Omg this is honestly an ice cream dream come true!! As you can probably tell from the salt & straw section of our blog, we’re a little (read: a lot) obsessed! We’ve had ice cream all over the world, and as self-established cone-noiseurs, we can definitively claim that S&S is the very best. Salt & straw will make your soul sing and your heart happy! ☺️ AKA TODAY IS THE BEST DAY EVER !!!!

Livin’ my best California life the only way I know how.


I have to admit, I wasn’t excited about their July flavors. I was right on the same page as @familyfooddude. Ice cream and berries isn’t my jam (heh, get it?) I had the Birthday Cakes and Blackberries. Holy noms. Thanks for the surprise @saltandstraw
📷: @jbellegarde19

Daddy bought Abby ice cream for the first time! As reward for first week of preschool 🎒 #summer #saltandstraw #hanlitto #daddydaycare #prouddad

pleasant evening.. 🌙 had ice cream w/ john krasinski 🍦 🍦 sweet guy 📸: @brysonroatch

Celebrating National Ice Cream Day, aka Hank's favorite holiday #summerinla #saltandstraw #icecream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for 🍦 #nationalicecreamday 🍨: @saltandstraw #saltandstraw

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