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Lobella Loves®  ❤️Award Winning Curated Marketplace of Coveted Baby & Mum Brands ❤️Money From Every Sale to PND Charities ❤️ FREE UK SHIPPING ❤️ Tea for PND


NOTES OF HOPE: Very excited to announce that you can now buy your very own hand embroidered personalised Note of Hope. Do you know a mamma who needs a bit of strength and hope for whatever reason? Then this could not be a more perfect gift to show them you care!
💌💌💌💌 The original #notesofhope campaign centres on Mums writing handwritten notes of love and support to other mums suffering with PND for our charity @cocoon_family_support to distribute to those in need. We’ve received hundred of gorgeous heartfelt, heartbreaking love letters. And we are always looking for more notes. So if you’d like to write your own note, head to the charity section of the website and sign up to hear more about how you can get involved #notesofhope #itscooltobekind #pnd #lobellaloves

DEPRESSION WEARS LIPPY: This campaign highlights that mental health struggles can take many forms, and we shouldn’t judge people by what we see on the surface. One in four of us will be affected by a mental health condition in our lives and it doesn’t discriminate. Whether you see a full face of make up, bare face, old face, young face, different skin tone - under the surface they too may be suffering. Never judge that book by its cover!
Share your own lipstick selfie to show solidarity 💄 💄💄💄 💋💋💋💋
Depression wears lippy...it also wears this fab jumper that you can buy on Lobella Loves now! 😘😘😘 #depressionWearsLippy #depressionwearslippyselfie #pnd #lobellaloves #itscooltobekind

KINDNESS DAY: Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day 😘😘😘 I couldn’t let this one pass by could I??! 💖
So my little random act of kindness to you is that every order today will receive a special little extra gift from me to you! 🎁🎁🎁🎁
What’s your random act of kindness today? 💖💖💖💖
Oh and this gorgeous print can be found over on the website in so many different colour ways! #itscooltobekind #randomactsofkindness #kindnessday #kindness #kindnessmatters #lobellaloves

💖 Kindness Giveaway! 💖
‪Feb 17th is National Random Act of Kindness Day. So we thought we’d spread some kindness to our lovely followers by hosting a #loopgiveaway! We have teamed up with 10 beautiful (and kind) brands to do something kind for all of you. If you complete the loop, you will have a chance to win 10 different prizes!‬
I’m giving away a £20 gift voucher for Lobella Loves 💖
The brands taking part are:
@52.lives - signed copy of the 'Kindness’ book
@minimaisonuk - a ‘Believe’ sign (designed to help Mums who are having a hard time)
@smith_webb - BKND kids sweatshirt & a U OK HUN? bag
@alphabetbags - £30 store credit @lobellaloves - £20 voucher
@diskokids - Roller Disco tee
@littleflorenceart - £50 towards a family portrait
@honeyrockslondon - ‘Love Rocks’ kids’ jumper
@cocoon.child - £30 voucher
@lara.quin - Large Quartz and Amber Lily candle
Here are the rules for this loop giveaway:
Follow all of the accounts in the loop (to make it simple, just tap the photo to see where to go next and keep following the loop until you’re back here!)
Remember you must follow ALL the Instagram accounts in order for your entry to be valid (we will check)
Once you get back here, you’ve completed the loop!
The competition closes ‪at 8pm Tuesday 20th February‬(UK time). The winner will be chosen at random and announced ‪on Wednesday 21st February ‬
That’s it! Now get liking and help us spread some kindness 😊 *This promotion isn’t sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram*

GIRL LOVE: This wonderful human @mamas_scrapbook is officially my new BFF. I think this photo speaks a thousand words! TOTAL ADORATION 😍🤣She rocked our #teaforpnd event yesterday sharing her wisdom, compassion, advice and her own mental health battle. And rather excitingly she’s also a Lobella Loves Seller with her fabulous @blom_cards, which she sneakily slipped into my pocket yesterday so I’ll share some of her pearls of wisdom with you all on stories later.
Thank you again to everyone who came yesterday, you were amazing. You cried, you laughed, you shared, you supported and you listened. And most of all you were brave. Anyone who’s thinking of coming to an event sign up to the charity section of our website to be the first to hear of ticket releases, and we will be expanding outside of London in the not too distant future so keep those peepers peeled! 💖
I also need to say a massive thank you to @smashboxcosmeticsuk for hosting us, @ploxlondon for entertaining the small people, @hotteamama for the tea, @nancyhgibbsphotography for snapping away, @norahsbrownies for the nibbles, for my lovely helpers @milkatthemuseum and @themamaworks for keeping me half-way sane and all the lovely sellers who kindly donated their lovely items for the goodie bags - YOU ROCK 💖👊🏻💖
#lobellaloves #girlsrock #girllove #lobellalovesyou #teaforpnd #pnd #itscooltobekind

