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Devan 🌹  Disclaimer: not actually a dad Makeup: @noctality Twitter: @localdadhere Snap: @buffi123

Last transmission 🚀

She’s a peach.... scone

I’m done thinkin about it, you’re never gonna get what you want 🤷🏻‍♀️

Obviously and oldie but its still post worthy

Toxic queen ⚠️

Wave goodnight to me 👋🏻

Joined the 🍎 club

Luv this boy 💗

You're so vain

The progression of photography
((throwback to senior week because I'm missing it like crazy))

Throwin it back because its valentine's day and i miss summer 💕💕💕

Not a typical post, but today I recieved one of the best packages in the mail. What you're looking at is the lyrics to @bayside's song "Blame it on Bad Luck" hand written by their lead singer @anthonyraneri
This band means the absolute world to me and gets me through some tough times so,
Thank you Bayside 🤘🏼