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ALEX NZITA MWAKA  ✌🏽Love&Gratitude 💙📚 Kindness > being🆒 Awkward hug club 6’5” Black&White✊🏽 Open mind👽 Law of attraction 🚫Parties 💰Focused 💙Dancing/Singing when alone😁


My son and I both at 4 years old 😂💪🏽

When the heat starts getting to you 🎶 😂#MkUltra

Be the best YOU that you can be and don’t compare yourself to others.
I’m not the most fit guy out there. I know that and it’s all good. But God has blessed us with a body to experience life on this Earth and I plan on taking care of this blessing for the rest of my life.

Sometimes I get off track just like everybody else (shown here in the left pic 🍪🍹🍟🍦😆).. But we can consciously CHOOSE to regain focus! 🎯 pic on the right 😉

Health is a CHOICE🤔... Every day we get to choose to think healthy thoughts and take healthy actions or not... And true, sometimes $h!t happens that is seemingly not in our control, but hey that’s a part of life for EVERYBODY. So don’t let that be your excuse. -

Health isn’t about being perfect; nobody is perfect. It’s all about getting better than you were yesterday. Not being better than anybody else, but becoming the best version of YOURSELF 💜

We can make excuses OR we can make RESULTS 💪🏽‼️ Want to lose 10lbs of FAT and tone up your muscles in July? Send me a DM. I got you. Blessings 🙏🏽

She loves me sooo much but I love her MORE 😁

My motivation to be healthy, wealthy, successful, fit, a good human being etc. Pretty much my motivation to be everything that’s good... My son.

Finding your motivation is key to being successful in any endeavor, whether it be business related, fitness related or whatever goal you may have. Motivation is key.

What’s your motivation? Find your motivation and you find one of the secrets to success.

Late post- congrats once again to one of my favorite doctors @eveline___ and her new super chill husband Andrea! Thanks so much for the invite, I appreciate it and had an amazing time! -

Horrible lighting but I still love the pic!

Believe in YOURSELF. -

I had some confidence issues as a kid and can remember trying to fit in and be “cool” (most of the time unsuccessfully imo lol). Deep down I was a nerd but tried to hide it through various means. -

Although I still need lots of work on myself, these days as an adult, I am much more confident in the REAL me. Fitness has helped me greatly with this and I am forever grateful. -

Fitness might not be your thing and that’s okay. Find your passion and use it as a tool to set yourself on fire 🔥 -

For anyone with confidence issues; remember that YOU have greatness within. It might be buried deep but it’s there. Keep digging persistently with a loving heart and soul and you WILL find it. Remember to ALWAYS keep the faith and don’t hesitate to leave the negative energy vampires 🧛‍♂️ 🧛‍♀️ in the past. -

Blessings to YOU🙏🏽

Been busy w a lot of ish some good some bad but things are starting to calm down. Hope you all are doing good n staying blessed🙏🏽! I’m in Indianapolis but will be back in the Bay soon ✈️. Much love💙

Great time! Congratulations to Eveline and Andrea!

Lose 10lbs of FAT (not muscle or water) in 21 days. Send me a DM for details and let’s get better together 💪🏽

Big o boy thinks he’s the king of the playground 😄

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