisa melihat dengan mata kepala sendiri..
Kebahagiaan yg kaya gini ini juga termasuk rejeki lho.. 😊

Everybody deserves to enjoy the comfort of their own, and one place that can provide a solitary leisure is Rammang Rammang in Salerang Village, South Sulawesi. This place will not only offers you the cinematic landscape of the second largest karst in the world but will also pamper you with its endearing and peaceful nature. Fancy having your solo trip here just like @johnny.stranger did? #WonderfulIndonesia

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