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So much to be thankful for, and these 5 (almost 6 ☺️) top the list. Happy Thanksgiving friends! 🦃🍂💛

Every year as I prepare for the holiday season (which how is thanksgiving in 2 weeks? 🙌🏽) I try to be intentional about how I spend my time, and I’m so so excited to share the new study guide from @thesmallseed that I’ll be doing through December. I can truly say it is a “Thrill of Hope” just like the title.
The guide focuses on and celebrates 25 names and roles of the Savior as you walk through December, and ALSO there’s a free printable with advent tags that you can add to any of your advent traditions! And the art work 😍💓. Swipe left to see some sneak peeks!
You can find the link to buy the guide or get the printables in my profile, and use the code LIZZY for 10% off through Saturday. 🙌🏽 (And can’t wait to see how you guys use the advent tags!)

Last night the world lost a great man. My heart has been so full all day as I’ve thought of him reuniting with my grandma, and again being with his parents, so many siblings, and my uncle.
The world will miss a Silver Star WWII veteran, a man who worked hard and was honest, and who was loyal to his family.
I hope to live up to his fierce faith, his sacrifice of self for his country, and will always feel tied to him as an identical twin as I raise my own. 💛 I can never repay what he gave me in a dad, and an example.
Love you Grandpa. Ralph James Henderson 1918-2018 💛

This fall has been such a special one with these three. 💛 They are growing up so fast, and I think I’m really feeling it with all of them in school! I’m really trying to treasure this window when they’re so impressionable, so open to teaching, and so open about their feelings and their love.
More experienced mamas, if you have any ways you love to show your kids you love them, or things that you wish you did (or did!) at this stage of parenting I’d love any ideas!

You guys, the day is almost here! 💥💓🙌🏽💛 It feels so surreal to write this, but our app @prixmapp will be ready to download this week for beta testers!! (And that’s 👆🏽👆🏽my real profile on it!!) A year ago creating a social app was the LAST thing on any of our minds, and it’s humbling and amazing to see what God’s done to create a new social platform that is so full of light and goodness!
Here’s why I’m dying to share it with you:
▫️On Prixm (pronounced priz-uhm) you can choose what you share (video, pictures, journal, +) when you share (you can postdate posts!), and all your memories show up chronologically in a “Storyline”. It’s storytelling on steroids, and the most connective documenting experience I’ve seen.
▫️The group functionality is something I’ve been wishing I had for my family for years, and I can’t wait for us to have a place to really share!
I could go on and on, but for now will be posting more info and sneak peeks on our @prixmapp account! For early early access and to help us test, shoot me your email in a DM, or signup for our newsletter through the link in my profile. (And if you have signed up, I can’t wait for you to see it so soon!)💥🙌🏽💓
(Also co-founder and dear friend @rhonnafarrer will be speaking at @pinners conference on Friday in Utah, and unveiling Prixm! If you want to hear all the details grab a pass to watch in person—or watch online like me ☺️—in her profile. XO)

Did you guys see my stories when I was raving on and on about the @loomjournals? Well NO SURPRISE these journals are killing it over on kickstarter right now, and I feel so lucky that I get to give away a journal on my feed today!!
In case you haven't heard of them, @loomjournals is a connective parent/child journal, designed to help you cultivate your relationship with your child. The journal itself is heirloom quality (the softest buttery leather!), but what really makes it special is the inside. It's full of writing prompts, gratitude practices, affirmations to help your child, and creative pages to spark imagination and help you get to know your child in a whole new way.
I've started mine with my oldest (who's 6), and honestly after just a week writing to each other I've been so surprised that there's a totally different level I'm getting to know her, through writing instead of talking.
You can check out all the details through their kickstarter (swipe up in my stories for the link), and if you want Early Bird pricing head over now because it only lasts another 12 hours!
To enter to win a journal, make sure you follow me and @loomjournals, and then leave a comment about why you want to win this journal! Tagging friends=extra entry (I want to spread the news to every mama--or grandmother, aunt etc--about this!). Giveaway closes Saturday at Midnight.
So proud of you Kim, Tosha and Kimberly @loomjournals, and I'm so grateful for amazing women who create products that make my life, and my family, better. XO
— GIVEAWAY CLOSED — Congrats @rcharding you’ve won! 💥✨📚

I’m baaaack! After 10 days (ok 15 😂) away I’m actually so excited to be back on the gram!
Here’s some of my takeaways:
1- There are some people that I only interact with on Instagram that I miss when I’m off (I’ve missed youuu!! ☺️)
2- Instagram’s not bad. But its goals for me on here aren’t really lined up with my goals on here (and since we’ve been developing our app I’ve seen so much research on this point 😳). My reason for being on here is NOT to spend as much time as possible (but they’ve got my number with the random hair tutorials and sugar cookie icing videos on the explore feed apparently 😂)
It’s to connect with people I care about. It’s to be inspired. And then to get off and live IRL. 💃🏼 But I’ve realized I have to set boundaries or it’s too easy for life online to distract or impact my life offline. 💪🏼
Did you take a break as well, what did you think?
Love you guys, happy to be back!! #jensensgotochurch

Do you think if you went off social media for just 10 days your priorities would change? Do you think that the time you spend here affects what you value, what you focus on, or what seems to matter most?
On Saturday night I was challenged in my church’s General Conference to find 10-days to take a break from social media, and then notice how it impacts my priorities and make any needed changes.
I just wanted to share here in case you want to join in with me (pretty sure a lot of my girls are already off! ☺️) and take a pause + regroup on what you really want out of life, and what God has for YOU 💛. I’ve put the talk that inspired me as a link up in my stories if you want to watch it. See you on the flip side!

What. a. week. After two floods and a tornado 🌪 (that took down one of our 100 ft trees 😤😢) BRING ON THE WEEKEND. Annnnd this weekend couldn’t have come at a better time as my church is holding what’s always such an inspiring conference, broadcast so we stay home and just soak in messages that are always exactly what I need! (For two of my best tips to keep littles busy and listening too (the only way I get to listen ☺️), swipe right!)
First @wander_and_scout changed the game for us with this—put snacks/lunch in a muffin tin with labels for each section. Kids get to eat one item from that section as they hear that word said. 👏🏽
@colorlylove Has the cutest coloring page subscription and this month includes 8 themed on conference. Printing them today to put into a packet with some note taking paper for my girls tomorrow!
Will you be tuning in? What messages are you listening for? I’m seriously giddy for it all!
Happy Weekend friends! #generalconference

Swipe right for a few throwbacks from our annual apple picking ☺️ (And I almost can’t believe how squishy those little twin chubby cheeks used to be!)🍎🍂🍁
While I'll be the first to admit that the really special moments in motherhood—the ones where you wish you could stop time right then and there—are usually sandwiched between a whole lot of dirty dishes and poopy diapers and sleepless nights 😂🤪, I’ll also be the first to say it’s all worth it for this. 💛

Even if you cannot always see that silver lining on your clouds, God can, for He is the very source of the light you seek. -Jeffrey R. Holland
After crazy weeks these are my silver linings. (And one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite talks. Linked to it in my stories.)

I looked over at breakfast this morning to see the twins wiping off his face and hands and saying, “Don’t worry bubba we got you. You know we’re your biggest fans.” ☺️💛💥

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