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BETH KIRBY  I teach people how to create lives & businesses they love, cook well, & live slow! 🎙@rawmilkpodcast 👇🏻Free Instagram Brand Plan! Take the quiz!

A quiet moment in Magome—a small village in Japan—captured by my friend @peggymarkel at the retreat @hsakag / @thedenizenco & I hosted. The poetry of Japan haunts me.
I want to take a moment to talk about poetry. To talk candidly with my filter removed. What it is and isn't for me. For instance, the line "the poetry of Japan haunts me" is terrible. It's boring & cliché. Eh, but it's true. When I look back at my work over the years, I see the influence of Japan there before I ever knew that wabi sabi was anything other than an interior design style, before I ever knew travel there would become a regular part of my life. I used to go on about the "perfection of imperfection" because perfect always seemed boring and ugly to me. The imperfect was, to me, naturally more beautiful. More poetic. .
Myself and my business have changed so much since then, but that idea is still at the core of what I do. Some readers have expressed disappointment & confusion because I don't write poetically like I used to, especially not in my emails.
But here's the deal: for me creative writing requires solitude, silence, time, inspiration. I'm a mom running a business while we travel the world and quiet solitude isn't a dish that's on my plate. I hate writing creatively for money. I hate forcing it for any reason whatsoever. Not even for my own business. My poetry, essays, whatever you want to call them are untouchable. The second I try to write for money I break out in hives. Like literally. I can't do it. So will I ever write poetically again? Yes. Maybe tomorrow. You'll likely find it on my blog if I do it at all. But I needed to feel free to just speak, not write. They're different.
So for those of you who miss my creative writing, I guess this is kind of an apology. Unfortunately it isn't a tap I can turn on and off at will. I'm not that kind of writer. Just know, I haven't quit writing, but I'm currently taking a break. I may sound different, but for those that know me, this is all me too. •

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We're back in Japan, and I'm reporting live at 5 AM on day two from Tokyo! We're jet lagged, behind on work, and living off of onigiri.

Traveling this far with a toddler is a challenge to be honest. A screaming toddler (whose favorite words are "noooooo" and "mine", especially when something is decidedly not hers...) in pin drop silent Japan is a whole new level of awkward, and she's a hazard to herself & everything around her, requiring near constant supervision lest she destroy our room whilst simultaneously cracking her head open. Luckily she slept until 2 PM-4 AM this morning so today is looking up!

That said: it's alllllll worth it! In this life some of us are lucky enough to get to choose our problems, and if you're chilling on your feed on Instagram, chances are this applies to you! Our family chooses this traveling life even with all the chaos & exhaustion that comes along with it. Even after a week that involved not once but twice staying awake for 24 hours while in transit, I choose this. Why?

Because my daughter walks around saying "au revoir" in Japan while she munches on ume plum onigiri and people coo "Kawaiiiii!", and because she'll grow up being exposed to diverse cultures, customs, and cuisines. Diversity will be her normal. Because I know this lays the groundwork for an open mind & heart. Because I know what an immense privilege our life is, and I'm deeply grateful.

The question to ask yourself is: are the problems in my life symptoms of my dreams coming true or not (cause yep, dreams come with problems!)? If not, it's time to reevaluate & start a course correct. What's your big dream that's worth all the lousy that comes with it? Growing a business to help more people live their best life, an epic life long marriage, raising a kind & content daughter, and traveling the world with my family are mine! Let me know yours in the comments!

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This man, @matthewlud, is the father of my daughter. But I also think he saved my life.

He's up when I'm down. Carries me when I can't walk. Cooks for our daughter. Does bath time. Has changed a lot more diapers than me. He's a 200% dad. I didn't know people like him existed. And I don't know that I could have this family life without him. He's my everything and the backbone of our world.

I owe my family, my sanity, and everything to this man. Hell or high water, I'm sticking with this guy. Happy Father's Day, babe. Now let's pack our bags for another flight. Tokyo or bust. I love you forever! 🙈🌊🐣

I'm NEVER overtly political on here. But what's happening with the children at the border has nothing to do with politics. This is Handmaid's Tale shit. I don't care what side of the fence you're on, to sit idly by while babies and children are ripped out of parents arms is something I never thought I'd see in this country now. People trying to escape. Seeking asylum and a new life with us. We aren't talking about criminals. As a country founded and built on the backs of the indigenous by immigrants, I can't believe the hypocrisy.

Our president is using these children as a bargaining chip to push an agenda. He's essentially saying "do what I want and it all can stop." That's beyond the pale. I'll lose followers for saying this, no doubt. But some things are too horrific to stay silent about. It's time to say: Stop ripping apart families. Stop trying to leverage it in political discourse. Just no. If you agree donate money to the ACLU, vote, use your voice, volunteer. No matter how big or small if we all take action, change is possible.

And discourse is action: words matter and silence is complacency. If you're more knowledgeable than I am about ways to take action, who to call and write to, and where to give money, please say so in the comments. Because honestly I don't know what to do. But someone needs to do something. #familiesbelongtogether
RESOURCES: @raicestexas @pueblosinfronteras @aclu_nationwide @together.rising and read link in profile if you are passionate about this or confused about the legality of asylum seeking and the on the ground application of new policies

New podcast episode! Anxiety. Depression. Procrastination. A new horizon is possible. As a creative entrepreneur! Yeah, I'd know. Click the link in profile to listen!

