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Beth Kirby  I help people cook beautiful, live slow, and do what they love for a living. #livemoremagic mrs. @matthewlud | 📍Tennessee Get my latest recipe! 👇🏻


We're going to talk the big taboo in the creative community, the M word: Money. This week & next I'm going to share a 2 part mini series on #RealMoneyTalk in partnership with @IntuitTurbo, a new app that shows you were you truly stand financially...for free. My family is what motivated me to wrap my head around financial health & start doing what I should.
Anyone who knows me knows that I love to talk money. I believe it's not a dirty word, and that our most precious non-renewable resource, time, is intimately linked to how we manage our personal finances. Money is the #1 cause of stress in America. If we don't talk about it how can we learn from one another?
Part I: Fact: most Americans are not financially healthy, debt is on the rise and over half couldn't come up with a $400 emergency fund. What can we do? A big lesson I learned: Live below your means. I've struggled with this SO much. A latte here, a sexy ceramic there, a new pair of yoga pants...things we tell ourselves we "need" when they're really wants. We need to not fall into the Instagram & Pinterest trap of wanting all the beautiful things, trips, homes, & clothes that other people post. When I started my business, I had NO money, so I got super excited when it became profitable and shopped WAY too much. When we spend on things we don't need, we get caught on the consumption hamster wheel. We find ourselves unable to save, to pay down debt, to stop working, to pause to breathe. I've been there.
We don't need it all NOW to be happy. Don't let past mistakes keep you down. You can be happy right now, no matter where you are in your financial journey. We need love + to make a meaningful impact in the world with our gifts whether that's mothering beautiful babies, working for or running a business that makes an impact, volunteering, donating, or all of the above. That's happiness. We can't do this alone, and we can't do it in silence. It's time we share our stories, our fears, our dreams, and our lessons around money. I'd love for you to DM or Comment your own stories with #RealMoneyTalk. Let’s share our stories + inspire each other. #IntuitTurboPartner #ad #communityovercompetition

[Vegan + Gluten Free!] Salted Dark Chocolate Cake with Fluffy Coconut Frosting! This weekend's baking included my dairy free, gluten free super chocolatey cake from the archives for my friend @tifforelie's birthday.
You can find the recipe on my blog through the link in profile! And if you're like me & thought a great dairy-free, gluten-free cake was a laughable idea...think again! I swear by this cake. Tiff is off sugar, so we even made it sugar free (!!!) by using monkfruit sweetener instead. It was an insane feat of baking science and so good. 🍽
If you're someone that has severe dietary restrictions or you have a loved one with them, then this cake is like a miracle. I know it can be painful to live with restrictions, so I hope this recipe helps! You can flavor it with different things like coffee, lavender, or whatever inspires you, but I like it pretty simple with just a bit of sea salt though the lavender is a nice touch.
If you don't want to miss a recipe (we've got an easy, vegan golden milk inspired soup + all about why I take a turmeric supplement tomorrow!), I would be so honored if you joined the community! Just click the link in my bio and then hit the button that says "join the community" to get tips for elevating the everyday plus allllll the freebies and recipes as well as a monthly letter from me to you all about empowering you to design a life you deeply love, one where you make an income and an impact while maintaining a healthy body, a beautiful home, and deep relationship. Cause that, my friends, is my passion above and beyond even cake science. And I love me some cake science. #livemoremagic #eatmoremagic

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Where the magic happens, my @sixpennyhome linen couch. Fact: I spend an inordinate amount of time right here. One of the realities of working from home...and I love it!
During the day it's my office (its only competition for best office are my bathtub & bed...), and I spend hours in this nook drinking elixirs, matcha, and kombucha (I'm a beverage addict) and writing, editing, and planning. As a matter of fact, I'm sitting on the couch writing this caption!
There are definitely downsides to working from home, and sometimes I fantasize about a dope studio space (that still has a linen couch!), but the reality is I'm super informal, and I get dressed properly less than 25% of the time. The other 75% I'm sitting here in my linen bathrobe (cause I love linen!) or my workout clothes because I couldn't be bothered to change. And I love being able to roll out of bed, flow through my routine, and then get straight into work without having to move. It's true, I don't get out of the house much since I work here, but my introverted self is perfectly content with that.
The downsides to working from home & being my own boss are kind of the same as the upsides. I never have a reason to get all snazzy. I rarely leave the house save to go to the gym. But for me the freedom waaaaay outweighs the cost. If I ever start to feel like a troll, I just get made up and dressed up and go out with a friend. Although at this point my idea of dressed up = I have a bra on (and it isn't s sports bra).
What about you? Do you love leaving the house or dream of working in your pajamas? I'm definitely married to the PJ, messy bun, dry shampoo. and couch office lyfe! •

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This woman. @Tifforelie, one of my best friends through thick & thin, has just released her first Lightroom preset...for freaking FREE!
From Paris to Stockholm to Nashville to Lexington to Chattanooga, she and I have stayed connected through what feels like multiple lives over the past four years. I'm not someone who has many close friends, and I'm deeply grateful for her magic in my life.

