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Lizzy Enygma  Was @Lizzy_Meowchuu but changed name to @madame_enygma πŸ’™

So I decided to be active on here again πŸ˜… so let's talk about this picture taken in summer 2015. I did it in a bus while I was going to meet one of my closest friends. I usually don't like taking pictures in public. It feels so weird when people are looking at you while you're trying to get a good photo xD Fortunately I lived in a small village so I was the only guest in this bus πŸ˜„ I really enjoy bus travels. You can listen to some good music (as you can see me wearing my @eskimocallboy shirt :D) and let your mind flow. I had my best ideas for music, texts/poems and pictures on bus travels ^-^ I remember that I enjoyed this day so much that I was in a good mode for taking good pics. Guess this is the reason why I like this pic so much ;D

Hey guys ^-^ Old but gold - picture taken in fall 2015.
Got this top from New Yorker and the skirt from Sammydress (in 2012 😳). It was october and I had vacation when the weather was so perfect for taking pictures like this. I remember that some days later it started to snow πŸ˜… during that time I have listened a lot to nightcore music.. gosh. Dat cringe πŸ˜‚

Hey 😊
So this has always been a nice picture since I love bubblegum πŸ’™ But doing this pic was so hard cuz I never got the right moment on camera before the bubble pops.. πŸ˜… my mouth hurt from chewing and making bubbles for about 1h 😷 but totally worth this picture, isn't it? ;D
Btw Idk where this blue nice sweater is from. My dad gave me this as a present in 2014. 😊

Gawd x3 I really liked this pic I did in 2015 x3 my hair was so good at that day xD it was in winter, a few days after new years day. Took this pic in my ex bf room. The light was so good in there tbh, great for pictures like this!!! XD back then I did this purple-blue-black-white-eyeshadow Make up and I was in love with it. But many many things have changed since then.. 😊 and these changes are good... πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

Hey ^3^
I have decided to be active on this account as well. Last night I got the idea of reposting old pictures and talking about background information of these. Idk if you are interested in this. :D
This is one of my fave pictures I did so far. I went on my daily walk through my little village while listening to Lana Del Rey in Summer 2015. I had some trouble with my life and so I walked for hours to get my head free from heavy thoughts. The shirt is @eskimocallboy Merch and the rabbit-lolitajacket was for sale in a little shop near my hometown. Even tho the cross on the shirt is upside down I am christian πŸ˜… but tbh I don't believe in symbols and their power... I just liked the way this shirt looks and how it fits to my clothes and style and my stylish silver cross ring as well 😊
2015 was a hard year but still I love remembering the little moments like this. I love walking for hours without any direction, just walking.... πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™ #repost #2015 #bluehair #scenehair #lanadelrey #eskimocallboy #emohair #emogirl #emo #otaku #anime #manga #madame_enygma

Tiny statement why I have decided to change my name. Read on @madame_enygma ^3^

New name @madame_enygma ^3^ πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ Change was needed. :3

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