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Elisabet Rodriguez (CPT)  Mom| Balance| Self care/love Meal/ Workout plans Personal Trainer @fitnationgym Mathew✨

#Tranformationtuesday here’s a less than 8 weeks progress from @raquel_gonzalez1 🔥 getting this hot mama ready for summer right on time!!💆🏽‍♀️ Waist is getting smaller and back getting tighter💪🏽 #backmusclescomingin .
The power of Cardio Circuit training.
Circuit training will promote power, flexibility, aerobic endurance/fat loss and possibly muscular gains. This is why I add weight training on certain days or implement them in the circuits.
When we focus on body composition instead of just the scale were able to track progress! And we can assess what we can work on/improve overall💪🏽
Super proud of Raquel, we started of slow and now we are deadlifting👌🏽 I know she was a bit afraid to do them but now she’s more confident and performing them with perfect form!
The goal is to continue growing inside and out!💕 @fitnationgym .
For more information on Online or Personal training One on One please send an email or Dm with your contact info☺️

🤗💕 my lovely client @elianakprn
So amazed with her! We’re down 12lbs at a healthy pace
She’s has made so much progress not just physically! What makes me more proud is seeing her at the gym doing her cardio on the days we don’t train together! Dedicated and always gives me 100% of her effort. 💪🏽🤗 can’t wait to keep watching you progress! #tranfomationtuesday @fitnationgym

Full body circuit was 🔥🔥 Yesterday during our 1 minute breaks we all talked a little bit about our rituals and standards. We want all of our clients to succeed, for us talking about it is giving light to some of our habits we tend to do daily.
What we do daily and consistently is what will shape us🙏🏽. There is always room for improvements! We are all here to learn together and grow! 💛
We ended the boot camp with a little fun Ab Challenge! And we had two winners! @hazy_hkc and @crystalram2782 , Their next session will be on us. Expect to be sore ladies💪🏽😆😘
Next boot camp is this Sunday 6/17 at 12pm @fitnationgym
Dm if you’d like to save your spot!💪🏽💛

“In my defense, I always fall for confidence And your compliments look good on me”🎶
Building our confidence is totally up to ourselves. Staying self motivated is another one too , and it’s something we have to feed ourselves daily to keep that fire burning.
Another important factor to staying motivated I feel is having a support system that reminds us when we’re doing great and also that we are capable to do anything! Whether that’s your partner, friend, family or coach. Having that accountability and those gentle reminders that we are capable of so much more than we dare to imagine can take us much farther💛 thank you @kc_fit_results for always helping me stay focused and pushing me to be my best✨ #swolemate .
🎥: @ignaciosgram

Yay💕 Super happy with today’s Boot Camp! Everyone did amazing, the weather is perfect and we got a good sweat on🌞
We did a Full Body Circuit Training with Cardio incorporated with 1 minute breaks in between the circuits. During our breaks we also went over how to break a plateau and how to better overcome what we struggle with the most. Coach @kc_fit_results shared some great tips/advice and also had us write down one small goal that we will all be working on this upcoming week.🙌🏽 .
Writing down and breaking up your goals into smaller bits helps us so much. Give this a try today. Write one small personal goals that will help you take one step closer towards your goal💛
Next Boot Camp will be June 10. Sunday at 12pm! DM to save your spot! 💪🏽

1st place baby💪🏽💛 #proud #iloveyou

Quick abs circuit to do at home or at the gym. Simple, quick and to the point! Get my abs on fire 🔥 i don’t like complicated workouts😭 so here’s my “Get to the burning” abs routine💪🏽🤣 i hope my busy ladies and busy moms can find this helpful🤗💛 #absworkout #onfire

There's so much success in simplicity and clarity. When i first started working out i had no clue what to eat, what kind of workouts to do to reach a certain goal. .
With each of my clients before we start any training we sit down break down what their goals are and “why”, how many days their willing to commit and we go from there to build a solid plan.
When i started my fitness journey I didn’t have clarity of what i wanted or why. Once we have everything broken down it doesn’t seem so hard to accomplish. It won’t be easy, there will be days you will want to quit but it will be worth it. I think the best part about growing is seeing how far you’ve come and how hard you work towards it because only you know what you been through to get there💛 #letswork #becomethebestversionofyourself

*that song doeee🔥*
Back workout was great! Ate two meals before hitting back. I usually workout early so I’ll be on one meal. Did some heavy rack pulls and finished off with rows and pulls! This machine give your back a good stretch at the top🔥 •
If you haven’t yet trained @fitnationgym you need to come! You’ll definitely get motivated to kill your workout!
Also, Boot Camp this Sunday at 12pm💪🏽 glutes and cardio!
#personaltrainer #fitmom #fitness #weightloss #fatloss #back #workouts #grouptraining #norwalk #motivation #girlpower #girlswholift #strength

I love this squat machine, even though I’m a bit too short to get a deeper range of motion in the squat I’m still able to get a good mind muscle connection and fire up my glutes or quads. We can train hard but also need to train smart. And by that i mean focusing on the specific muscle, being able to engage with it. What does it mean to engage a muscle? It means being able to contract it🔥. This will help improve muscle control, change your body composition slowly and muscle contractions💪🏽 more of all these three mean more muscle development. The more aware you are with your body and what works better for you the more effective your workouts will be.

Should post the last picture i accidentally took when my back cramped up trying to flex it for the gram! My body language said it all!! 😭🤣 who else agrees flexing is a workout? Haha

This weekends groups training💪🏽 on Mother’s Day!! Totally forgot to post yesterday. Thank you ladies and gent for making time to come get a workout in!
We went over upper body, cardio and a bit of legs🔥🔥

Next group training will be this Sunday at 12pm! We will be doing glute focused work outs with cardio! 🍑💪🏽Dm if you’d like to save a spot

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