Besides being an amazing friend & otherworldly beautiful inside & out, she's also an incredibly talented photographer & artist that has shared her work and her heart, even in her darkest hour of grief, freely and without hesitation so that others could learn how to find hope & beauty through brokenness & pain too.
I won't tell you all that she's been through here (it wouldn't fit), but go follow her and read her story if you're ready to be inspired.
And most exciting! She has just decided to make her coveted Lightroom presets available! She has a gorgeous signature editing style, and she's generously decided to share her first preset ever for FREE! I don't know how long it will be available, so hustle over to her feed, follow her, and click the link in her profile to get that preset. It's editing magic, and took her years of experience to develop. #livemoremagic #whyweadventure

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Morning! And in case you are one of the MANY people who got our tech fail email this morning...yep, big ol' fat mistake! Lorem ipsum what?! I seem to be really committed to one epic tech fail a week! Did you hear the one about me live in my bathrobe eating my hair? Yeah, that happened too. 🤦🏻‍♀️😹😅
It was meant to be an email sharing my latest blog post, a super quick + hellah healthy Lemony Kale, White Bean, and Avocado Detox Salad with Charred Tempeh. It's protein packed, vegan, gluten free, and dairy free. Nothing but goodness. You can find it through the link in my profile!
I've got some more healthy recipes for the new year coming your way next week, so don't forget to subscribe on the blog to not miss a recipe! Cause even if the system fails, I get in there and send it to you personally! #livemoremagic

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Protein packed, vegan Lemony Kale + White Bean Detox Salad with Charred Tempeh, Avocado, and Quinoa. Brand new, healthy, quick & easy, and SO addictive! Click the link in my profile to get it now!
I actually call this the "Matt Salad" or "Malad" for short because @matthewlud whipped this up for our little team one afternoon, and we were like ummm...this needs to be on the blog! It takes 10 minutes to make, five if you're the kinda person that keeps cooked grains on the ready (you should!) AND I've included five creative ways to use the leftovers so you could whip up a big batch of this salad and get SIX meals out of it from soup to wraps to breakfast hash! Not to mention all of the ingredients are super easy to find and you likely already have some of them on hand (and if you're like us, it's stuff you pretty much always have in the fridge.) Dare I claim his salad brings kale's sexy back? I think I do.
I'm about to take off from the teeny tiny Waco airport after a mind blowing two days at @jennakutcher's mastermind learning from her and 28 other boss women. I really can't put into words how wonderful it was—I'm gonna need to process before I can really describe it to you. Suffice to say, I'm inspired, wheels are turning, and I'm psyched for 2018! I'm even thinking about starting a podcast. If I did, what would you want to hear me talk about? What type of people would you want me to interview? I'm curious what would get you to tune in! Let me know in the comments! #eatmoremagic #livemoremagic

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Home sweet bedroom. I'm currently in the thick of the first day at @jennakutcher's mastermind, and while I'm missing home base (and my homies @matthewlud & #EulalieWilla), I've already met so many inspiring women and gotten such clarity on the year ahead.
Not only am I getting clarity in my business, I'm getting clarity in my mission. My mission has always been about teaching people how to be present and find sustenance of all kinds—that's where the name "Local Milk" came from. Local is a reference to being where you are when you're there, and Milk is a reference to sustenance of all kinds, not just physical. My mission has always been to help people create, nurture, and see the beauty in their everyday lives. My goal has always been to inspire.
But I realize that beautiful pictures can have the opposite effect. They can make people think I've got it together, that my life is perfect, or that I have it figured out. And that just couldn't be farther from the truth. I want to share more "behind the curtain" with you guys this year. I'm passionate about these things because I'm in this with you! I struggle everyday. I struggle with anxiety, with organization, with self-discipline, with perfectionism. I can't seem to make a deadline to save my life. I've struggled with food and body image issues my whole life that I'm only just starting to find freedom from, something I want to be more open about because I know that there are SO many of you in the same boat.
My secret to success (other than good old fashioned hard work + hours logged!) is that I didn't wait until I was perfect to start. Just start. Because spoiler alert: I'm still not perfect and none of us will ever be. Don't give your doubts the time of day. Don't look down. Celebrate every little success. Don't judge your first act by someone else's sixth. And you'll hear me say this a lot but remember: there's ALWAYS room at the top, and NO ONE starts there. #livemoremagic•

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Love flowers and ceramics? I know you do! This one is for you! I wanted to spread the word about this beautiful event my friend @notary__ceramics is hosting with @floresie. Read on for all the magical details...
Registration is now open for the creative retreat #blossomsandceramique that will be hosted by @floresie and @notary__ceramics on the 18-20th of April in the French country side!
This is a creative retreat in the bucolic French countryside where you'll spend quality time foraging for greenery in authentic surroundings, explore new ways of arranging flowers in beautiful handmade vessels, and enjoy the incredible food & wine that only France has to offer. Please follow the link in @notary_ceramics profile for all details and make sure to book your seat before January 15th to receive the 20% discount! Use code FRANCE. There are a limited number of spots, so register soon if you are hoping to get a spot!

