Slender Summer SLAM!!! 21 day challenge! It’s a wonderful steal for only $4.32 a meal! 💥 Wow! Breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Sunday for 3 consecutive weeks plus 1 cheat dessert per week. Average weight loss is 9 to 18 pounds the most we’ve had is 40 pounds in 21 days! 💙 Everything is 💯 percent gluten free, diabetic friendly, low sodium, and made from scratch from our talented chef/nutritionist Francesca ❤️🍽😊 We have so much more to offer as well! If you would like to know more about our programs give us a call at 956-900-2266!

Sale! Sale! Sale!!! $18 dollars for a dozen of our delicious protein donuts! ❤️🍩🍽 Also have 5 meals for $35.00 😊💥

$18 dollar dozens of our delicious protein donuts ❤️🍩😊 Low carb, low calorie, low sugar, made from scratch! 10 grams of protein per donut! Get your donuts today! Perfect snack or breakfast! ❤️

21 days will go fast!!! @beauty_beast_cuisine

Sale Sale Sale!!! $10 dollar mix half dozen, $18 dollar mix dozen 🍩❤️🍽💥😊

$10 dollar half a dozen or $18 dollar dozens 💥❤️🍩🍽 Delicious protein donuts 🍩

Friday Sale!!! $18 dollar dozens of our delicious Protein Bunz!!! ❤️🍩💥😊 Low calorie, low carb, gluten free, made from scratch!!! Wow!! 💥💥 Get your dozen today! 956-900-2266

DATE: JUNE 3, 2018 -Alert 👇🏼-Giveaway details at the end of this post. Read all the way down & We only have 150 spots to purchase! Don’t wait !
WHAT: 63 Meals, 3, Cheat desserts & A chance to win $300 Gift Cards for 1st Place Male/female !!!⚡️⚡️☄️ Deposit: $100.00 to save your spot and is deducted from your total.
PRICE : $285.00 for entire program that includes scratch gluten free meals, desserts, snack and protein shake guidance, 5% off “Tummy Tuck Tea Gallon purchases, and 5% percent off BUNZ protein Donut purchases at Edinburg location only. Total of 3 week! 😎😎😎 Amazing Program that gives you results !
ZERO GIMMICKS! ☎️956 900 2266 ☎️956 800 7373
☎️956 777 2028
Call to reserve your spot or come by 411 E Mahl st Edinburg ! 🤑🤑🤑WANT TO WIN A FREE 21 DAY PROGRAM. Here are the rules:
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Winner will be selected at Random on May 26th! Our Nutritionist /Chef Francesca Hernandez’s Birthday !

Delicious Oreo Protein Donut 💕❤️💙💥🍩 956-900-2266

If you are looking for a meal plan program check @beauty_beast_cuisine 😀🌟👌🏼 I love all their dishes! 💕 Eat heathy and forget about grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning... JUST EAT! 😀 .
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Menu for week of 4/15/18 💥💥 Call or text 956-800-7373 to order 👍🏼❤️😊🍽

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