I love you guys and want to be honest. It isn't always easy. But given what I know, it's doable. And that's big. I'm here for you. I love you guys. You're my heart and soul. Listen in and leave a review on iTunes if it resonates. .
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Feeling fancy in my @birdbrooklyn x @blockshoptextiles dress, @theflourishmarket fair trade earrings, & @brookesboswell hat (not sponsored...just love them!!!!) at @jennakutcher's mastermind retreat.

I'm surrounded by amazing women & putting the pieces together on a puzzle I've worked on for a year—the picture of what my creative business journey looks like moving forward.

Because just like you, I'm figuring it all out as I go. The path never ends, it just changes. I'm feeling rejuvenated, recharged, and dying to share my Instagram course with y'all.

Behind the scenes over the past year I've been distilling into simple, easy, actionable lessons the system & skills that got me where I am today: from drop out fresh out of rehab to an apartment in Paris and living my dreams. I learned how to transform my life using tools available to anyone, and I'm deeply passionate about helping others do the same.

I previously only taught at luxury retreats in exotic destinations because I LOVE hosting, travel, and creating experiences. But I love teaching even more. And I kind of can't believe I haven't created this before, but I'm all about the universe's timing and now it feels so right.

If you think it might be for you, click the link in profile and take the Instagram quiz to get on my list, get a custom Instagram brand strategy, and to not miss this when this course launches. Aside from containing everything I know about using Instagram to live more magic, it's also the cheapest class I've ever created cause everyone deserves this info! 📷 @juliepaisleyphotography ✨⚡️

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The importance of gathering in person off of social media might just be the point of social media. Always be moving towards human connection beyond the screen. •
The many tables I've shared at my creative retreats, workshops, and gatherings (like this one many moons ago in Australia!) have been one of the greatest gifts social media has given me. Don't ever lose sight of the point: to put down the phone and sit around a table or by a fire or sprawled in the living room floor and talk. Connect. Share your heart and pain and hope. Laugh. Curse. Eat. Drink. Be here now.

And as I sit around different tables this week with my sisters here at @jennakutcher's Mastermind in Minneapolis (a far cry from Melbourne for sure!), I can't help but think about the sisters (and brothers!) I've met along the way (too many to list here but you know who you are!) that I wouldn't have connected with it if weren't for this little app either directly or indirectly.

The bottom line is social media use without real life connection leads to isolation. It's depressing. Causes anxiety. It can't substitute, not even close. Used mindfully and with intention it's a powerful tool—a platform & community you can use to build your brand, share your message & truth, and create a life you love. But never forget to put the phone down and connect because that's the whole damn point. To start with the screen and end with a hug...and a coffee or glass of wine! Tag the friends you've made via social media in the comments and make plans to get together soon! •

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@lapeetchfr, the magical former home of Julia Child nestled in the south of France and now home to @makennaheld & her charming cooking school. I just finished editing a biiiiig batch of photos of this gorgeous property this week, and now I can't get it out of my head! Or the oysters in the neighboring village...

I'm dreaming of the French countryside, but I'm currently sitting in the Chattanooga airport (read: not glam) having weepily said good bye to @matthewlud & Eula on my way to @jennakutcher's mastermind retreat to learn all things launching this week! And as sad as I am to leave my little family, I am so, so psyched to join this tribe of bad ass women & learn with & from them again!

I'm launching my very first social media (all things Instagram!) course for creative entrepreneurs at the end of July, so this couldn't come at a better time. This whole year has been the biggest learning curve since starting my business six years ago: writing a cookbook, starting a podcast, and learning how to release an e-course in a year!
But what's been even bigger is learning how to pivot and be willing to say: you know what? I love food, travel, and slow living. Obvi. But I also love business, marketing, and personal development. And they've actually gone really hand in hand for me. So let's pull back that curtain! I know some people don't like it and wish I'd go back to only talking food and travel and waxing poetic about the slow life, but my heart just isn't there: it's BOTH. And I want other creatives to know it's okay to be both!
If you're ready to step up your Instagram marketing game and get strategic about using this crazy little app to build your dream brand and really make an impact in the world, you don't have to wait for my course! I have loads of free resources via the link in profile (on my sexy new @tonicsiteshop site!) from how to create those cute story highlight icons to all my top secret apps for creating and managing my feed. So go grab the goods if you haven't already! •

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This week has been tragic— @katespadeny and @anthonybourdain, two creative giants that inspired so many of us decided to bow out, and I don't know about you, but it's left me afraid.

In tears. Immensely worried. Confused and grasping at straws. Anxious. Sad yet feeling no right to be—I didn't know them. I only knew their work. And I've also been left with the sobering, deep understanding of something I always knew but maybe never fully digested: success cannot save you. Or me. Or them. Or anyone. Maybe quite the opposite. And that none of us is immune to heartbreak. There's no pile of money big enough to cure it.

