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Lizzy VanPatten  Exploring the world and discovering myself. Washington native. Rock climber/instructor. Lover of mountains and music πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸŒ„ Cotopaxi - ChooseMountains

The ladies of our Leading Trad Clinic with @she_movesmountains πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»

If you ever want to test the strength of your character, try and do something new.
My intention is to create a space for women to feel empowered through teaching technical rock climbing skills and make enough money to continue eating. I attempt to move through this world with integrity and grace, but it’s been really hard lately.

In this last week and a half I have been accused of some pretty terrible things. I have been called ungrateful. I have been made to feel like my opinion is unimportant because I haven’t been climbing for thirty years. I have been told to play nice - to apologize even when the people I am apologizing to have been saying nasty and untrue things about my character.
I will respect my community. I will apologize when I am wrong. But I refuse to back down or to stop speaking my truth.
Starting @she_movesmountains with Carey has been one of the most intimidating endeavors I have ever taken on. I have invested literally everything into it - my heart, my time, and my money. Last week was full of tear-filled phone calls to encouraging friends as I tried to understand how people could have negative things to say about us. Their message to me was clear - toughen up, give less fucks about the people who really don’t matter.
Women are signing up for clinics. Women are coming back to learn more from us. Women who have come to the clinics are connecting with each other to go out climbing together.
The other voices don’t matter. And this past weekend as I watched Olivia leading her first route ever, thanking us for helping her to get through a really shitty breakup, I was able to silence all of the negative voices and finally celebrate what we have accomplished. Teaching these women to climb is my job - how rad is that.
So to all of you badass women who have showed up, thank you for believing in us. Thank you for believing in yourselves. You rock!
And to all of you who have supported us in other ways - whether that’s sharing about our clinics, donating to our campaign, answering tear-filled phone calls, or just being a positive person in this world - thank you.

This is how I feel about the first weekend of clinics with @she_movesmountains πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»

This morning with Freya we managed to ski, skate, and play music - all before 10a.m. I guess there are benefits to being an early bird. πŸ“·:@freyafennwoodphotography

You can't take life too seriously. Well I guess you can, but it's not nearly as fun πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ“·:@freyafennwoodphotography

Because we can. Happy 4th πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ“·:@freyafennwoodphotography

What a send off. Getting my ass kicked trying to surf with @saltwaterbandit followed by a night of shenanigans and mountain magic with Freya. Washington, it's been a pleasure. I'll be back real soon. πŸ“·:@freyafennwoodphotography

Life is good.

For the past three winters I have found myself chasing adventure in the mountains of Patagonia. Those mountains make my heart beat fast.

I first went to Patagonia with about 4 months of climbing experience under my belt - I could confidently lead 5.8 trad and I set out to discover the sickest 5.8s Patagonia had to offer. Over the last three seasons I have come from taking upside down whippers on routes I had no business being on to topping out a peak in the Cerro Torre Group (sure, it was the smallest peak back there but still...) Through this process I have learned so much about myself - from feeling like my self-worth was tied to how hard I could climb to not giving a shit and spending the Patagonia season in El Chalten making dance videos. I'm excited (and nervous) to share my story of progression through my tales of Patagonia tonight at the @seattleboulderingproject. Come hang out. I'll be speaking at 8! Beer is $1 - that's reason enough to go.

Have you ever wanted to learn to trad climb? I know it’s a bit intimidating - learning how and when to place gear, what to do with your hands and feet in a crack. It’s a lot to piece together and sometimes feels impossible. Part of my goal in running clinics is to introduce more climbers to my favorite style of climbing, and teach them how to lead trad safely. 7/8-7/9 She Moves Mountains will be offering crack climbing technique and leading trad clinics at Smith Rock. Join us for a weekend of jamming and playing with gear. Also in the month of September, I will be offering 3 private trad climbing lessons (to anyone) at Smith - they are good for up to two people and catered to your specific goals. If you are interested in joining, signup at our crowd funding campaign page (link in bio). πŸ“·:@curious_corey

She Moves Mountains. Link in bio. Thanks @wescoughlin and @conbrobristow for all of your work on our video. You're the best.

After years of being told who we should be, what we should look like, how to define success - and never really feeling like we fit in, climbing created a space for us to realize our power and challenge the traditional ideas of what it is to be a successful and confident woman.

Tonight I am embarking on one of the most intimidating endeavors of my life - we are launching a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo to raise funds to start She Moves Mountains -a rock guiding business that aims to create an educational space for women to realize their strength through outdoor climbing clinics. Check out the link in my bio.

I am the best version of myself today - and I attribute a lot of that to rock climbing. Rock climbing taught me how powerful I am, to live simply, to challenge myself, and to find joy in failure. It allowed me to see my worth. After years of struggling with identity, I feel like a whole and joyful person. And now I want to share that joy with others.
I need help to spread the mission and to raise money to get the business up and running. I am terrified of failing, this project has so much of my heart but at some point in time I have to finally let go and hope that the world believes in us and our mission. Check out our indiegogo and find ways to move the project forward.

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