Village Park Restaurant


Raya in KL starts today 💕 but first, let’s go eat Nasi Lemak

Celebrating Malaysians’ favourite.... it’s been a while... 😋
🍛outdoor seating is always better, at least u can self service your meja lipat & stacked stools.
🍛there’s no chicken breast option , only thigh&drumstick.
🍛take note of your table number before going to the cashier.

When ur friend says he want to belanja the whole gang but then he tells u that he forgot his wallet. (Sry for reposting ma dude just wanna use this hilarious pic😂)

Simply mind blowing 😋

#nasilemak #malaysia #aphrodisiac

Delicious 😋👍

Together with my hiking kaki , first time we enjoyed #nasilemak with #ayamgorengberempah 🐔and #kopi ☕️ in sizzling rain 🌧 outside this restaurant as this place was way too crowded, no more table for us to move inside when sizzling rain started 😅 but was fun to enjoy this meal with my kaki in the rain 😁

Lai see xia what the hype’s about. Ayam goreng was indeed garing and good but I feel the nasi was not fragrant enough. Sambal... boleh la... But most importantly, the old folks enjoyed it, though Mum was complaining about the RM0.80 extra sambal we didn’t get😂. #kleats #klfood #klfoodhunt #thisiswhyicannotslim #villageparknasilemak #nasilemak

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