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DOLANTWINS  All I need is @graysondolan and @ethandolan. Pls get me these pretty humans. Thank you for 1.2k followers💞

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! @graysondolan @ethandolan @dolantwins ❤️❤️
Time is passing by so quickly. Just yesterday I was watching their and I realized that you guys will be turning 19 in less than a few hours. Today you'll be turning 19, soon you'll be 20 too! And before we as DOLAN STANS would realize, you'll be starting a family with the girl of your dreams, someone who makes you happy, and someone who'll be your FOREVER. But I just want you to know that no matter what, you guys will always be my reason to smile, and the reason to live💞. You guys will always mean the world to me and I will always love you beyond infinity💜. I will never be the reason to make you smile, I will never be able to meet you,I will never be your forever but no matter what, I WILL keep loving you FOREVER💞. Wishing the best for you and may everything you want gets to you.
Just another unnoticed fan❤️
( shit, I teared up a bit while writing this😢😂❤️) .
Tag the twins please X

Sksksksks this is too cute. BRB imma just go and die now 😭💞

Lol true 😐

I'll do a part 2 if this gets 50 Likes ❤️

DM me your confessions


What if this happened with you😂..... Comment what'd you do then

Random stuff💞....

Psst. I have some tea☕Looks like some is an ariator... (look at the ariana grande reference. Well.. Idk. It's just a joke. However once he did tell us that he likes BREAK FREE by ariana. What do you think? ) 🤔😂

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