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SHIVA ROS€  Author of Whole Beauty ^|^ Book on rituals ^l^ recipes ^|^Alchemist || Mama ||Beekeeper || I Bow to Mother Earth || 🌹Beauty Rituals <<<---->>>

Ritual is at the very heart of every aspect of this book ✨ it is the simplest and biggest way you can honor yourself and enhance your well being. Beauty that does not penetrate beyond the first, physical layer will fade, but beauty that comes from being nourished and balanced spiritually, emotionally, and physically radiates from the eyes, hair, and every pore. Ritual helps us create a beautiful face and a beautiful life - excerpt from my book #wholebeautybook ✨ ✨ ✨ rituals can also help you rewire the egoic brain and drop down into the essence of you that is soul driven ✨✨✨thank you everyone for supporting this labor of love 🌹 #wholebeauty is chugging along 🕊 I don’t look at book numbers but just feel into the vibrancy it is creating 🏹 thank you for all the messages I do see them and they fill up my heart beyond measure ❤️ truly grateful we are all on this journey together 🏹contrary to what we see in the 3D world, shifts are happening 🌿 more and more people are turning towards herbs and flowers for medicine and honoring the cycles of the sun and moon 🌜🌞🌛

Growing up in Iran until I was ten, informed my cultural education and senses in so many profound ways. Just the scents alone from a Persian kitchen created a poetic and mysterious palette in my brain. Nothing gets me more homesick for those simpler days than an Iranian stew simmering on the stove. The fragrant scents of saffron, sour limes, and pomegranates are all etched in my blood line and history. 🍋🍆🍠
When I first opened the pages of naz’s book @bottomofthepot, I shed a few nostalgic tears. The tears were of the symbiotic connection to her story as a refugee, and of her connection to how food equates home and love.
I’m so thrilled she will be sharing a recipe from this stunning book on the local rose 🌹tune in later today for a delicious recipe 💙 #iranianfood #bottomofthepot #persianfood

Softness is not weakness. It takes courage to stay delicate in a world this cruel.
— Beau Taplin✨✨🕊✨✨image @stevemccurryofficial #afghanistan

A reminder to those in the senate and Supreme Court: A woman's highest calling is to lead a man to his soul, so as to unite him with Source. A man's highest calling is to protect woman, so she is free to walk the earth unharmed - Cherokee proverb 🏹 happy new moon in Libra 🌜🖤🌛
Image @kristine.lo

Repost from @midland_shop Campaign ✨🕊✨Having been through many lives in this life, and having been through many dark journeys of the soul, I can say without a doubt, that having a deeper connection to the earth has been so healing. My wish is for us all to wake up to the connection that what happens to women is a direct correlation to what happens to the earth. All the auto immune issues, lyme, rape, violence is a direct connection to what we do and how we treat our great mother. Peaceful connection heals.
I hope we can learn to respect our gaia and ourselves . . .
My organization that I have been on the board of for over 20 years is Violence Intervention Program @heartofvip
Helping ease abuse related trauma, Dr. Astrid Heger has founded this and treated countless children and women from rape and abuse. This is an organization that is changing our world in a true sense 💗
Thank you @midland_shop for including me in this group of incredible inspiring women #midlandgalsforchange #community

The most common emails I get are usually about how to thicken hair or hair loss ✨✨ I always write back that firstly they should check thyroid and hormone level to see if there is a deficiency. After that go to Ayurvedic treatments(I have a luster hair oil on @shivarosebeauty for healthy hair) for healthy tresses ✨✨✨on the site we share this Lakshmi locks recipe from #wholebeauty I believe that our hair is connected to our intuition. Our hair is both our antennae and our tail, and a strong communicator. From the Kundalini perspective, the hair is a vibrant source of creative life force that helps to funnel powerful sun energy into the frontal lobes of the brain. Your hair’s health, much like your skin’s, can alert you to changes in your overall health- specifically hormone imbalances, thyroid issues, and toxicity buildup- before symptoms are manifested elsewhere in your body. Hair is a source of feminine power, and keeping your’s healthy will also help your aura shine. I love this hair mask recipe from Whole Beauty for when I need to show my hair some extra love.

Named for the Hindu goddess of fortune and prosperity, this mask works wonders on your locks as it conditions, stops dandruff, and makes your hair grow longer, stronger, and faster. It’s a tridosha mask. Fenugreek seeds are an Indian spice known for their sweet smell and helpfulness in treating hair loss and baldness. Shikakai powder comes from a common Asian shrub and is high in antioxidants like vitamins A,C, and K. It helps to balance the pH of the hair and make it shiny. Amla fruit has three times more vitamin C than an orange. If you are having trouble finding these herbs in your area, you can order them from Banyan Botanicals or Dual Spices.
Recipe on #thelocalrose Taken from #wholebeautybook Published by @artisan_books Image @minh_ngoc ✨🌿✨ #ayurveda #hairlosssolution #diymask

My ballet fantasies become manifested when wearing @livetheprocess new ballet inspired line 💓 ballet was my first love and it led me down the road to history since As a child I loved to study all the music and dancers from Anna pavlova to Isadora Duncan 🕊 so thrilled by the shapes and practical nature of these footed leggings/tights and easy to wear wrap tops by @livetheprocess ✨ proper post coming soon 🕊 image @kristine.lo

