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LizzieK'sBookishWays  “Fiction completes us, mutilated beings, burdened with the dichotomy of having only one life and the ability to desire a thousand." M.V. Llosa

If you ever see a book quiz posted by @covertalks be sure to respond. You may win a lovely book prize you didn’t expect!
Isn’t this cover beautiful? The author, Tarjei Vesaas, is new to me. Karl Knausgaard calls him “the best and most interesting Norwegian writer after the Second World War.” Most appealing and intriguing to me, @covertalks recommends this book to readers (like me) who enjoyed John William’s Stoner.
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One year of #realreadersbookclub selections

Last summer, after following (and admiring) the account of @literaryjourney for a year or two, I serendipitously met her in person. After a few minutes of #book chat, she invited me to join a bookclub of fellow #utahbookstsgrammers who take reading seriously (for reals!). Thanks to #bookstagram and this happy meeting, I now enjoy reading and discussing books on a monthly basis with lovely, #bookish kindred spirits.

Our reads of the last year spread out in order from July to July.
To choose a favorite is impossible. Each book stimulated wonderful discussion. I can admit that the least enjoyable to read for me was Under the Volcano. I am still convinced that if I took a university class with it as the topic I could be converted. I’m pretty sure there were as many problems with the reader as with book in this case.

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July Reading Wrapup
The Stone Angel 3.5⭐️
The Stages of Faith 4⭐️
The Bell 5⭐️
Stay with Me 4⭐️
Rebound 4.5⭐️
Blonde 4⭐️
I love, love Iris Murdoch. The way she explores questions of morality and philosophy within the framework of absorbing narratives involving unique characters completely sucks me in. The Bell was my favorite read in July.
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#tbrstack for the rest of the year:

Stack 1: books to read for the @pioneerbook reading challenge

Stack 2: book club books I know I need to read and have acquired (the size of this pile will definitely grow)

Stack 3: the others I really, really want to get to 🤞

Can I do it? 🤷🏼‍♀️
It will be fun trying!
Happy #floralfriday 🌼 I love #zinnias 🌼

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The Road: hopeful or hopeless?
I vote hopeful and cite this quote at the end of the book as my evidence:
“The woman when she saw him put her arms around him and held him. Oh, she said, I am so glad to see you. She would talk to him sometimes about God. He tried to talk to God but the best thing was to talk to his father and he did talk to him and he didn’t forget. The woman said that was alright. She said that the breath of God was his breath yet though it pass from man to man through all time.”
I’m not so certain that Blood Meridian is a hopeful book. I don’t think I’ve ever given a book 5 stars and yet felt so hesitant to recommend it to other readers.
In brief, the novel is loosely based on the real-life exploits of the Glanton gang who were on a mission in the mid-nineteenth century Texas-Mexico borderlands to scalp Indians. Their murders don’t end there. McCarthy reveals the darkest side of Manifest Destiny and this book is filled with staggering violence. And yet I think I agree with Harold Bloom in the introduction when he says:
“I urge the reader to persevere, because Blood Meridian is a canonical imaginative achievement…Television saturates us with actual as well as imagined violence, and I turn away...But I cannot turn away from Blood Meridian, now that I know how to read it and why it has to be read. None of its carnage is gratuitous or redundant…”
I don’t know if I feel as comfortable as Bloom apparently is in urging a reader on, but I will say that I found this book to be ultimately as anti-violence as anything I’ve ever read.
A central figure, and villain, is Judge Holden. He is absolutely terrifying and horrifying. He is intelligent, cultured, honey-tongued, seductive, seemingly immortal, almost magical, and pure evil.
One lone individual, the Kid, a runaway teenager, tries to resist the Judge. His characterization is fuzzier around the edges than that of the Judge, but also compelling.
I love the way McCarthy writes. I love the use of poetic and archaic language that forces me to get the dictionary out (or at least Google it), think and slow down.
This book challenged me. I will be thinking about it for a long time.

