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ℓsd ♡  ♡~ 🔮 Chasing dreams & ambitions , Traveling the world with my dog 🐕, 🌴 Island girl ~♡ Currently: Wigan, England

"Just for today...
I will not get angry,
I will not worry,
I will be kind to all living things,
I will be grateful for all my blessings,
I will work with honesty and integrity."
Simplicity at it's finest is when things work out best.
Ft. A cheeky peak of an english man in background

Learn how to speak with your body. Connect with every movement your soul is screaming to be seen. So many things I want to keep learning about myself anger me at sometimes because I'm not able to do all the things I wish to be doing. I'm learning to keep persistence in my mind and in my actions. Lately I have been feeling so many emotions but at the same time I lack the feeling of feeling. It's a very crazy and weird state in which I have never felt before but I do understand that I have a lot of energy that needs to be released. Lately I've been playing with the freakiest expressions and movements my body creates and I've been loving every single one of them. I am fighting against what I consider comfort because right now I'm in a very comfortable position of living than I've had in all my travels. I'm trying to fight more the cold because it makes you feel so tiny and helpless that you stop wanting to go outside to do simple things or hikes. And each day I'm trying to laugh the most I can and see the true joy of life and my surroundings.
This is my entry.
12 Noviembre 2018 21:30

Cosquillitas siento en mi ser cada vez que sonrío. Siento la paz llegando a mi cuerpo y mi corazón. He sentido todas las facetas del año muy fuerte en mi y creo que mi pelo ha sido testido de. Largo, corto, rojo, largo, corto, largo, rubio, turquesa, azul, corto. Y me encanta como cada uno ha representado cada estado de mi a través de estos 11 meses de viaje. Aquí una foto post diario sobre como me siento cada día (tengo como 300) que quiero empezar a compartir. Y aquí también un estado de lo blanca que estoy.
Noviembre 11, 2018. 15:33

♡ ^•^ Witchy self ^•^ ♡

Just had one of the most clarifying baths of my life. Bathed in with my cristals and my first ever lovely pumpkin I have done. Feeling blessed in this beautiful day and more than happy to be grateful in such day. I hope everyone has a very lovely Halloweenie and can't wait to see all of the creativeness that all of you will bring. Remember to also honor this day to all of those whose bodies have fallen but their souls have not. ¡Gracias!
Have fun everyone and Happy Halloweeniee!! ♡♡

Who said dogs can't drive boats???
My pumpking being a captain at it's best!♡
#backpacking #travelnomads #dogsofig

It is truly mesmerising to have the experience to meet different cultures, languages, stories, people, but there is nothing more powerful to have the gift of life to share constant frequencies between other people. Where you feel the feminine and masculine energy uniting together and creating bonds that will be forever cheerished in the heart. From 3 different countries somehow we all ended in another different one for our paths be shared for some time. Having the experience to be in the presence of both always felt like floating. It was like our energy was moving the ocean's tide, the trees we walked by, even the rain that got us on the beach we enjoyed every last drop out of it. So grateful to have met you both♡
Enjoying some liquid D&B in the top of a mountain enjoying the view after a whole day on beach and a 2 hour hike and just before Bojana's phone died.°

¡¡¡Mi niña hermosa!!!
Here drinking a cup of tea waiting for life to reunite us again. Missing some warm weather, having someone to do yoga and meditation with, eating healthy, have endless talks for more than 8 hours, hitchhiking from beach to beach, chasing early sunrises, being naked, mountain hikes, and most specially you. I miss you so much. Having those ray gold sunshine smile from you every day is something I won't forget. Volim teeeeee

I won't deny that I'm feeling down at the moment, sometimes life will always throw you obstacles and no matter how hard and unfair you find them you must learn to overcome yourself as much as your body and mind beg for not so. I'm grateful for even if I am experiencing a roller coaster of emotions I'm aware of this negativity in my life and even tho I feel very lonely it's also a beautiful feeling to have once in a while. I know I'm strong and capable enough to continue working on myself spiritualy, physically, mentally and emotionally. From every lesson life gives you,you must learn from it.

Remind yourself to EVERY day give yourself love, kindness, joy, and peace. For this you will learn how to achieve a golden state of mind.

Algo que si conozco bien de mi ser es que estoy diseñada para curar y sentir. Por alguna razón siempre he pensado que he visto que la gente que viene siempre hacia mi para pedir ayuda, consejos, etc. Y aunque en muchas ocaciones no sé porqué cuando hay veces que yo ni sé que está pasando en mi vida, pero a medida que voy creciendome voy dando cuenta de cómo el tiempo me revela que simplemente mi cuerpo y mis manos necesitan siempre sentirse curando de un modo u otro y estoy sumamente contenta de cómo entender y usar este regalo que tengo poco a poco. Me siento augusto con mi ser y mi alma, entiendo que no debo apresurarme ya que cada cosa tiene su tiempo. Solo aprendo como elevar mi alma y como servir al planeta en formas que pueda aportar por más mínimo que sea. Quiero elevar mis fuerzas y energías al ser supremo sin limitaciones ni distracciones.

May the heavens be waiting for you with same delight as I'm waiting for you

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