TEA FOR PND: Today we are hosting our 5th Tea for PND event, this time hosted at the lovely @smashboxcosmeticsuk HQ and gorgeous Anna from @mamas_scrapbook is co-hosting with me. For any new followers, we gather a small group of women (and sometimes men), we chat, we support and we drink tea (or coffee!). No pressure to share, no pressure to do anything other than listen. Nothing more complicated than that. Just simple support and solidarity. All proceeds from this event go to @cocoon_family_support a charity helping mums suffering with mental health issues and watch this space as not only will we be announcing the next London date soon, but we will be rolling the tea’s out nationwide ☕️💕☕️ #itscooltobekind #teaforpnd #lobellaloves #smashbox

LOBELLA LOVES YOU: yes we really do! Go check my Stories for an amazing valentines offer for today only #spreadthelove #selflove #myvalentinesgifttoyou #frommetome #spreadthelove #irscooltobekind 💕♥️💕♥️💕♥️ Special thanks to @theminipost for sharing my little slice of @ladybakewellpark love today 💋

LOVE SELF-LOVE: Its all well and good this self-love malarkey, but I don’t know about you, self-love can feel like a slippery concept to get my head around. So here’s five tangible ways I’m going to show love towards number one today. Who else is with me?:
🖤1. Me time 🖤
We are all so busy being busy, doing and being for others, that time to set aside for ourselves feels impossible. The problem with this is, without time to be alone and to reflect, we are literally being pulled in a thousand different directions, like some sort of tear 'n' share. Maybe I’ll attempt a hot cuppa and a biccy. Start small!
🖤2. Be gentle on my imperfections🖤
Right I’m putting it out there, so hopefully I can do it; today I’m going to try and give myself a break from the ever present critical voice in my head continually telling me I’m crap.
🖤3. Have a gratitude attitude 🖤
I’m really bad at doing this, but today I will try and acknowledge the things/people I am grateful for. Showing gratitude is like being your own best mate; when the chips are down you'll be there, holding your own hand and softly pointing out the silver lining.
🖤4. Let it go 🖤
It is time to leave the past to the past and move on. I’m fairly terrible at overthinking things, but I must stop. Stop it right now. Stop analysing it. Stop trying to figure it out or justify it. Let. It. Go.
🖤5. Nourish the body and mind 🖤
Yoga and a bath. Not at the same time mind, that’s a little weird and probably quite dangerous. I’m not sure quite when I’ll fit these in today but both make me feel amazing. Maybe I’ll have to settle for five extra minutes in the shower and a long stretch! 🤣
So, this Valentine's Day, let's live the true meaning of love by embracing our wonderfully imperfect selves. Now, if that isn't the gift of love, then I don't know what is.
Amazing art work commission for me by the fabulous @domandink - Go give him a follow and some love 💕 💕💕💕

LOVE: Seriously in love with this selection of newness on Lobella Loves! We are adding new brands and products all the time so go take a peek. I cannot get enough of this latest lot of lovliness #lovelovelove #lobellaloves

Many people think depression has a 'look', but it really doesn't. Yes, there are sometimes outward signs that someone might be depressed. But most people with depression look just like any other person walking down the street. They can wear lippy, nice clothes, be any race, age, rich/poor. Look sad or maybe not. People with depression can laugh and smile too, it just might happen a little less often or be a little more exhausting to do so.
🖤 🖤🖤🖤
Depression doesn't 'look' a certain way. You can't always tell that someone is depressed or suffering with a mental health condition. Depressed people do not need to ‘snap out of it’ or to 'try harder'. They are trying. They are trying to live the life they want alongside a horrible disease which is determined to drain the life and enjoyment out of anything and everything.
🖤 🖤🖤🖤
Our campaign called #DepressionWearsLippy we ran for World Mental Health Day last year, with women sharing their lipstick selfies was designed to help break those mental health stereotypes. I’d love you to keep using the hashtag and sharing those selfies to show you understand what you see on the surface isn’t always what lies beneath 💋
🖤 #depression #mentalhealth #lobellaloves #pnd

