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Lizzy Tomber  Acrobat, mom of David & Tommy, wife of @acropediaorg, and co-founder of Acro Revolution teacher trainings, AcroLove festivals and

Me: I have been pregnant for 117 weeks
My OBGYN: yeah but whose counting?
Me: ME, I am counting

David normally only does Acro with Josh but he made an exception for @theacrosquirrel #acrosnob

Holding this sweet friend close to my heart!
The past months have been focused on work, settling in to our home and learning how to manage two kids...just before we have our third. As a result, Acro took a back seat. Then @theacrosquirrel and @theacrobear came to St Louis and reminded me how much I love playing with skills, but more importantly how much I appreciate, value, and absolutely need our extended Acro family. I am so happy our kids are growing up in this community and couldn’t be more grateful for the incredibly talented and thoughtful aunts and uncles who know and love David, Tommy and John many cases before they were even born!

David and I started playing with a new friend at the park when her mom asked if she could take some pictures with a new camera she was testing...and so all of the sudden I had the sweetest and most low key photo shoot with these two sweet boys and one big bump

Every day feels like Mother’s Day when you have a partner who lifts you up! I felt supported and celebrated yesterday, the day before, and today because Josh is an amazing co-parent every day....some days just come with flowers 💐

Every day Josh supports David, Tommy, and me while I support baby John. Sometimes means literally lifting us up but most often it means cooking chicken nuggets, making bottles, preparing PBJ before he leaves the house so we can sleep an extra five minutes, or getting me a glass of water when I can’t get off the couch. Raising young children is relentless but luckily so is Josh!

Getting ready to learn how to balance three kids ... or I guess juggle. One more month as a family of four!

Silly, sweet and stubborn... no idea where he go that last trait 💁‍♀️🙋‍♀️

Our future Tumbling Tommy Tomber-Young! His smile is better than sunshine on a spring day ☀️

Boy oh boy.... I seem to make a lot of them!
Boy #3: 31 week bump
Boy #2: Crawling towards danger
Boy #1: Is running around in a big open room
I love seeing the evolution of our pregnancy photos with each round. I have pictures pregnant with David where we have perfect lines and a serene calm before the storm vibe.
We have fewer pictures from my pregnancy with Tommy and most involved David holding on to me like a sweet monkey baby.
This time ... we rarely have a chance to do Acro and most of the time I just take pictures of David flying. My lines aren’t as straight and my back bend isn’t as deep... but my life couldn’t be more full!
Thanks @paigenotfound404 for wrangling kids and capturing this pic!

Over the past year Tommy Tomber-Young has become one of my favorite people! He has grown from this adorable tiny baby into a crawling, standing (not yet walking) little person with his own smile, personality, and mischievous plans! I can’t wait to watch him grow but I will also miss the days when we could wrap our arms around him.

Strong roots build the best wings!
I have been feeling strong and confident lately and I can tie a direct correlation between those feelings and the way Josh has been supporting me. He lets me sleep in, he takes whichever baby wakes up first, and he lets me fly the skills that still feel good. Pregnancy is a time when I can really use the extra support and even with that, there are the up and downs that come with the rollercoaster of building a human. There have been moments of this pregnancy when I just want to sleep and cry but then there are moments like this where I feel like I can fly and so I fly! 🧚‍♂️

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