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San Diego was amazing, next stop LA 😍

My Daily Ritual!!!! To those who have never driven a California freeway , well your life expectancy went up a few years lucky you . Pretty much when sun is out you can find yourself hanging out on the 5,15,405, 91, or 110. Even with 8 to 10 lanes on one side , and the motorcycle 🏍 lane depicted in this picture 😆. It's still bumper to bumper for hours . Right now vegas is about to expand to 10 lanes to get ready for Raiders traffic games so Cali traffic will be in Vegas soon enough #traffic #cali #socal #ocliving #405freeway #15freeway #5freeway #91freeway #nostress #nolife #sitforhours

Swish 💫 #GoldenState

Don’t you just LOVE LA Traffic! #bumper2bumper #LATraffic

Pit Stop

For Monica’s birthday this year, we took a little road trip up to Big Sur. The gas station in the middle of nowhere was the first place we stopped for a bathroom break. Also, this cat was kind enough to pose for me.

March 2018
Fuji C200
March 2018

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