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Lizzy Jensen  Wife. Mama. Believer. Founder @thesmallseed LIVE ON PURPOSE NY | New England 💛 🎙Find the latest Live with Lizzy here 👇🏼

A few years ago before Easter I realized my family had no faith-based Easter traditions. Zero. On the holiest week of the year, we didn’t go any deeper than Easter baskets and dresses. The past 3 years we’ve tried to change that.
If you’re in the same boat I wanted to share my favorites with you, and would love to hear yours too!
Here are some of my favorite (faith-based!) Easter traditions we do as a family now.
1- The Easter Tree (with #tbt baby Tillie 👶🏼💛)
2- The Easter nativity by @emilybellefreeman (why didn’t anyone do this before?!) 3- Easter week tradition by @melanieburk over on @thesmallseed. (I’ll link to them in my stories so you can find them if you’re interested.)
I’d love your ideas! How to you keep Easter Week Holy? (And bonus points if you have a strategy for avoiding all the Easter candy! 🙈👍🏼)

There’s nothing like belonging to my crew—even when it’s a crazy from being cooped up inside for 3 snow days, topped off with daylight savings day crew. 🤪🤦🏼‍♀️😂 (And Dave hanging at the end by himself here 🤣) #jensensgotochurch
I was asked to speak in church today (it’s typical for normal members to speak during our worship services, which I love...well, except sometimes when it’s my turn 😉) and in it I told an experience we had this week during the storm. We lost power early on, and for the first time had to use our generator. After we figured out how to start it we quickly realized it wasn’t hooked up to the most effective things—so we had no heat, no power to the fridge, and were left with only a couple light sockets to plug in our phones and a space heater.🤦🏼‍♀️ After about 24 hours without power I got a notice on my phone that the power should be back on. But nothing happened. After a couple more hours I realized I might need to switch the power from the generator back to the main switch, and sure enough the moment I hit the switch everything came right back on. I realized for the last 2 hours I had sat in a cold, dark home for no good reason.
It hit me that why are we too often like this? Living in a half dark life with little light and warmth, while God stands with all power, ready to give light and direction and warmth to our lives. If only we’d plug in. 💛
Hope you guys had a good Sunday, and I’m happy to be back plugged in here with a live coming later this week! xoxo!

Can you guys feel something in the air? I don’t know how to explain what I’m seeing and feeling, but I am meeting so many of you who are telling me—in tears—of how you’re feeling it too. Feeling a stirring to do something. Be more engaged in God’s work.
We’re waking up to the fact that the world is lying to us that we should be spending our time and energy and money, “buying this, or looking like that!” It’s time we do God’s work to light our homes, communities, and online.
You’re setting aside fear. You’re speaking out.
And we’re uniting.
It’s amazing.
Yesterday I got to speak about the power that knowing our family stories has on us and our kids at #Rootstech. It’s mind blowing.
I also had a TV segment air here in Utah (trying to link in my stories!) about helping women live on purpose.
God is opening doors and I just want to say how much I love you women who are feeling it and doing it too. I love you like sisters!
I’ll try to share more in my stories about all of it! xoxo

Flew back to my roots last night (with a warm welcome—walked off the long-term bus to the car and fell flat on my back on ice. No one was around, I wasn’t hurt, and I got a much needed laugh out of the whole thing. ☺️But I digress.)
Hello Utah ❄️and hello #rootstech 🙌🏼🙌🏼!! I’m so excited for the whirlwind next few days! I’ll be taking over @thesmallseed stories and sharing family history tips and stories from the heart, and sharing some other fun updates and projects here! (And if you’re at Roots Tech and especially #lightkeepers I would love to meet you! 🙌🏼)

Have never loved my kids more.
Have never been more in love or prouder of my husband, and have never been more grateful of how hard (and how often) he makes me laugh.
Have never felt so outside my comfort zone, yet so much purpose as I'm realizing that living in the land of "completely trusting God" is the best (scariest?) place to be.
Have realized that having friends who love you, inspire you, and build with you is one of the best gifts life can offer.
Grateful for another year to live, to breathe, to love, and to grow.
To the world that spends everything to turn back the clock, I couldn't be happier to say it only gets better.
Here's to 34 💛

This week is winter break in CT, and I feel like every hour I switch between “I wish I homeschooled my kids and could do this all day every day”, to “holy moley their teachers deserve a big bonus for the patience it takes to teach kids all day long.” 🤣 Mostly I just love feeling that sense of wonder that kids can't help but bring to whatever they do. (And in case you didn't get who our snow-woman is, she is the daughter of the village chief, descended from warriors, she is "snow-ana". Tillie gets all the credit for this idea 🙌🏼☺️).