I don't know why they did it though I'm obsessed with the question. Not out of some tabloid curiosity, but out of a sense of, admittedly selfish, self preservation. My mind keeps spinning: maybe if I know what took them, I can avoid it.

And maybe this caption crosses the fine line between personal and private, but I think when you're creative, driven AF, struggle with mental health (whatever that means), and see this pattern well, it scares the fuck out of you. And it should. This shit is scary. And it's not okay. And talking about it on social media is NOT a substitute for talking in real life. Find a human. Love. Grieve. Whatever is on your plate.

And if you're in that spot, that place where the walls are closing in and it's so calm and dark that you can't tell which direction the surface is anymore: call someone. Call a stranger. A friend. Your mom. Whatever. Because time gives wounds. But it heals them too. You gotta cling to the mast, the palm tree, whatever you can grab during the storm. Just survive. Because it will pass. 💛
If you’re concerned about yourself or someone else, please call the Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. They're available 24/7, and they're free and confidential. Nothing to lose, so just call.

What I need right about now, a Japanese style iced coffee (find the recipe & method on localmilkblog.com!)
I need coffee because @matthewlud & I had a "wild" date night (we were home before 10...) at @mr_rintaro's amazing izakaya restaurant and today we're catching a flight back east to Tennessee. Always on the go!
I told Matt this morning as we wheeled our way into yet another airport that nearly nothing could make me more content than I am now. I love my family. I love my business. I love this community. I love my job. I loved our dinner. I love my new @brookesboswell hat & @beatricevalenzuela sandals! I'm just freaking happy! From big to small.
Just last week I was suffering from crippling anxiety—but I made a few simple decisions (like pushing the Instagram e-course release to the end of July! 😅) and a few simple mindset shifts that brought me peace.

I remembered that I'm at the helm of my ship. If I don't like the direction, I can course correct. We *all* have that power. I remembered that I don't have to be working to be valuable. And, most importantly, I remembered I have enough, there is enough, and I am enough.
And so are you. If you're stressed or anxious or fearful, I want you to know that you might be a few painfully simple beliefs away from peace of mind. You don't have to wait until New Years or until morning. You can change at any moment. If you're ready to refocus & recalibrate, I recommend grabbing the free Intentional Goal Setting workbook I made (and personally use!) via the link in profile. It's how I refocus, course correct, and reverse engineer my biggest wildest dreams! Even better, send it to a friend and do it together! Having support and accountability and claiming your dreams out loud helps manifest them! And say it with me: there is enough!

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An old, moody photo of a pre-baby me taken by my sweet friend @leantimms. Current me (baby, husband, and all...) is taking a day off in San Francisco to hit up places I've dreamed of like @tartinebakery , @generalstore , @sightglass, and @zunicafe as well as eat alllll the oysters (I fell in love with @leosoysterbar last night!), tacos, dim sum, and sushi. It's a good day.
🌮 🍣
I'm trying to make more time for life in my life, and trying to shut down the voice that tells me I don't deserve good things if I don't work to the point of near misery. Because the whole point of this journey is to not just achieve success in business but success in life.

And I define success in life as love, freedom, self-acceptance (flaws and all!), abundance that spills over into the lives of others, and a serene mind. The last one has always been my struggle. Instagram has helped me achieve a ton of freedom—both time and financial—in my life. Social media has grown my little business beyond my wildest dreams. But without mindfulness and intention, that doesn't bring happiness.
Which is why I've a) pushed our social media course launch back to July 30th and b) why my course won't just focus growing your following or making you insta-famous. It certainly will teach alllll the growth strategies, BUT it will teach you to grow with intention and the life you want in mind. It teaches balance, boundaries, and to begin with your why. Even though the course is still two months away, you can start getting prepared by listening to all the free social media & creative biz advice on the @rawmilkpodcast and get a completely free, custom Insta-strategy for your brand by taking the quiz via the link in profile! I promise there's loads of free resources to keep you busy while I make the best damn e-course I know how to! •

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A new episode of the @rawmilkpodcast featuring @satsukishibuya —the painter, poet, and spiritual thinker— is now LIVE! Pour yourself a cup & head to iTunes or the link in profile to give it a listen!

"We have to honor our own pace of life and … what our body can handle. We are built in a way where we uniquely can harness all of our gifts and all of our energies if we were to listen and tune into more about what it is that we want to do, why is it that we want to do it—the more important questions of
creation." - @satsukishibuya -
Tune in to hear us discuss the physical crash that led to her creative clarity, and hear her explain the value in honoring your own pace, share the point system she uses to work with her energy and avoid burnout. I ask Satsuki about the tension between running a business and doing work that aligns with your principles, and she speaks to the idea of creativity as a gateway to the spiritual soul. Listen in for Satsuki's insight on the value of audience engagement over social media numbers and learn her #1 piece of advice for aspiring artists and creative entrepreneurs.
If you heart us let us know! Leave a review on iTunes to help us get more amazing guests and for the opportunity to be featured on the air and screenshot your review and post it in stories for a chance to be featured in my stories! If you haven't gathered—we love reviews! •

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