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SHIVA ROS€  Author of Whole Beauty ^|^ Book on rituals ^l^ recipes ^|^Alchemist || Mama ||Beekeeper || I Bow to Mother Earth || 🌹Beauty Rituals <<<---->>>

Feeling the mercurial ✨sensitive ✨aspects of this new moon in Pisces we are entering as of tomorrow 🌊taking this darkness of the moon period to sew seeds 🌿This New Moon is at the very end of the zodiac gathering the collective forces ready for healing 🌑it also can represent our inner child and going easy on ourselves 🖤 today after a kundalini class with @gurujagat I was bewitched by a magical toddler named juniper 🌲she had bells on her ankles and was squealing with laughter being unabashedly free ✨she was a teacher for me in that moment to just let go of all of the so called responsibilities and enjoy life with carefree childlike abandon and wonder 🌑 new moon rituals have the power to recharge and renew us that can include 〰 intentions in journal 〰planting flowers and herbs 〰beauty rituals for releasing like body scrubbing 〰 anointing limbs that carry you on this earth with oils 〰 lighting candles to honor the light ✨✨ image by the lovely @cathrinewhite catching me in between the crevices of my thoughts ✨#newmoonritual #newmoonpisces #pisces #cathrinewhitephoto

New post on blog on contracting before growth 🌿 🕊🏹This idea of contracting before growth has been on my mind🌿🕊🌿
In many spiritual practices there is the belief that the world was created and expanded from nothingness, and eventually returns to this state of ground zero. My namesake Shiva, one of the three gods in the Hindu Trimurti, represents this aspect. Shiva, God of creation and destruction, and therefore the cycle of life, is about the end and then the beginning. It seems this concept of shrinking and then blossoming is more apparent in most cultures. Here in the West, we are constantly in the state of growth, and hurrying the processes, rather than freeing ourselves in the expansion of growth and awakening. We aren’t ever allowed to be in the ‘rest’ periods or contractions. This is why self care has suddenly become such a hot subject in the last few years. People are realizing that this is not something that must be earned, but a way of life in order to thrive. In India when a woman has a child, her and the infant are massaged and cared for for 40 days and 40 nights. This prevents postpartum depression in the mother, and colic in the child. It is a better investment to nurture them then deal with the consequences of not honoring the cycle of contraction.
✨Instead of judging my desire to run to the mountains and becoming a hermit, I am going to allow myself to breath, rest, play and be. Instead of wondering why I am reverting back to old patterns of negative thinking, I am going to trust that this is just being in the hallway as I enter into the next room. Instead of wondering what my next step will be, I am going to celebrate the unknown and remember to be here, and to be here now✨#growth #ayurveda #thelocalrose #wholebeautybook #wholebeauty

The world is a violent and mercurial — it will have its way with you. We are saved only by love — love for each other and the love that we pour into the art we feel compelled to share: being a parent; being a writer; being a painter; being a friend. We live in a perpetually burning building, and what we must save from it, all the time, is love.” — Tennessee Williams 🕊⚪️🕊 image from #wholebeautybook #word #love #wholebeauty #tennesseewilliams #favoriteplaywright image by @minh_ngoc

So grateful for all the inspirational beings that helped create the chapters in Whole Beauty 🌿✨🌿my dear sisters some who grace the book and others who's life work inspired me on my path 🌷we are creating a new way of being in the world where our connection to the planet and our hearts determine where we lend our energy 🌿💐🕊#aquarianage #teaceremony #wholebeautybook #wholebeauty #thelocalrose

On this full moon in Virgo 🌕which represents dedication and hard work I'm so grateful to show all of you my book Whole Beauty 🏹This book is really the culmination of a lifetime 🕸 at times we don't realize we are on a journey until we look back and see the tapestry we have weaved with our life choices and decisions 🕸 I am so grateful to all of you who have supported my site #thelocalrose and my beauty line ✨so utterly grateful for @artisan_books and @meg_thompson 🌷this book reveals daily rituals, recipes, and natural beauty secrets that not only healed my life but hopefully will inspire you 🌷 The book is available now for preorder from BN.com ✨Amazon✨or wherever books are sold ✨the Link is in my bio ✨#wholebeautybook #fullmoonvirgo

Excerpts ~~*~~wholebeauty ~~*~~
I wanted to dig my fingers into the earth * I found solace in feeling and smelling the soil * I focused on being in rhythm with the cycles and seasons of the natural world ~~*~~ when my life fell apart 9 years ago I rebuilt it by going back to the simpler ways of existing ~ growing most of my food* having less material things * eliminating chemicals from my home * making my own beauty products * having a deeper connection to gaia * image @_alisonlove ~~ #wholebeauty #soil

Revealing my project with @artisan_books shortly 🏹🌹✨ Whole Beauty a culmination of eight to nine years of #thelocalrose blog (my aquarian brain isn't sure of the exact year 💨) and @shivarosebeauty in one form 🌹dreams do come true 🌹#wholebeauty #diyrecipes #beautyrituals #gaia #nontoxicbeauty #kundalini #meditation #wellness

New post up on #thelocalrose with @loroxburgh 🌷Ive have been guarding my right shoulder for a few years ✨due to a former injury I created a story and my pliant body responded by giving me limited motion and moments of pain ✨after working with Lauren we realized my shoulder was in fact healed, and I needed to connect that fact with neuro pathways in my mind so I could fully use my wing again ✨ what a wondrous journey it is to see how resilient and malleable our vessels are ✨it makes you wonder where else are we blocking ourselves with stories that create scar tissue? ✨more on the amazing @loroxburgh on the site ✨her work combined with @the_groundspace have expanded my expectations of what we are capable of 🌷#laurenroxburgh #healing #expansion #thelocalrose #rotatorcuff image @nihura

Captured this on the way to serve tea today 🍃🍃always a good reminder that we need community and connection to thrive 🌿🌿the camellias graced my path this morning and no coincidence they are related to the tea trees 🍃🍃had a discussion today with @the_groundspace about our future selves 🌿🌿I remember years ago seeing a glimmer of my future self and that was what would get me moving through bouts of dark periods 🍃🍃 today I feel I am being that future self and I am so grateful for trusting that vision even when it seemed a lifetime away . . . #teaceremony #futureselfglob

Happy year of the Dog 🐾🐾 I just finished the book American Wolf which documents how adding the native wolves back to our national parks has helped diversify and heal the lands 🐾🐾 considering that all dogs are related to the wolf, and that they are integral to our lands' welfare we should all think about ways to keep them from being so mercilessly hunted 🐾🐾 Wolves fail to hide their integrity just like the way men fail to hide their own animality.” – Munia Khan #americanwolf #wolves #yearofthedog #chinesenewyear

She walked in to my home chattering. I detached. I placed on a mask of sort, keeping the true essence of myself hidden, protected ✨she felt it, this wise seer, she let me continue my charade for some time until, well until she mentioned something about vulnerability ✨I then began to sink in✨ sink into myself✨the dress came off, the music shifted, the whiskey came out, the cooking started and I took off my mask, I took down my barriers, my pretense of being something pristine dissolved into the shadows of the house as the sun set around us ✨thank you @cathrinewhite for coming over and capturing me 📸

Allow beauty to shatter you regularly. The loveliest people are the ones who have been burnt and broken and torn at the seams, yet still send their open hearts into the world to mend again, and again, and again. ~ Victoria Erickson~ Happy Valentine's Day to you all 🌹 #beauty #valentinesday #heartopening

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