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Swipe right for a few throwbacks from our annual apple picking ☺️ (And I almost can’t believe how squishy those little twin chubby cheeks used to be!)🍎🍂🍁
While I'll be the first to admit that the really special moments in motherhood—the ones where you wish you could stop time right then and there—are usually sandwiched between a whole lot of dirty dishes and poopy diapers and sleepless nights 😂🤪, I’ll also be the first to say it’s all worth it for this. 💛

Even if you cannot always see that silver lining on your clouds, God can, for He is the very source of the light you seek. -Jeffrey R. Holland
After crazy weeks these are my silver linings. (And one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite talks. Linked to it in my stories.)

I looked over at breakfast this morning to see the twins wiping off his face and hands and saying, “Don’t worry bubba we got you. You know we’re your biggest fans.” ☺️💛💥

You might remember a couple months ago I posted something for anyone “who was feeling the need for true connection” to sign up to learn about a project I was working on. I am SO excited to finally share more! 💥For the last 1 ½ years I’ve been building an app with 4 friends where you can tell your story and connect with those you care about.

While I’ve loved the “storytelling” and connecting on IG—so many of you who I now call friends I wouldn’t have met otherwise!—I’ve also felt (and have now studied a pile of evidence) that not everything happening here is good. It’s not just that things here feel a little off, or even the super icky stuff (like how social media use is directly linked to depression and suicide, or that childhood addiction to social media is now a legitimate public health crisis in some countries. Ugh.) This app is about so much more than this.

We’ve created this app because we know that when we REALLY connect, when we tell stories—OUR stories—the world changes. When we know each other’s stories we don’t judge. We impulsively reach out. We connect. Think if we knew the REAL stories of our neighbors, of our family, of our countrymen, our enemies. We would change the world.

But we need a place to tell our stories in the right way. Without having to navigate through the junk.
So with all the nerves in me I can say we’ve been building that. And we’d love you join us. If you’d like to learn more and receive and invite to test, enter your email in the link in my profile and stories, and tag any friends you’d like to join too. XOXO

Do you know the difference between the queen bee and the worker bees? There is literally NO difference in their DNA. The only difference is that when a new queen dies, a young bee is chosen and fed "royal jelly", which activates the genes inside that bee to be a queen. From there the queen bee's potential is completely different. While she is ultra fertile, worker bees are sterile. She can live 3 years, where worker bees can live as little as 3 weeks. Crazy right?
When I read this yesterday, it hit me hard that we’re totally the same. We choose what we put in us, and it either brings out the royal, or the common.
So what are we feeding ourselves? What physical food? What emotional food—or messages and thoughts do we allow ourselves to consume? Are we spiritually eating the royal stuff?
And what are we “feeding” our children?
Some of the things I've decided I need to work on to get just a little more royal 👑 ☺️ in me is to: focus more on feeding myself positive mantras, healthier food, and the daily spiritual food that reminds me that I AM royal and how to live up to that.
As one of my favorites said, “Be loyal to the royal within you." Elaine Dalton 👸🏼🙌🏽
(Pic from one of my favorite weeks this summer, backpacking the Tetons 🏔 with my crew)

Just spent 48 hours with all my siblings to surprise my Dad on his 60th birthday. I don’t know a crew I’d rather hang with, or that I want to be more like. No doubt a lot of that has everything to do with the man in the middle.
Love you Pops, and 60 never looked so good (except for when mom gets there 😉)! 🎉💛

I don’t think their elementary school knows what’s hit ‘em this year 😂
But for that matter I’m not sure baby brother and I do either 😭💛

Tonight was our 2nd annual back to school dinner. The girls all wore their favorite princess dresses and we talked about the magic that’s in princess stories—how so often their dreams come true because of wishes, or fairy godmothers, or wishing wells (which we learned tonight that at least two of them have been on the lookout for ☺️). Then we shared our new theme for the year, “With God all things are possible” and talked about how real magic happens when we do our best and ask for God’s help.
As we went around the table we talked about the things that we feel are impossible in each of our lives now, and how with God even impossible things can happen.
I’m pretty sure this theme is as much for me as it is for them this year, but am so grateful that this promise works as well for moms as it does for little girls.

We can’t keep the surprise to ourselves any longer! 🎉🎊
Baby Jensen #5, set to arrive sometime mid January 2019. Get ready for a whole lot of love and a whole lot of crazy baby, because we’re waiting for you. ☺️💛🎉🎉

Since it’s been about 5 months of life since I shared on here, I thought this week it would be fun to share a few things happening behind the scenes that have made me MIA! ☺️
First off, this.
Over the last 5 years (with a whole lot of help!) I’ve run a non-denominational Christian website, the Small Seed @thesmallseed. As the years went by, there was always a gnawing in the back of our minds that there was more God had for it to do. More to help women fall in love with their scriptures. More to build bridges between Christians, and more to encourage them to go into each other’s homes and join together to learn from each other.
But because our small band of volunteers was already doing all we could with other jobs and motherhood and everything in between, we all agreed that it would be years before we could tackle something like that.
But then, like God always does, he didn’t just plant seeds in our heart, he made a way for them to grow. A couple months ago we met the incredible women behind @multiplygoodness, and really quickly could see that what God was planting in our hearts could be a reality.
Together we’ve launched gorgeous study guides, will be doing daily devotionals, and helping coach women to create small bible study groups (plus more I can’t share yet 💛💥). You can find all the details over @thesmallseed if you want to learn more (and if you happen to be in my area I’ll be putting together a study group and would love to know). But mostly all of this is to say that if you’re feeling like God’s put a dream in you, trust it. Trust His timing. And don’t be afraid if you’re building the parachute as you’re jumping out of the plane. He was the one who was giving you wings all along.

On each of the last three trips to see my family we've had some fluke thing happen that extended our trip by a week. Somehow these bonus days always seem to be the best days when it's slower paced and we get to soak in these two people that I just love so much. 💛

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. But I’m pretty sure a thousand pictures wouldn’t sum up the things that’ve come at us the last 5 months since I’ve been on here. Some of it beautiful, some of it crazy, a little ugly, and probably most of it is just all the things that any young mom goes through in any 5 months 💛. But I’ve really noticed that I miss having a place where I can sit at the end of the day and collect those thousand words, and then share them with people I’ve grown to love here. What a funny place instagram is, but I’ve missed you my friends here and am happy to be back. ☺️💛

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