About ten years ago I stopped subscribing to magazines and newspapers because I realized they were robbing me of time spent with books, both fiction and non-fiction. I have been happy with the increased satisfaction and quality I have experienced in my reading life since then, and have never been tempted to look back.
That all changed last year when my bookishly brilliant friend @catebutler introduced me too @foxedquarterly aka The Real Reader’s Quarterly. She kept mentioning intriguing articles and books she learned about that I’d never heard of. Without fail, the source was Slightly Foxed.
Thanks to a Christmas gift from my husband I am now a delighted subscriber.
The Spring issue (No. 57) has introduced me to new authors like Filipino writer Jose Rizal whose novel Noli Me Tagere is now high on my to-be-read list. It has also convinced me that a book that had never piqued my interest, Kim by Rudyard Kipling, is something I would likely enjoy more than I imagined. I also loved an article about how a biography of Queen Elizabeth by Ben Pimlott is a great companion for sorting fact from fiction for those of us who have devoured the Netflix series The Crown.
I pretty much have to ration my reading of Slightly Foxed so that I can savor it as much as it deserves.
How do you discover worthy reading material that is less well-known?

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🎇June #reading #wrapup🎇
The Metamorphosis - 3.5🌟
North - 4🌟
Moon Tiger - 4.5🌟
The Juniper Tree - 4.5🌟
The Secret Scripture - 4🌟
A Connecticut Yankee... - 3 🌟
Slightly Foxed #57 - 4.5🌟
The Round House - 4 🌟
If you twisted my arm and told me I had to pick one best read this month I would go with The Juniper Tree. My first experience reading Barbara Comyns pretty much knocked my socks off. I was completely immersed in her twisty take on the very grim Brother’s Grimm fairytale of the same name. I loved the way she played with the plot and themes of the original tale. Her version of the wicked stepmother character is especially thought provoking. While I’m glad I read the original Grimm version of the story first, I can’t help but wonder what I would have made of Comyn’s novel if I hadn’t.

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Marilyn’s life is emotionally exhausting. She deserves to find some peace in #nature ⛰🌲🌸
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A perfect spot to dive into The Bell 🛎
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I finished Moon Tiger just in the nick of time as there is only about an hour left to cast a vote for #thegoldenmanbooker award. I may need Martha’s help to make my final decision. Unfortunately, she looks as undecided as I feel. I have narrowed it down to Wolf Hall, Moon Tiger or Lincoln in the Bardo. Eliminating two is progress, right?

Moon Tiger is one of those books I did not want to put down.
Claudia Hampton is a great character, if not always likable. She is complex, ambitious, self centered and acidly witty.
Moon Tiger begins with elderly Claudia looking back on her life as she lies dying in bed. She tells her nurses that she is writing a history of the world, and “in the process my own.”
This history focuses on her complicated relationships with a few key people: her brother, Gordon; her daughter, Lisa; her sometimes partner, Jasper; and the love of her life, Tom.
Lively shifts the perspective from character to character throughout the novel, often having different characters narrate the same scene. I appreciated the way this allowed the reader to get a more well-rounded view of each character. It also emphasized Lively’s themes of how history is preserved and told, and of where the individual fits into history.
Lively’s writing is beautiful and quite imagistic. The title comes from the image of a burning mosquito coil. That sounds a little weird, but it works.
My favorite sections concern Claudia and Tom in Egypt during World War II. They are gorgeous and immediate. Lively writes very vividly about war and loss in a way that will break your heart. This book hit me on both an intellectual and emotional level, something that I find in all my favorite reads.
For those who have read Moon Tiger, I would love to discuss Claudia’s relationship with her brother. Is it believable? It has a disturbing element to say the least😳

Did you vote in the Golden Man Booker? If so, what was your pick?

Seeing the post of her UK book haul from our recent travels by @literaryjourney has inspired me to share my own ❤️📚

While I’m perfectly content with my teetering stacks, they don’t seem outrageously enormous now. They felt much heavier and more unwieldy when trying to figure out how to pack them for the trip home!

Where should I start? See any must-read-right-away books among my treasures?

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Every now and then I read two books that seem to be having a conversation with each other.

Away by Jane Urquhart and The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry both recount the histories of Irish women forced by circumstances to live on the fringes of their society. I can imagine Mary of Away and Roseanne of The Secret Scripture whispering their sorrows and joys to each other. Both suffered in love and lived through trials related to poverty and political turmoil in Ireland. Both were judged insane by others. Each found a champion in the younger generation to help tell her story.

My sense of these two books talking to each other is heightened by the beautiful prose styles of Urquhart and Barry. These are novels that chronicle lives that are filled with tragedy but somehow don’t feel hopeless using lyrical, stop-and-read-that sentence-again language. Highly recommended, especially if you can enjoy not-perfectly-happy endings.

Thank you to birthday girl @literaryjourney for recommending both of these books to me!

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