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lizzlou  NH > Boston > ATL > Chicago Design, drawing, adventures, Jimmy Carter the dog, chicken bones, etc.


Birthday boy (plus a coupla wet bandits)! Love you, @theartistcurrentlyknownaspaul 😍 #wetbandits #stickybandits

14 polar bears / Fun fact: polar bears have black skin under their coats which allows them to soak up the sun and stay warm. Sad fact: global warming is causing the polar bear population to decline.

Down for a couple days of the Christmas countdown due to the old computer going to the hospital for a couple days but have you no fear, we are back up and running. 15 hats / In Wyoming, wearing a hat that prohibits a theater view is against the law.


16 snowflakes / The reason that no two snowflakes are the same is because they are all effected differently by atmospheric changes as they fall to the earth. Different journeys = different flakes! ❄️

17 holly / Holly is associated with thunder gods Thor and Taranis because the little spines were (are?) believed to help conduct lightning and therefore protect nearby trees and homes.

Nutcracker emoji

18 candles / 72,585: the most lit candles to be on a cake at once.

19 penguins / So many facts (some of which are v disturbing) about penguins. The tallest penguins (Emperors) are nearly four feet tall. Also chubby male penguins are most desirable because they will better insulate an egg. Also Billy Madison.

21 trees / As a huge proponent of real Christmas trees, I was v surprised to learn that the majority of Americans have fake trees. Also I love pine trees.

22 lights / Is it any surprise that Edison made the first Christmas light display? Edison strung them around his Jersey lab in 1880, creating what one reporter would call a "a fairy-land of lights".

23 cardinals / Lots of (debatably) fun facts about cardinals. Cardinals are the state bird of seven states, more than any other bird. They were the mascot at my high school. They are also my favorite bird.

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