A couple years ago I had an idea come to mind, that I knew was either crazy or inspired (because it was just too far outside my comfort zone for me to come up with!). After hearing from many of you the last month, I think this is happening to a lot of us, men and women who are feeling called to something.
Today I'm going to be hopping on IG live at 3 est, and show you why you should do it, and how--whatever it is that thing you've been feeling called to do! I've got 5 tips on how to start, and a good gut check if you're still unsure.
I'll also be sharing a few stories about why you shouldn't wait until you feel prepared, qualified, or ready.
Jump on at 3 est for this week's Live with Lizzy, or as always I'll post to my youtube channel after or head over to where I'll upload with all the show notes and quotes!
Happy Friday and talk soon!

Gosh I love these two. Even despite the fact that when Dave went around the table on Valentine’s Day and asked them something they love about their mama, one of them said, “Well I can tell you something I don’t love, when she yells at us.” Grateful for do-overs and that they somehow still love this work in process. 🙈💗💗

Tonight my always inspired friend @rhonnafarrer sent a talk with this line, "Man’s ingenuity knows no end when the God of heaven inspires and pours out light and knowledge." Gordon B. Hinckley
Such a good reminder that even though we often face challenges in our life that are heavier than we can carry, and problems that are harder than we are smart, we're not in this alone. And God can always make up for what we lack. And more. 👊🏼
Thought I'd pass on in the case someone else needed to hear it tonight too. xoxo

"When we are unclear about our real purpose in life--in other words when we don't have a clear sense of our goals, our aspirations and our values--we make up our own social games. We waste our time and energies on trying to look good in comparison to other people. We overvalue non-essentials like a nicer car or house, or even intangibles like the number of our followers on twitter." Greg McKeown in “Essentialism”
I shared this quote in last night’s live chat (that I might be calling Live with Lizzy now? 🤣) and it’s one I have read over and over. When we’re unclear about our real purpose and how we can bless the world, we start focusing on things that just don’t matter. If you missed it and want to watch I just uploaded it and you can catch it in the link in profile. 💛The real conclusion for me is there’s so much power in knowing where you’re going, and then being ok (and even loving!) the journey you’re on right now. Even when it’s messy and a little crazy. (And for those of you who’ve asked I’ve got all the notes and quotes I mentioned up on the blog too.) I’m so grateful for this tribe here, you are women who are doing so much good to bless those around them. xoxo!

My hands are shaking as I write this, YOU GUYS, I’ve got some big news! 🎉🙌🏼💗 About a year ago I started on a wild ride on a new project, and I’m so excited to say that we’re in final stages and can finally start sharing! 💥
We’re currently gathering like-minded people who are feeling the need for true connection to help with testing in small focus groups, and then will be sharing more broadly in the coming weeks. To join in sign up in the link in my profile or stories. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude to get to work with 2 of the best women I know @rhonnafarrer & @melanieburk on this (as well as two dudes who aren’t on Instagram much 😉) and can simply say that we have been led with ideas beyond our own in this cause.
My heart’s exploding (💓—>💥) and I just can’t wait to show you more. Tag any friends you think would want to participate in the focus groups and sign up in the link in profile or in my stories. xoxoxoxo

“Over time simple habits of belief lead to miraculous results.” L. Whitney Clayton
I LOVE this thought on the power of habits. I’m so grateful for my parents who instilled these “habits of belief” in us kids. And even more grateful for the little miracles I can see happening in our little ones as we continue it. 💛
(And that little handhold in the middle and the friendship those two are forming 💛💥) #jensensgotochurch #hisday #sharegoodness

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