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Gage, Sin, Coop, Kev, NuJoker  #LoadingSnacks is a hub all things geek!

💚 @revenge_city_cosplay and @joecoltoncosplay! These are two of our favorites! ****Follow Both**** @baltimorecomiccon
#cosplay #ragnarok #BaltimoreComicCon2018 #smooches

@Regran_ed from @laneyfeni - I’m probably only going to post halloweeny things for the rest of the month ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and most of them if not all will be by @herohotties lol #shesaidweeny #freddiekrueger - #regrann

It's goin down tomorrow!!! @Regran_ed from @aimhitgo - SOUL CALIBUR VI IS FINALLY COMING!!! AIM HIT GO invites everyone 18 & up to come and celebrate at Dave and Buster’s Springfield, VA. Not only will we be raffling off a copy of SOUL CALIBUR VI, we will also feature all the legacy games for free play!!! DreamCast: Soul Calibur

Playstation 2: Soul Calibur II Soul Calibur III

Playstation 3: Soul Calibur IV Soul Calibur V

Playstation 4: 3 of the new Soul Calibur VI games

On top of all the Soul Calibur fun and action, we will be streaming the East Coast Thowdown! If you are not attending and would like to watch the action with other FGC fans, come out and have a blast!! AIM HIT GO wants to bring all our friends together for some good old fashion gaming fun! Invite your family, bring your friends, and round up your crew to play some games and enjoy the great food and drinks DAVE and BUSTER’S has to offer.
Soul Calibur 6 Raffle: $5 a ticket (Tickets available at the event. You must be present when the winning ticket is called in order to claim the prize.) Other raffles will be announced as the event gets closer so be sure to stay tuned for more!! The winning ticket will be announced toward the end of the event.

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@Regran_ed from @marcusthevisual - So this idea of a Miles Morales that rocks the Venom suit can go a dozen of ways design wise. If it were up to me, Miles could be a bit more tuned into the symbiotes outward appearance since he has the ability to camouflage himself. Upon first bonding with the symbiote, Miles would appear very much like the classic black and white Venom look. As time passes, he would tweak the look to his liking by adding in some of the red he's accustomed to. Either way, this makes my inner Spidey fan happy :) More to come.
#marcusthevisual #milesmorales #intothespiderverse - #regrann

@Regran_ed from @rockstargames - The Red Dead Redemption 2 Launch Trailer
Debuting tomorrow, Thursday October 18 at 10AM ET

Pre-order now on digital and begin pre-loading this Friday at 12AM ET:
rockstargames.com/reddeadredemption2/order - #regrann

Who's excited for #soulcalibur6?! WE ARE!

Our interview with @lenoxartist from @baltimorecomiccon is live now! Check out our website, #Facebook page or #YouTubeChannel to watch! #BaltimoreComicCon2018 #Artist #illustrations

Our interview with @cuddleupforacause from @baltimorecomiccon is live now! Check it out in our @youtube channel!

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