Hope you guys don't miss this one! And (spoiler alert) guests just might get their hands on some of Sarah's beautiful ceramics...shhhh... •

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Parisian perfection. Edited in Lightroom with a filter from my Travel Collection inspired by Paris, Morocco, Japan, and Greece. You can get my Lightroom preset collection through the link in my profile! It's for Desktop! 🎨
Prior to developing my presets I spent hours & hours editing and even then my photos weren't as consistent as I wanted them to be, and now it only takes a moment & it's always consistently my style. Talk about reclaiming my time! In the next month I'll be releasing my Food Collection...so excited for it! Food is a special subject, so I'm hoping to create a collection that addresses the color issues we run into when shooting food.
I'm currently en route not to Paris but rather Waco, TX to get down to business with @jennakutcher + team at the first Mastermind retreat of the year! To say I'm feeling excited is an understatement! So excited in fact, that not even being super sad to leave my baby (for the first time!) & my sweet husband @matthewlud AND having the contents of a water bottle dumped on my laptop in flight can get me down. Just praying they can fix it and that I don't lose data! Here better be a Genius Bar in Waco! Always an adventure. •

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Everything you could EVER want to know about my self-care routines is on @golubkakitchen today! Link in my profile! Click the button that says "Self Care Interview!"
We cover allllll the things: my routines, what I eat & drink, exercise, beauty, stress, motivation, and even what advice I'd give to someone just starting out and how I came to believe a dream career and life truly is possible for anyone who's willing to work for it!
I discuss travel with a baby, my home birth story, how to deal with procrastination, and the single most important change I've made in terms of wellness. Suffice to say it's a LONG one, so grab yourself something cozy to drink and settle in for a Sunday read! Don't miss it! It's definitely the most in depth interview I've ever done.
What do you guys do to care for yourselves? Tag a hard working friend in the comments that you think could use some love! #livemoremagic

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My kitchen shelves are all stocked up on @woodenspoonherbs magic to get me through the rest of winter. My favorites are her Super Green Protein Powder which stars in the new Coconut Matcha Latte recipe on my blog which you can find via the link in my profile (and in my post-workout smoothie!!) + her Anxiety Ally tincture (cause I'm a high strung, gal 🙋🏻). What are some of your favorite magical add ins for potions, elixirs, and smoothies? .
I actually met Lauren (the boss lady behind @woodenspoonherbs) in a creative writing class during one of my many ill-starred attempts to get a college degree. Since then she's created this grass roots, holistic, inspiring business and developed herbal products I'm obsessed with...it's been awesome to watch her grow and thrive! You can find her self-care interview over on @golubkakitchen right now, and I highly recommend giving it a read. If herbalism, natural healing, wellness, and food as medicine are your jam or you want to learn more, follow @woodenspoonherbs & check out her shop. You'll love it.
I know a lot of you are makers and creatives that are bursting at the seams to take that passion and turn it into a living like Lauren has. My advice is to follow as many creative boss lady's as you can, subscribe to heir email lists, read their blogs, look at their shops, and learn from them. Other than Lauren two of my favorite female led businesses are @blockshoptextiles and @elizsuzann. Tag your favorite girl boss (or aspiring girl boss!!) in the comments. Let's make 2018 the year we REALLY support other women because a big yes to #communityovercompetition! #livemoremagic #livemoremagic

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New potion recipe on the blog! A vegan Coconut Matcha Latte, supercharged with Super Green Protein Powder from @woodenspoonherbs. She & I collaborated on this recipe, and it's now an essential part of my morning routine.
You can make it as sweet or unsweet as you like depending on the liquid you use (I.e. Sweetened coconut milk vs. unsweetened) and whether you add sweetener. I like to make my homemade coconut milk with a bit of monkfruit sweetener in it (a zero cal, natural sweetener) or maple syrup. And I also add monkfruit sweetener and vanilla bean paste to my matcha. I like it sweet but not too sweet! I'd play with it to find what level of sweetness you like!
It also has MCT oil or coconut butter or oil added to up brain power and satiety for the day. Hooray for healthy fats! And the Super Green Protein Powder is an awesome blend of nettle, oatstraw, and moringa (which you can read more about on the blog if you're unfamiliar!)
Anyhow, you can find the recipe for how I make it on the blog via the link in my profile! It's an awesome addition to the new year! #eatmoremagic #localmilkrecipes

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