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Lizzy♛  All you need is love 💗 📍: Los Angeles, CA🌴 👩🏻‍💻: lizzyfinesse@gmail.com


Somewhere in between who I am, who I want to be, and who I’m meant to be.

These are AMAZING! The accuracy is real😍🙏🏼😂 tag your partner! Artwork by @jude_devir 🙏🏼

I honestly wanted to blur out the green bruises on my left shin so bad, but then I realized I love powerlifting and others who do too could relate to the struggle of bruising! Anyways, Happy Friday! 💗🙏🏼 If you’re feeling low, do something productive today. We have so many opportunities to seize the day...Get up, workout, read, clean, organize, go to church, go visit a loved one, get a job or go register for college courses! I wake up sometimes with zero motivation but when I get something done, even if it’s just one of those things mentioned, I feel accomplished! If you want to see change in your life- you have to make change in your life. Don’t get comfortable, make moves. 🙏🏼❤️

#TBT to Shaqtown Street Fest! I was ballin everywhere when I should’ve been working😩 whyyyyy did I think dabbing was cool💀💀💀

I wish I could turn back time and be seventeen again. 😩 #noworrrrries lol😂❤️🙏🏼 #lilbaby

Frutas before putas🍉🍓🍒 @jasminechiquito

I got you stuck off the realness, ta-taaas be infamous 🍉


It this isn’t me.😩 #fatandsassy

🙇🏻‍♀️✍🏼🙏🏼 #poetry#poem#faithpoem

H o n e y 🍯

I wanted to write an appreciation post for my sister. A lot of you don’t know, but I’ve been blessed in a special way to have a sibling with cerebral palsy and she’s everything to me. I help take care of her at home but believe it or not, I can honestly say she’s taken care of me in ways I can’t describe or thank her enough for. I have a lot of self doubt at times and moments where I don’t believe in myself- and she does. She tells me I can do anything. Not once has she ever complained about the fact she can’t walk and she teaches me everyday to laugh more, cherish little things, and to inspire others with kindness and good faith. I love you, Miracle. I love including you in my life and I thank you for including me in yours. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect sister. We are in this journey of life together.💕 #premiebaby 😍

Shooting things 🎥💥• custom bikini by @pikinibycarrsten 💕

Here’s some relationship advice: When you love someone, you do whatever it takes to make it work. Settling for bare minimum love is something so common but that you should never allow yourself to do. When you know your worth- you know exactly how you should be treated. You understand that someone will do a million things to grab your attention and you notice the very moment that person begins to do the bare minimum when he/she has it. Don’t let yourself be half loved. If it hurts loving someone you feel doesn’t reciprocate the same emotional, physical, sexual, intellectual vibes you give them-let it go. If a person can’t listen to your needs/wants without feeling like their ego is being attacked- that’s simply not your person... There are plenty of fish in the sea, don’t settle./ #staywoke#relationships#love#truth

😩❤️ @divanvdb

Chest workout in my @goodhurt_apparel 🙏🏼

I f*ck w| myself more than anybody else. 🙂


Sky high☀️🌊

I’ve been telling my own damn self “f*ck it up, sis👏🏼” these days: and I’ve been doing exactly that. 💯

TGIF! ❤️ what is one productive thing you’re going to do today?! ✨

@deeecreates with his creative ass hands. 😩👏🏼❤️😊 #artbae

If you know me personally, I constantly joke about how I need butt injections or fat transferred from my boobs to my booty. But honestly- if I ever did that stuff I’d be going against everything I stand for- self love and natural body positivity. I want to earn my body- not buy it! And I’m so proud of myself for not giving into that crap because of what society tells me I should look like. * on a side note- thank you @gallongear for keeping me hydrated 💦💕 song- “Danger” by @migos & @marshmellomusic

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