Most people don’t grow up. It’s too damn difficult. What happens is most people get older. That’s the truth of it. They honor their credit cards, they find parking spaces, they marry, they have the nerve to have children, but they don’t grow up. Not really. They get older. But to grow up costs the earth, the earth. It means you take responsibility for the time you take up, for the space you occupy. It’s serious business. And you find out what it costs us to love and to lose, to dare and to fail. And maybe even more, to succeed. What it costs, in truth. Not superficial costs—anybody can have that—I mean in truth. “
— Dr. Maya Angelou, “The Art of Fiction”
#mayaangelou #truth #malibu #nofilterneeded

For acne and pitta activity on the face try a cooling mask from my book #wholebeauty ✨🍶🍯 ✨ I spent countless hours studying Ayurvedic ways of relieving skin issues and these are illustrated in #wholebeautybook 📚you can also find my course on #Ayurveda beauty routines on @mindbodygreen from a few years ago 💛 here is the recipe for the cooling mask which I love the nutmeg makes this good enough to want to eat 💛 Cooling Milk & Spice Mask For Oily and acne-prone skin types Recommended Use
Two or three times a month, if you have a lot of breakouts
2 or 3 whole nutmeg pods, or 1 tablespoon ground nutmeg
1 tablespoon whole milk, preferably raw, plus more as needed
1 teaspoon raw honey (optional; use only if you have exceptionally oily skin) Breakouts are eruptions usually caused by too much Pitta—fire energy—in the body. We have to learn how to harness the passion and fire and put it to work for us. Otherwise, we just swallow that fire and it comes out in acne or cysts, hormonal issues. This mask treats acne by soothing and calming the skin to leave it smooth and supple. The medicinal qualities of nutmeg help to rejuvenate the skin and also treat anxiety and digestive issues in the body. Whole milk is full of nourishing fats that help moisturize, and when these two ingredients are mixed together, your skin will want to drink up the combination. (In
fact, it is good enough that you could drink it!) Grind the nutmeg in a coffee grinder and transfer it to a bowl. Add the milk and the honey, if using, and stir until combined to form a paste. You can add water instead of more milk to get the right consistency. Wash your face and pat it dry, then apply the mask all over or just to problem areas. You may get some tingling, but that means the mask is being activated. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse off with cool water 💧#wholebeautybook published by @artisan_books image @minh_ngoc #pitta #nutmeg #nontoxic #beauty #diymasks #acne #naturalbeauty

I awoke to the sound of a coyote yipping and then a great horned owl hooting 🦉my shepherd and Kitty started to make noise with the cacophony ✨I decided to get out of bed and drink tea as the sun was rising and the stirrings outside were vibrating ☀️ we choose to listen to messages or just ignore them but which kind of world do you prefer to exist in? Aren’t we all connected somehow to the creatures we live near? spirit that is among the trees, fauna, earth and stars? 🌲🍃✨the choice is within us how we want to exist . . . with magic or not . . . 🌳🏹☀️ image @cathrinewhite 🕊

Venus has gone retrograde for 40 days and 40 evenings and tonight is the fiery full moon in Aries 🙌🏻🌕🙌🏻 rituals connect us to the unseen and our inner selves ✨🌹✨ we can also decide what we want to glean from this celestial occurrence ✨many say the Aries full moon may bring up anger but I like to exchange that word for passion 🔥 passion to fuel our life’s work 🕊 Venus in retrograde may bring up fear of losing her loving, creative spirit, but I like to transmute that into appreciation for her beauty and setting reminders of how it influences us 🐚 the benefits of having practices, are that we can direct the otherwise disorienting channels that run through us. Being cognizant of what is happening and then using the medicine that is being revealed 🌕 my book #wholebeauty has a few chapters on how to live this way. How to add magic to our worlds rather than buying into the collective anxiety 🐚 full moon practices: clear energy by cleaning your space ✨journal about what to release ✨shedding moon light on all crevices in our lives ✨ capturing moon reflection in a bowl of water and clearing crystals or wash your face in the water 💧go for full moon walk, moonlight awakens your intuition and is softer than sunlight 🌞 #fullmoon #harvestmoon #venusretrograde #wholebeautybook

The post is up on #thelocalrose on the importance of honoring the shift in seasons 🍂🍁 we touch upon various ways in which to celebrate this ancient way of having reverence for ourselves and our earth 🍁🍂 here are a couple of the rituals mentioned 🍁🍂 Bon fire or fireplace 🔥
Autumn is a time we begin to honor the element of fire and how it helps us in so many ways. Every day when i light my incense, I honor this element and know of it’s power🔥Make a fire (in a safe place) and throw in the journal sheets of what you release. Burn what no longer serves you and feel the space created by giving up the negative 🍶🍯 An offering to the earth. Make a mixture of milk and honey to celebrate sweetness in life and creative fertility 🙌🏻🙌🏻make this offering to the earth, and I say thank you for all gifts I have received 🙌🏻 image by @minh_ngoc from my book #wholebeauty which has chapters on seasonal rituals for solstice and equinox 🌹#wholebeautybook published by @artisan_books #autumnequinox #autumnrituals

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