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LKSD KiTCHEN  The Anti-SteakHouse Home of the Dry Aged 40oz Tomahawk Steak 中中中 Craft Beer, Craft Cocktails, Burgers #lksdkitchen #lksddowney #lksdtomahawk

Best things in life are always worth sharing. Great hanging out with our friends @rustybutcher x @lksdkitchen x @805beer
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Home of the 40oz Tomahawk
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Getting ready to Slap Monday in the Face... #fumonday we feast

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@rustybutcher x @lksdkitchen coming together under one roof for the Butcher Brunch & Ride

swipe right to get the info or check out @rustybutcher with @markthebutcher

To Beef or not to Beef that is the question? 28 Days of Dry Aged Beefiness @lksdkitchen

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Happy Cinco De Mayo check out @lksdkitchen
Modelo Especial @modelousa
Fresh Lime
Tajin Rim & Lime Wedge
Served In the can
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The @lksdkitchen 40oz Tomahawk is a massive beast. Covering your face with sheer awesomeness but what cut is it #marcbeatingthemeat breaks it down @drinkeatsocial
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The tomahawk is (rib eye or ribeye) is a beef steak from the rib section. The rib section of beef spans from ribs six through twelve. Now these epic cuts are mostly composed of the longissimus dorsi muscle but also contain the complexus and spinalis muscles (my favorite). Other names for this delicious cut are scotch fillet, beauty steak, market steak, Spencer steak, Entrec繫te (French). Sit down with us and get the #meatsweats

Check out that marbling 中 @lksdkitchen stacks on stacks 巧巧巧
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The United States Department of Agriculture's grading system, which has been designed to reward marbling, has eight different grades; Prime, Choice, Select, Standard, Commercial, Utility, Cutter and Canner. Prime has the highest marbling content when compared to other grades which is what we serve at @lksdkitchen. Choice is the grade most commonly sold in retail outlets, and Select is sold as a cheaper, but still nutritious, option in many stores. Prime, Choice, Select and Standard are commonly used in the younger cattle (under 42 months of age), and Commercial, Utility, Canner and Cutter are used in older cattle carcasses which are not marketed as wholesale beef "block" meat, but as material used in ground products and cheaper steaks. . . .
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Breaking down the mystical 40oz #tomahawksteak @lksdkitchen after 28 glorious days of Dry Aging
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Back in stock, #dodgers blue on fire over @lksdkitchen

@travelchannel x @lksdkitchen dropping the HOTMess Burger on 4/20 中
Who wants in on this hot mess? @lksdkitchen has got you covered! #TravelChannel #ExploreYourWorld #ExtremeEats #Hamburgers #LockandKeySocialDrinkery #HotMess

Sooner or later you gotta feed the beast @lksdkitchen serving up the 18oz Dry Aged 28day Ribeye bringing that 休休


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