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SHIVA ROS€  Author of Whole Beauty ^|^ Book on rituals ^l^ recipes ^|^Alchemist || Mama ||Beekeeper || I Bow to Mother Earth || 🌹Beauty Rituals <<<---->>>

Feeling inspired by interiors from natural stone and wood 💛 perhaps design should be like nourishment eating locally and organically with materials that are sustainable from the natural environment 🌄perhaps this will be a way to lessen plastic use and harmful toxins 🏕 this may be a luxury to design your abode from local materials but maybe in the long run it saves environmental energy 🌳 I haven’t posted on the nest section in quite a while on #thelocalrose but feeling inspired to. When I redesigned my present Home ten years ago open shelving and subway tiles were starting to become more standard but now I’m interested in the next wave to come 🌊#nest #sustainableliving #interiordesign

New post on #thelocalrose today for Lori Stern’s delicious pistachio rose tart recipe 🌹 pistachio and rose are so dear to my heart since they evoke the flavors and scents of my childhood home Persia ✨so thrilled to know the magical being who creates art from her floral infused baked goods 💐more on her and the beautiful, flower-pressed treats see #thelocalrose ✨ “A large part of my childhood was spent being outside in the Ojai Valley.  Spending time outside and learning about nature instilled an appreciation and curiosity of nature that I think is reflected in my work.” - @loriastern 🌸 Both wearing @shopdoen and phototographed by @morganpansing. See the full post and recipe, link in profile.

New post on #thelocalrose today for a beautifying mask you can make at home ~~ 🍍~~
I’ve been visiting Kauai since I was fifteen, and one of the first things I do when I land on that red, rich earth is go to the farmers’ market and pick out my pineapples, papayas, mangoes, coconuts, and lychees. They don’t last long in our house, but whatever we don’t eat, I use to make a mask, as the acids in these tropical fruits are gentle exfoliators that help clear away dead skin. And bromelain, an enzyme that’s derived from pineapples, is really good for reducing inflammation and healing sun damage. Papaya is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that reduce acne and redness, and also rich in flavonoids that are known to help reduce the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. You can also use the seeds for exfoliation which the microbiome will love 🌺Mango possesses many of the same vitamins as papaya and also contains carotene, which replenishes skin and makes the tissue more elastic.
This mask recipe from Whole Beauty is so simple to make at home and utilizes the fresh fruits of the summer months. I love to sit with one of these masks on my face and feel my skin tingle as I bask in the feminine, Venus energy of a place ripe with beauty🌈🌺🌴 #kauai #wholebeautybook #diymask #nontoxicbeauty image @minh_ngoc from #wholebeauty @artisan_books

Savoring the last days of summer 🌞 post coming soon with @loriastern on making a beautifying tea from garden herbs to go along with her sublime treats 🌿🌼🌿 I have been drinking these infusions since my twenties and know they have helped my hair, bones, skin 🌿🌾🍃 we are all lacking from essential minerals since our soil is depleted therefore our food is as well, so by drinking herbal infusions of nettle 🍃 red clover 🥀 oat straw 🌾 lemon balm 🌿 we are adding minerals for glowing skin and shiny hair ✨ not to mention they balance the endocrine system and hormones ✨ I now start craving these infusions if I miss a day 🌾 there is a whole chapter in my book #wholebeauty on these blends and how to create infusions at Home 🍃🌾🎋🌿☘️ become an alchemist at home with a mason jar and organic herbs 💐 #infusions #herbalteas #loristern #nettles #naturalbeauty #organic #wholebeautybook 🍃 image @morganpansing

Thank you for everyone’s comments and DMs on the situation in The Salish Sea 🌊🐋🌊 a few of us are working on an epic giveaway to bring awareness on how to save the creatures that are being starved by our greed for more salmon 🐚 tomorrow we can all start our day by making calls we will send out a flyer with the phone numbers 🐋 in the meantime here is the beautiful art work by @swimming_in_moonlight who lives in tune with the rhythm of those beautiful isles 🐚 #freesnakeriver #snakeriverdamremoval #breachthesnakeriverdam

