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ℓsd ✨  Funky spirit, earth angel, aspiring artist, dancing faerie, lover of life, nomad baby, wanderer of the universe~🌿 Traveling the world with my dog. ✨🌀✨

A special kind of latin beauty.

Morning spots through the city and finding last strengths of my body for a little hooplah. I just want to share how much body my body is in pain due to circus training. I just started and I’m aware how much this pain will be rewarded in the future with strength and hard work. I’m excited for what the future holds for me as circus performer. Have some painful hooplah!!! 😂❤️✨ #girlsthathooplah#circustraining#hoopersofig#hoopingaroundtheworld#bodyflowarts#hooplah#hoopify

ALOHA EVERYBODY!!!!!! ❤️🌸✨✨✨
I posted a hitchhiking video on FB, if you want to see my autostop adventures go on my profile and full video is on bio. Thank to everybody who has supported me and made my experience so amazingly beautiful. This experiences have made me stronger as a traveller, woman, and student of life. More videos will be coming soon!!!! 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿

In my travels I find myself always being the person who is behind the camera. I remember a few years ago I was way more confident with myself with being in front of camera. I want to change this from me, I want to see myself more and know the things and feels I can portray from my face and my body. I’m still very timid in front of camera, but I will keep trying my best to change this about me, as it’s something very unusual for me in this period of my life. Does anyone face the same situation? Want to share some tips with me and perhaps other people that go through the same thing?? Lately as seeing my pictures which I will be sharing soon, I feel like a beautiful butterfly who is just flying for the first time. I thank Bojana, my friend which I made in Banja Luka for making me see this side of me again and for inspiring me to find each day more and more beauty in myself. 🌸❤️🦋🌿✨✨

I’m always chasing sunsets, but lately sunrises have become a really big part of me. Thank you Croatia for giving me such a good time.

✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨. After my last post explaining how much I loved Novi Sad, I must say that this city not only inspired me in being my whole self, but also to push my creativity a little more beyond. In Novi Sad is where my story as street performer begun. I must say that it has to be one of the best experiences I’ve had. Doing what I love while getting something with it warms my heart so much. In the balkans, it’s not so much however is enough to survive. Nevertheless, it’s all about the fun and growing as performer. This day I saw a violinist and decided to join him in his performance, while we were looking for a spot we saw a guitarist and asked to join as well and this is the magic that happened. I was also accompanied by my very good friend whom I met in Belgrade and has been traveling for a while and is coming all the way from Perú. Not only a circus performer but also an AMAZING DJ, Mars Antrax, your company was so amazing and having your support as a friend, and brother has made me feel so good to know how amazing our cultures unite not mattering in what part of the world (LATINOAMERICA UNIDA PUÑETAA). Each day I get more and more closer to follow my dream of joining a circus someday..... I must say I have to thank all of the friends I made in this town who not only motivated me and me feel so good about it, but also the amazing people who I would meet that same day and would stop whatever they were doing to come and see me in my performances around this town. I’m so happy I got to be in this city and be part of the extraordinary art movement that happens in this town. Definitely I will be coming back. 🌀❤️✨

I’m embracing who I am, my introvert and my extrovert, I become soft, I become rough, I now speak what’s on my mind, I have a voice, a very powerful one. I am embracing my shyness and my naughty self, I embrace my very loud laughter and my timid one as well. I am a woman, I am ready for the world and whatever it has to bring to me. I am beautiful, no matter what shape or hair color, makeup - no makeup, my curly hair, my skin, my tired eyes. I am powerful, I am free.

After staying with Jasmin and his lovely family who even being in ramadan they cooked this amazing meal for me for my arrival. He is part of the rugby team and after getting to know his amazing team members all from Zenica, who are doing their best to bring this sport back on track into town and getting recognition in town, being very inspired by their story and wish to continue doing something that they love and cherish in the most simplistic way of living. The whole team live together and their usual day consists of practicing whole day, cooking together, enjoying nice talks, chilling and walking around town. They are very very funny, interesting, knowledgable, and kind. I received so many laughs and warm love from them, which are the things that motivate and inspire me to keep my travels. One day they recommended me to go to this bar called Aquarium and after my first time here I fell in love with this place.A lot of alternative people frequent this place. It’s very interesting to see that this must be one of the coolest places in the city, yet not a lot of people know about it even if it’s right in the center. I immediately felt the charm of this place, it’s crazy colors and sketches deco-ring the whole thing and the ceiling with crazy patterns, and chairs in the front of the bar meant for everyone feel like a “director.” After getting to know it’s story about how this place was formed in the first place, they actually hosted people from around the world and gladly invited me to stay at the bar for as long as I wanted, all being very lovely and trying to make me feel as comfortable as ever. I must say that last week was very crazy on the road, being very tired and exhausted that couch was very amazing for 2 nights.

Oh, Zenica, my heart will forever cherish amazing memories from this place. The more I hear “don’t go to certain place” the more eager I feel to do so. Let me tell you few things about this amazing steel city and it’s wonderful people... Zenica being part of the Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina it currently has all kinds of people and religion living in this town. You can see influences from the Neolithic and Illyrian when the city was being formed. When it came ruled under the Ottoman empire and this is when mosques and islamic schools came in first to the town. However, you can find catholic, orthodox christian, mosques, and even jewish temples (now a museum tho). When it came occupied by the Austro- Hungarians then the city became famous for industrialization, then having the name of “Steel city” because of all the factories that were made during this era. After the war, Zenica was one of the towns least affected by it, and this influences A L O T in how these people are very opened and accepting in matter of religions. From young to elders, theres a a lot of respect between each other. It is a very small city and there’s really not much ‘night life’ happening in the town. But there’s so much amazing things to see still and INCREDIBLE people live here. Nevertheless each year a big amount of youngsters leave to other cities like Sarajevo or Tuzla, if they are not aiming to Germany since a lot of people in the balkans migrate here. Theres few buildings remaining from Yugoslavia and some ruins as well. It’s people are very passionate with their story, even if some have said that is not very interesting to live here I must say that were the ones who enlightened me so much about this place. You can find TONS of urban art, but different from other places I’ve been I saw a lot of political judgmental based ones. Another very lovely thing is how there’s a lot of legends about love stories between the people, like how in the past women and men had to hide their loves because of their religions and how back in the days they would have to do the impossible to see each other.

Y por primera vez, en un muy buen tiempo, mis piecitos se encaminaron por si solitos y ni tán solos, he llegado a casa...

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