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See how much they need Africa

I won't be shopping there anymore, I'm not attractive enough , clearly as my skin is black.

This crap which is practiced in USA and now in the Uk. Establishments cashing in on a terrible historical atrocity, Slavery. People should not participate especially Black people who continue to suffer the legacy of slavery. We have the power to control and put and end to continued injustices by protesting with our money. Don't spend in establishment taking part in this insult to blacks all over the world who have and continue to be affected by elitist racists.

People don't believe this is possible but it's happening right now in front of their very eyes and their still in denial, when they going to wake up?

I'm just saying, too many people I love and care about are too afraid to look at the evidence and true history regarding Christianity, they are too scared to think outside the box as they believe they are blaspheming to do so. Knowing what I do feels like such a Lonely place, but I can't go back, can't unknown things.

What the heck is going on, is the world really going to stand back and just look. If the roles were reverse you'd see armed guard and police in there rescuing white students. I guess that proves to the world that black lives really Don't matter.

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