FOLLOW NEXT -> @madeweavelove
What better way to celebrate Valentines Day than winning ALL the goodies in the picture PLUS store credit for @scandiplay, @lobellaloves & @lotusandthelily
To scoop up this bundle simply:

1. Follow ALL the brands (we will check!) and our blogger mama
2. Like this post on each page
3. Tag friends
Good luck!
This giveaway is open internationally and closes Sunday 18th at 2300 GMT. We will announce the winner within 48h. This giveaway is in no way endorsed, affiliated with, administered or sponsored by Instagram. By entering, you are also confirming you are 18+ years of age, release Instagram from any and all responsibility and you agree to Instagram’s terms of use.
#lobellaloves #valentinesgiveaway #valentines #competitiontime

FREE UK STANDARD SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS! Unlike other marketplaces whether you buy one thing or twenty there is no extra hidden postage to pay! How cool is that??! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤#itscooltobekind #lobellaloves #freeshipping

SELF LOVE: In this big week of LOVE, I’m going for a self love theme. 💕💕💕
So let this be your Monday morning reminder that you have the right to feel good about who you are too. Self love isn’t selfish. But how exactly do we achieve this mystical self-love status?! One biggy is to stop that critical voice in its tracks...I criticise myself in a way I wouldn't dream of doing to others. Try and talk to yourself like you would a friend. Some of life’s greatest stories would have never happened if we all just listened to those negative voices.
If you love singing, then sing. If you dream of publishing your own book someday, then write. If you dream of becoming an actress, then act. Do whatever your heart desires. Life is too short to give up on the things you love most just because your inner critic tells you can’t do it. How would you encourage your good friend? Be your own best friend, cheerleader and lover. Start to love yourself, forgive yourself and let the good in.
Let’s start now. Tell me one thing you like about yourself. Maybe it’s an aspect of your personality, character, your hair or part of your body, maybe you’ve got an amazing skill or talent, etc. Be free. Don’t hold back - give yourself some much needed love. 💕💕 💕
#lobellaloves #selflove #selfloveisntselfish

DONATE: Did you know...we donate money to mental health charities working with mums suffering EVERY SINGLE time you buy something through Lobella Loves. Whether you spend £1 or £100 we donate. When setting up LL up I felt it was important to use the platform not only as a voice for mental health but to give and support in a tangible way too. I may never make a profit on this crazy adventure so percentage of profits as a donation didn’t sit well with me. So, much to my accountant’s surprise, I knew it needed to be cold hard cash from every sale. So here’s where you come in, get buying and help us do some good 💕🖤💕🖤💕 #itscooltobekind #itsnicetobenice #pnd #lobellaloves #dogood #shopgood

THE BABY SHOW: We are going to be exhibiting at The Baby Show in March and we’d love some of you to join us! We’ve got x4 pairs of tickets up for grabs. 💕💕💕
So to win a pair of tickets all you need to do is:
1.) Be following Lobella Loves;
2.) Tag two friends you think might be interested in applying too (Know any pregnant people? Tag them! The Baby Show is a great place for expecting parents);
3.) For bonus entries tag more people!
Competition closes Midnight on Valentine’s day. Winners will be picked at random and contacted via DM with free entry codes. This competition is no way associated with Instagram blah blah blah 💕💕💕

2000 ORDERS: In the last couple of days we have broken the 2000 order mark. We literally jumped for joy at LLHQ when this happened.As not only have you 2000 times kept my little dream going, but 2000 times you’ve helped our 140 small businesses stay in business by shopping with us. Not only that, but it means that 2000 times you’ve helped mums struggling with mental health issues, as every time you shop with us we donate cold hard cash to charities supporting maternal mental health. So 2000 thank you’s from me to you... you’re the best! #itscooltobekind #2000orders #lobellaloves

