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liam joseph keane  Love–wanting the best for another–is only full if done w/o regard to deservingness, reciprocity or outcome. Romans teaches us this is how God loves us



are you serious rn?! my mom is so rad! got back to the Valley and this veterinarian has two separate bee colonies working, making Keanes and friends fresh sage + wildflower honey! bee farmers! save the world!

Here ends 2350 miles by each other's side. On the right, a former LDS missionary turned current quasi-Nihilist; on the left, a former quasi-Nihilist turned current gospel missionary serving @ag_usa. Both Eagle Scouts. Celebrating being home. 5 days. 110 hours. Adventures and misadventures ensued, though mostly we talked.
• We talked about art versus business, Europe versus America, Kendrick versus Chance, spiritual warriors versus mindless consumers, evil versus righteousness.
• About healthy cultures and sick utopianism, intentional communities and thoughtless societies, foolhardy violence and the hot coals of nonviolence, Idealist naïveté and Pragmatic clumsiness, the unbearable cruelty of folk-theology platitudes.
• We agreed about politics; we disagreed about religion. We agreed about religion; we disagreed about politics.
• We talked about watching people die, suffering. About watching people live, without appreciation or thought.
• Empires and insurgents. Fievel Goes West being underrated. Women we once built our lives around. We cursed Gnostic anti-materialism; made investments/gambles; we both held our tongues as Vedanta "swamis" chanted prayers of thankfulness to God over our food. We appreciated movies we've seen, we've made, and we spent hours planning ones that for now are our distant dreams. We hit parked cars, toured wild art houses, leapt off dunes, ran out of gas, discussed truth and consequences, drove past Truth or Consequences.
• We reveled in California's superiority and got haughty; she threatened to kill us and we got humble. We surveyed the desert in awe (White Sands); we surveyed the desert in fear (Joshua Tree).
• An amazing odyssey. Thank you Jared! See you soon my friend!

“But if not, we will serve Him still”

Waiting for Regina Spektor to show up for tea… #alwaysonefootontheground #fidelity #2006

AZ Hwy. 377 at 70mph, № 2 #davidhockney #iphonepanorama #gettymuseum #nerd

Ten's a sweetie

exploring with 10 and Jared. it's a leash-free kinda place

Jared P in his element

ribs for the road

6am. day 51. scene 43. and principal photography on UNDERWATER is complete. congrats @superswift @20thcenturyfox !!! #panavised

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