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Eric Van't Zelfden  Life, one frame at a time. Check out BlackCard on Youtube:

The experience of her first piece of cake on her first birthday left Ava in awe. I too am left in awe by baked goods Ava. You are my daughter. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

My bud and mentor Pete Chatmon’s acclaimed short film makes it’s YouTube debut today. After a successful festival run and a world premiere on HBO, BlackCard is ready to take over the Internets. I was fortunate enough to be on-set throughout the filming of BlackCard and you can check out photos & filmmaking insight from Pete over @tenframes. Go check out the film now on YouTube - link in my bio! ・・・
“To whom should one be loyal and at what price? Should we lose individuality for the sake of community? Is the happiness of our loved ones more important than our own?

BlackCard is a universal film dealing with universal questions around identity. Although it's delivered through a macro lens, so to speak, following an afternoon with our heroes Leonard and Lona, every person watching has had moments where they knew they were doing something that might not fit the ideals of a particular group in which they were a "member". Whether they decided to self-censor or not, these "codes" were on their radar and they had to make a decision. On the flip side of that, many times the same viewer has questioned another person's actions and whether or not they fit a particular code. My hope is that the film will poke people whenever a situation like this arises, from either side, and folks will make the decision that is true to their individual beliefs, without concern for any judgment.
I hope people will see how universal the themes of this film happen to be. At the same time, though, this film is a letter to my community, something that I hope inspires folks to realize we are not monolithic and do not have to subscribe to anything we don't believe in. Communities are made up of individuals, yet too often the individual gets lost within the group, and that does not have to be the case. Where all best served when doing what we love and being who we desire to be.” ...@double7 - on his short film BlackCard.

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I call this piece "Two Dogs Humping As Deadpool And Family Watch - Summer Afternoon In Brooklyn" - as this is the greatest photographic achievement of my career, limited edition prints will start at $1,000,000. DM for details.
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Ava Joy's first photo shoot with Daddy was a sleepy one but a good one! Can't believe you've been with us for over a week already bunkers! Old 85mm Canon FD lens brings the creamy bokeh... pure nerdery. #baby #infant #newborn #canon #photoshoot #nerds

So pumped me and @comeonsloopy finally got down to check out the ever inspiring @tastyk8 and her new venture! @thetastyphilly is dishing up some delicious and creative #vegan food - I ain't even vegan and I chowded down hard. The Fried Chik'n Sammy is my jam! Go check em out and get your eat on. Awesome to see your friends chasing their dreams and killing it - congrats Kate! #upthepunx #philadelphia #food #givemeverythingonthemenuplease

Not everyday your bud plays the @the_stone_pony but congrats to @sammykaynj - last night was great! #rocknroll #punk #live #music #NJ #asburypark

You know it's gonna be a good day when your location has this etched into their floor. Back at it with @tnash on a snowy day in #nyc shooting for @double7 and @4as_presents - and yes that is my camera laying on the floor. #promove #dontrythisathomekids #doitforthegram #bts #freelance #canon #c300 #advertising

Had a great evening getting artsy and shooting cool stuff for my man @downanddirtydv and @nyugamecenter - thanks to @mobfilm for all your help as well! #production #camera #documentary #freelance #canon #c300

Ain't no rain gonna stop this train. Another day of interviews for @double7 and @4as_presents - I always feel a little like Boba Fett when I strap on my gear bag. Where my fellow Star Wars nerds at?!?! #corporate #behindthescenes #freelance #production #gear #camera #starwars

This is what three locations in three hours looks like - Uber trunk is full, backseat packed with @tnash double fisting some C300s, me and an large equipment case on my lap, and not even enough room to frame a proper picture ha ha ha! Fun day shooting for @double7 and @4as_presents - got some great footage! #production #c300 #corporate #behindthescenes #freelance

Brought out some nice toys for today's shoot - a #C300mkii with #eyedirect and two @canon #C300. A nice day a shooting for @dressforsuccess and @double7 at @bravomediainc with @tnash and @stopsnitchin420blaze

Anyone that rocks a The Ronettes jacket is ok in my book... wandering the streets of Keyport, NJ with @sammykaynj this past Saturday.

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