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Lauren Young  New Video every ✨WEDNESDAY✨and✨SATURDAY✨ Lets collaborate! 💖 Email me via loyounginquiry@gmail.com🌟

Heya 🌸

GIVEAWAY ALERT🌟 @maccosmeticsph and I teamed up for my first ever giveaway to my wonderful followers this holiday season! We’ll be giving away some cute sets (like the ones in my photo!!) 🌸 You guys have been so amazing to me and I wanna share some love!!! So for my first giveaway all you have to do is answer this question: Whats your favorite holiday tradition and why? 🎄 Leave your answers in the comments!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! ✨ (This is only to open to residents of the Philippines)

Shot some fun videos with @maccosmeticsph yesterday! I was so lucky to try out products from their newest Winter and Patrick Starr Collection 🌟 Since its Christmas.... MAC Cosmetics and I will be having a giveaway this week to spread some holiday love 💖 Tune into my Instagram Live tomorrow at 5PM to see some of the cool new products I scored and to find out what we’ll be giving away! ARE YOU EXCITED? IM EXCITED!! THIS IS MY FIRST GIVEAWAY TO MY AWESOME FOLLOWERS!!! ✨✨✨ BTW, IM LIVING FOR MY MAKE UP HERE BY @omar_ermita 😍

Yesterday I started my one on one workshop with @maccosmeticsph! I learned so many new techniques during our 1 hour session and discovered some awesome new products! Can’t wait to show you all my progress int he next few weeks that I’ll be learning with them 💖 Thank you to my wonderful teacher , @oninxmac for being so fun and patient!!

Great light, tamed hair, fixed faced and the cutest companion! HAPPY MONDAY everyone!!! Melo seems a bit scared for the week ahead of us, because I start work again (WOO) but I think he’ll get used to it! Am I a crazy dog lady because it takes me 10 minutes to say goodbye to him when I leave and I always whisper “para sa future natin ito” into his lil fluffy ears?? 💖 Huhuhuhu this post started as a positive week type of thing now I’m just gushing about my dog. MELO I’M OBSESSED!!!! (Fyi this is how I talk in real life 😅)

#SkincareSaturdays more like Skincare EVERYDAY... waley 😩 I’ve been trying really hard to take care of my skin but I’m still in the trial and error phase!! My current experiment right now are with these new items: a pore clearing face mask, hydrating sleep mask and my newest obsession: an eye and face ball! Let me know if you have any tips on how I can care for my skin and finally get rid of my pimples and scars!! 💙 Everyone say hi to my guest and face mask partner, @jenrielagat!!!!!

I miss being away from the city - where time feels short yet endless as well. My favorite feeling in the world is when you step foot on a new and undiscovered place - when you don’t know what you’re going to expect, see or feel while you’re there. Its a mixture of excitement and curiosity, and you feel it run through your body like a tiny zap of electricity. This is also how I feel while I’m in the city and something new is coming my way. Stepping into the unknown never felt so exhilarating ✨
Photo by @magicliwanag

The day I used to hate so much is now the day I look forward to the most. Mondays to me now represent a new beginning, a chance to start fresh and tackle everything that was a challenge to you from the week before. Heres to inhaling in positivity and exhaling all our negativities. Remember that its only the start of the week - you have 6 more days ahead of you which means more time to make life better!! 💖 Happy Monday!
Photo by @magicliwanag

Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving with family and friends over food, drinks and a whole lot of L O V E! Heres the look that I made for our little dinner party 💖

I fell inlove with yoga not just because its good for my body but because its done wonders for my heart, mind and soul. Today I am proud to say that after years of struggling, I am finally in a place in my life where I am free - free of judgement, of negativity and free of the struggles with my inner demons. I am grateful to @rexonaph for allowing me to join your 3 day getaway where I was surrounded by inspiring and empowering women and for introducing a new and natural product that will keep me fresh throughout my workouts! I love the Rose and Sakura scents and the natural whitening elements it has! #PoweredByNature #RexonaNaturalWhitening

Dinner conversations by @magicliwanag

Di naman ako nainform na friends pala tayo.... @joycepring and I only started hanging out 2 days ago during a work trip and we instantly hit it off. Its such a wonderful treat when you meet people in this world who are just so real that you just jive 💖 (Uy, close na tayo) 🤣 Thank you for capturing this moment, @magicliwanag 🌟

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