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Michele Morrison 

From my Honey! @scottmorrison99 ❤️❤️❤️

Meet Speedy and Mookie. They are two of my cuddle babies.

“Hi Louise and Nala here! Mother said we should show off our cage. We’re sorry that our cage is poop free for these but father hooman insisted he remove our collection. It’s time to eat this wonderful fresh hay and redecorate.” #guineapig #guineapigs #love

“Sniff, sniff, something smells good! Wanna share?”

Our “little sunshine”! Meet Noah John, son of my nephew Ryan and my beautiful niece Celina. @metalnpunk99 @celinaa707 ❤️❤️❤️ Nothing beats a beautiful baby to love.

My mom made @iostboy a piece of cake tissue box cover! I think it’s adorable! #plasticcanvas #plasticcanvasstitching #plasticcanvas7count

“Look at us, here we sit ready for bed and mom just stands there taking pictures.” Luxor complained to Annabel, her being too tired to care either way said, “Oh hush Luxor! Just go to sleep there.” As Luxor takes Annabel’s advice slips a bit and wakes up with his front paws down a step looking at Annabel as though she’s to blame. No dogs were kept from they’re beds. They’re busy snoring right now. Sweet dreams!
#dontshopadopt #adoptdontshop #spoiled #love

Luxor was cold so he covered himself up. ❤️ #dontshopadopt #love

I got a present from a friends daughter. I just love it!!

I just finished this Christmas gift. I had a lot of fun making them. #harrypotter #plasticcanvas #plasticcanvasstitching #plasticcanvascraft

I got some early Christmas presents from my family. I feel so spoiled. #love #spoiled

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