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Loan Laux  💻 Ecommerce JavaScript Consultant ⚡️ Developing blazing-fast eshops 📬 Projects: hi@loanlaux.fr 📍 New York City -- 👇🏻 Join the Facebook squad!


Reaction Commerce Community Call happening right now. 📢

Kinda deserved this day off. 😌 Back to serious stuff tomorrow, though! #SharpenTheAxe

Now back to our program: coffee and code. 🎙📺

#NowReading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I don’t usually read science-fiction novels but this one caught my attention. The story happens in 2040, when a world-wide energy crisis brought the planet to a state of total chaos. In this world of uncertainty, violence and poverty, people had found an escape. The OASIS — a virtual reality headset with haptic gloves connected to the Internet. It had its very own parallel universe and had become a refuge for humans to live in. People had jobs in the OASIS, children attended school in the OASIS, friendships were created in the OASIS... Just like real world before it became literally hell on Earth.
I won’t go any further as I wouldn’t want to spoil the story, but it’s a fascinating read especially if you’re interested in VR and what it might (hopefully not) become!

“For at least a few years, you don’t live in this city. You survive in this city.” — @caseyneistat

Who’s watching? #AppleEvent 🍎

Indulging in my 🍩 addiction.

Vue.js X Websockets. 🔥

Can’t show you what I’m working on, soooo... 😁

@ivanoats, you’re a total genius. 😂

My NYC life in a nutshell. 🍩

#ad — I know there are a lot of non-developers among you, and I know how daunting of a task building a website might be when you simply don’t want to spend months learning how to code.
There are plenty of solutions, but the one I’d recommend for its flexibility is setting up a Wordpress and installing a good quality premium theme that fits your business. It’s a good way to kickstart an idea, see if it works, generate your first revenue and then hire a developer to get a truly custom design when you have the funds for it.
I’ve been truly amazed by the quality of @template_monster’s Wordpress themes. They really push the boundaries of what is possible inside a Wordpress plugin/theme to the maximum, to provide fully customizable templates that can be set up in minutes.
The good thing here — versus Wix for example — is that you host your own Wordpress instance on your own server. That means you can install whatever plugin you want beside the theme, and the only recurring fees you pay are your hosting and domain! Check out the link in my bio.

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