Who's Watching Me

Marc by Marc Jacob Daisy

I want to go to “29 Rooms”

Happy big 3-0 to my best friend @derickjdixon ❤️ You’re the best boyfriend, friend, son, uncle, and puppy-dad ever 🥂💑

we tell ourselves stories in order to live.

ich bin, wer ich bin.
i am, who i am.

Happiest birthday to my wonderful sea star-in-law, @jennie.__! 🌟 TBT to that one day in LA when we got to be basic together. 🤣

the foodie fam mixtape dropping soon 🤘

FRAAANNNDSSS💚, @29rooms has a chance to win a @thewebbyawards for Best Event Activation! 🤯🤩🤯🤩 Hit the link in our bio to vote for #29Rooms and make our digital dreams come true.⚡️🌼✨🌱
Photo: @blindsaay
#webbyawards #TurnItIntoArt

"Surrounding yourself with the right people feels like heaven. Thankful for people who feel like sunlight." - @roxannesvibe

This exhibit copies the movement of whoever stands in front of it. #29rooms #exhibit #williamsburg #brooklyn #sisterserious

If looks could kill then my style might body ya 💥🥊 #fabulous #bodyya #letsgetreadytorumble

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