Orcas island is so close to my heart it feels like the twin to Kauai in many ways 🐚 I read an article today about an orca who has been carrying around her dead calf for 17 days since she is grieving so hard 🌊 yes orcas have that much compassion and wisdom 🐋 orcas island is where my sea siren scrub was birthed so I am planning a giveaway with my other orcas loving sisters to bring awareness to this crisis 🌊 in the meantime please call this number Monday to ask to breach the damns on the snake river immediately 🏹 they have placed these dams and this is starving out all the orcas and other beings in the Salish sea 🐋 take a look at these sites to see what to do @pnwprotectors @dam_sense

The fleeting taste of salt, sea, and summer days 🐚☀️🌊 image by @wendyjplumb

8✨8✨18 Lion’s portal 💎last year this time I vividly remembering feeling a portal window opening where I could align certain matters and during class with @harijiwan I felt a huge shift take place 💡today we are again in that portal moving towards the new Moon this weekend 🌛 🌜I’m so elated to have @_benshen_ give us her wisdom for a post on the site which will be up soon on #thelocalrose 🌹here is a brief intro into the article The 8th day of the 8th month marks the opening of an energetic portal called Lions Gate. For thousands of years those who walked the earth believe in the connection between the planets and the earth. In some ways we still do, which is why we’re so interested in astrology and learning about our own signs and others signs as well. If we believe in astrology then it’s possible to believe in other astrological phenomenons such as portal openings, which essentially mean that other planetary entities are affecting the earth in some way or form. Just like we can feel like intensity around the time of the Full Moon, we too can feel when stars and planets are affecting our Earth’s magnetic field and thus ourselves. Lions Gate is activated every year on August 8th when higher frequencies from the start Sirius are beaming onto Planet Earth. This beaming of energy is said to help the human race advance and raise the consciousness of all beings and the planet. When the Sun, the Earth, and Sirius are all aligned in a particular astrological pattern, the Lions Gate portal awakens.
So what does this all actually mean? It means that right now, if you decide to, there’s a doorway to a new experience of yourself that is elevated above and beyond what you’re currently experiencing. It’s an opportunity to take a good look at your patterns and see what hasn’t been working and ask for guidance to figure out the next, new steps to take that will leave you feeling powerful rather than powerless 🌟💫🌟 #lionsgate #lionsportal

I emerged from the wreckage on the sidewalk, there was a halo covered older woman who began to speak to me in my father’s tongue Farsi ~ she then gathered me in the folds of her arms and soothed me in the old language telling me to breathe and that all would be well ~ once the sirens could be heard, and after a few moments I came into my physical body and yet she wasn’t anywhere to be seen ✨The continuous realization of how precious it all is 💗 my lovely @nitsacitrine captured this ironically at the very hospital I was born after I got in a car accident ✨ after a few days of being concussed I’m finally coming back to this realm 🕊 there were so many angels both seen and unseen throughout the experience Nitsa being one of them ✨ life can change in an instant it’s all so fragile . . .

The sounds of the sea are beckoning me . . . Will you follow me to the depths . . .🐚🐚🐚

If you are in the city of Angels come to @pippasmalljewellery on August 7th to meet the lovely Pippa who is coming to visit us from the UK ✨ I’ll be signing copies of my book at 3pm #wholebeauty and discussing with Pippa how her adventurous journeys to far away lands have created a brand that brings goodness back to local villages 💎 Pippa will be creating one of a kind amulet charms to go with the afternoon of discussing rituals ✨✨✨

You are brutal thing made of flowers. This means you will survive everything whilst staying soft -
Nikita Gill 💐 I was 14 and I woke up in a rain gutter off a road in Malibu canyon after a night with jack Daniels. I made the decision to not ever drink to that level again and to make my heart a tough thing that could surmount any fire. I thought That to survive one must become hardened. Years later, Since that declaration that dawn, I have been undoing the fierce armor I had begun to build around my heart, I’ve learned that it’s actually the vulnerability of being open that is true grit, true strength 💗💐 #unwinding

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