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bestie follows༆  🐿≫✧ lost? follow me♡ ✧≫ 🎃 posting edits♡ ✄------------- 🍁≫✧ love my 3.5k♡ ✧≫🐻 proud lizzian♡


planing to do a fall collab with my gurl @lizzygreene_myworld soon🔥
comment "🦁" if you want to be tagged on my next post😍

comment "🍁" if u want to be on a tag list on my next post. first 10 ppl who comment that leaf emoji is going to be tagged🔥

autumn! my fav part of year😍 -i know im a bit late but congrats on 1.9m followers lizzy ily❤

-theme driver🍂

-theme driver🍁
i know this is fall theme but im rly sad for nrdd so i have to write this! im praying for 5th season of nrdd @nickelodeon! 🙏nrdd changed my life actually. dawn is the one who changed me. when i saw dawn for the first time she seemed so interesting, funny, cool and so awesome and i tried to be as much as its possible to be like her! haha...but than one day i asked myself who is dawn actually🤔 i went to google and found out her name is lizzy greene. i liked u lizzy, u seemed so nice and beautiful, than i went to ig to find u and i did💛 i made a fp for u! i will do anything for you! ilysm. thank you lizzy for changing me into a person who i am today! i will always miss nrdd more than anyone can imagine! words can't express my love for nrdd! you guys are so cool 💥i love you all especially you liz haha🍁 and thank you nickelodeon for making me happy for last 3 years🌷 i feel so grateful 🌺💘 guys! here is lizzy's fav part of year so is mine🙃haha, have a great day everyone #feelinggrateful #nrddforever #nrddlife

-theme driver🌰

hey hey heey🏹
iove these pics😍 lizzy please comment something?😚

- ⚠attention⚠
~16? say whaaat?!?! hahvebakajhdajadb
i cant belive!! my little girl is now big girl😩😭 let me think where to start... u are an amazing friend! i love you! my devil, my unicorn, my love, my everything 💓💘😭 happy bday bby boo😭💟❤🌸🌺 we had bad times, i know, but here we say when someone fights they love each other😂😂 i still cant belive u are 16....😩🌷this day is so much more important to me than it is to u, belive me🏹 i love you and im a bit lazy to write more cuz u have a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong messages to read in dm😂😂🤗❤❤💜💜💕💕💕
*for more informations open dm*
for isabela (@proudoflizzy) 🏹🌹🔐❤

old but gold 🔐
hello everyoneeee ❥💿

hate this one...but...🔊😭

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