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Lizzie Pawson  মুক্তি || mukti || freedom

বর্ষাকালে এতো বন্যা হয় যে অনেক গ্রামের বাড়ি ডুবে গিয়ে নষ্ট হয়েছে। গ্রামের লোক কী কষ্ট পাচ্ছে...
Monsoon village life.
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এই গ্রামে একটা নতুন মুক্তির ব্যবসা খুলতে চলেছে। Village visits in a flooded district.
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#chaosandcalm #neighbourhood #delight

Being in front of the camera felt almost as awkward as the rip in the crotch of my jeans is to look at 😂 Anywho, turns out it was a bit of fun.
Get your hands on @freesetglobal's traveller bag. It's a gem. @liminalapparel, @kindredcanada or @freesetusa can hook you up 👌✌
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“Holy Communion is the tipping point of God’s incredible self-giving generosity to the world. In unbounded ways God gives God’s self to the world and in the same way he says, “Give yourself away. Give yourself away to the neighbourhood… Give your body, give your blood, give your future. Give yourself away.” And every time you give yourself away, you find that you get yourself back enhanced. That is the mystery and the wonder of the gospel.”
- Walter Brueggemann
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"এখন আমার জীবন একটা ফুলের মতো। ফুলটি ফুটতে ফুটতে আরও সুন্দর হয়ে যাচ্ছে।"
My favourite words this week from a conversation with one of the Freeset ladies... "Now my life is like a flower, it is becoming more beautiful as it blooms."
#mukti #chaosandcalm #delight

"I'm like a fine wine, I just keep getting weirder."
"... I'm like the barrel you're aged in. I'm a significant contributing factor. I release your weirdness."
"'The barrel to my wine.' It has a ring to it."
Motto is: everyone needs a barrel to their wine. For all intents and purposes really.
Airport drop offs made easier with this human. ভালভাবে যেও! আনন্দ করো!
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All the laughter, all the time.

Also, I sent out another update last week on life and work and community and other exciting stuff 😉 Let me know if you want a read.

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আমার বান্ধবি তার হাত দিয়ে কেক বানাল। কেকটা সাবধানে মেশা হল। মনে হল চামচের ছাড়া বানানো সবথেকে ভালো!
Cake baking the Indian way. She wants to bake a chocolate cake for her son's birthday, so we were getting some practice in 🎂🍰
#chaosandcalm #delight

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