15 Minutes


We both flopped at work today #beachedwhale

three years ago today i played my first show. i was a young 13 year old who was very homesick and very lonely. it poured down that evening but still many people i was close to came down.
i've grown up a huge amount in these past few years thanks to this project and the amazing people around me. it's been a long journey but i'm really only just getting started. i can't wait to see where it goes.

😉 - cherry stalk tied -

scenery from the cafe

@kellygohyanyi's sambal chicken thigh! Belly nice!

Food, glorious food!

Big lunch after interview with Swarovski 😬✌Ho gun jiong!

It's been great meeting old friends this week and last over good #food ;) here's to friendships old & new! #lagoonig #pizza #sgigfoodies


Today's lunch: Mango mayo chicken ciabatta with coleslaw and ginger ale. Still thinking of who I should write to. I have no pen pals leh.

perfect for a rainy day. a day to reflect on the past few months.


Livin' la vida loca hahah #rickymartin #impersonator #storminateacup

Le #dinner

Big lunch after interview with Swarovski 😬✌Ho gun jiong!

Quick dinner with @lionel_ before the next classes! :)

I came all the way in the rain for this. It better be good. #15minutes #laselle #art #bar #music #rainy

HI MR POTATEEEEE @caljoephua

I can still pose while gigging. Haha #uke #ukulele #ukelele #latergram

they said this is a bolognaise?