SAD NOT LAZY: This is such an important distinction. People with depression are not lazy, they have depression.
Waking up and knowing you need to shower today, and clean, and do your hair and make-up and tend to your child and get them up, dressed and clean, all before you can even start anything else is overwhelming. Our race seems littered with hurdles, while everyone else just takes off with ease. Life is genuinely like standing at the bottom of a huge mountain every day and having everyone yell at you if you don't climb to the top you’ve failed, while they're all climbing hills with ease and you’re left at the bottom with no climbing gear, map or clue how to even start.
But remember this. Small steps are steps. Moving a tiny bit is still moving forward. Any progress is good, and you shouldn't let people who don't understand our illness make you feel bad about it. If you've showered, eaten, kept hydrated and gone out of the house at least a tiny bit today then you should feel proud of yourself. Even if you didn't manage all of that, don't be too hard on yourself. There's always tomorrow. 🖤🖤🖤
#lobellaloves #pnd #depression 📷@makedaisychains

TEAM LOBELLA LOVES: Wanna be in our team? We are looking for new exiting sellers to join our growing gang. Tag a brand you’d like to see on Lobella Loves or if you have a product/s you think we should feature on the marketplace, email hello@lobellaloves.com if you’d like to join or just want more information ♥️💕♥️💕 #teamlobellaloves #lobellaloves #youcansitwithus #wannabeinourgang

TE AMO: This means “I Love You” in Spanish. And I adore it. So much so I’ve just bought it from @lobellaloves for my bedroom wall and I can’t wait to see it up (also available in grey, swipe to see). Tag someone you love to cheer them up this chilly grey morning! I’ve started you off with a few of my faves! @spacemasks @thismamadoes @mercer7official @mummas_health_hub @life_with_ivycoco @inpolife @minimaisonuk @survivingmotherhood_ @ladybakewellpark @themamaworks @themiddlemama @finlay_fox @that_mummy_smile @ettaloves 💕♥️💕♥️ #Lobellaloves #teamo #lovemakestheworldgoround #spreadthelove

SELF LOVE: why is this so difficult? ♥️💕♥️💕♥️📷 @bodyposipower #lobellaloves #selflove #spreadthelove #pnd

DEAR YOU: Thank you @smallish_magazine and @smallishmagsophie for featuring my battle with PND. It was a rough one to write and an eve harder one to read back. I hope by sharing my journey I can help others who are in that dark place... to read the full story grab your copy of Smallish which is out today #lobellaloves #Smallish #smallishmagazine #smallishambassador2018 #notesofhope photography by @nancyhgibbsphotography 💋

MOTHERS MEETING: Making the Pixels Pay. I am thrilled to be talking at this @mothersmeetings and @digitalmums event in a couple of weeks. All details on how to get your tickets are over on @mothersmeetings feed later today - looking forward to seeing you there!

MEMORIES: Call me an old romantic but I keep it ALL....Birthday cards, letters, hair clippings, first teeth, first shoes... but ‘bad Mum’ confession, I have to admit it’s all stuffed away in a scruffy old box. Am I alone??? I really need upgrade to one of these beautiful boxes so I can keep all her special things without looking like I’ve got a serious hoarding issue!
Have you got any new babies in your lives? Cos you will hands down win the prize for best gift giver EVER if you get one of these (and can be personalised with the babies initials or DOB) #seriousmumpoints #memoriestotreasure #confessionsofahoarder

MOTHER LOVER: Flashback to this time last week when I met this beautiful human @bryonygordon. I was looking through my well-thumbed Copy of her book ‘Mad Girl’ last night and this little section hit me...
“I’ve had enough — enough of the secrecy and the silence and all the fearful lying that I was fine, that all of us are always “fine” when one in four of us will at some point absolutely not be fine, one in four being the number of people who experience mental-health problems. And if that’s the case, then four in four of us probably know someone who suffers.”
Let’s stop the pressure to say “I’m fine” when things are anything but. The Mental Health Foundation claims the average adult will say ‘I’m fine’ 14 times a week, though just 19 per cent mean it. This is no surprise to me.
The next time I’m upset and am about to tell someone “I’m fine,” I’ll stop to think about it first. I don’t want to lie just because I think that’s what people want to hear. I want to be a woman who feels things. I want to be a woman who has a voice and isn’t afraid to use it. If that makes me seem mad, well, so be it. After-all some of the best people I know are a little mad (looking at you Bryony!) x

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