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We are coming upon a time where we need to change the way we live everyday. We cannot be ignorant of the effects of climate change. The first human-made biodiversity catastrophe is approaching our planet, and our environment should be a primary concern, not an afterthought. It is important to question everything, do your own research and be aware of the things you can do to guide our home back to its most flourishing self. The earth has already endured 5 mass extinctions, and our current state of living is certainly contributing to the sixth. These issues can be easily resolved if we adapt to the changes the earth is going through rather than trying to manipulate its natural patterns. After making several lifestyle changes, I felt guilty for always having carelessly chosen convenience over clean. This was until I realized that it wasn’t my fault. We have become desensitized to the reality that we are the most impactful species on this planet. It’ll take maximum effort, but it is possible. #Earthday

why do we kind of look the same

a fairy land

the beautiful face of a creature we exploit everyday. is the satisfaction of our tastebuds worth the lives of animals as precious and deserving as this one?


Clair de Lune played by a wannabe youtube tutorial piano player on an out of tune piano

a huge happy birthday to the guy who puts me on to all the greatest songs of the 70s and who motivates me to run until i cant feel my legs 😸

Love ♡ You ♡

happy birthday to the most beautiful woman i know inside and out

everywhere you look, there’s something worth capturing


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