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sydnee β˜•οΈ  design student | canada fantasy & video game lover πŸ‘» snap: itslizmonster βœ‰οΈ contact: itslizmonster@gmail.com


this is my fav shirt & i probably wear it too much. also very messy ponytail - two years ago i would never go out with my bangs up 😝 i have nothing much to post my camera is still dead rip

misery loves company

good (rainy) morning 🌧 uh, someone explain to me how i left my camera charger on the other side of canada?? πŸ˜“ so until i get a new one i'll just roll w iphone photos..... look how dark my hair was months ago !

only a fool for u 🀘🏻ok i had to post one video of @iamblackbear killin it besides i have nothing else to post bc i've been so busy!!! fun story i got elbowed at LEAST four times at the concert, there was a near-fight (certainly the two dudes were on drugs), and the friendliest bartender in the world there

full outfit bc i feel good today (and actually wore a forward facing hat who am i) and it's so sunny!! also @iamblackbear SEE U SOON πŸ€˜πŸ»πŸ’“ im hyped

hey it's me πŸ‘‹πŸΌ the only adidas i own and it's from a lil vintage boutique. still cant believe i JUST downloaded the california deluxe album by blink182.... um the songs r soooo good ?? hence why i'm posting them on my story all the time πŸ™ˆ

SO πŸ‘‰πŸ» things have been difficult for me lately & was considering leaving this app- bad head space. you may not have noticed my absence- my heart hadn't (fully) been in my photos. yknow? 🌸 although the photos i post here are a small representation of my life - they matter and the response and conversation i have with YOU all matters. now i aim to try to produce better content, but no promises until i prove to myself i can do it. so here's to a reset. 🌸 the new instagram algorithm? fuck it, fuck what it's doing to everyone here, but y'know what, ive had COUNTLESS humans message me and tell me how much you still care about what i put out into this world. so thank you. thanks for staying. 🌸 i may be struggling finding what i want to do but i want this to be a fun escape again. here's hoping it will be. if it doesn't - hey maybe i'll try a new platform. in the end, this is just social media. i have more to offer. thanks if u made it all the way through i just have many feelings omg ok aijfjfhdgjjsiai

..wherever i'm with you πŸŒ™ g'morning friends. broke out the shading pencils yesterday and drew up this guy, really helped clear my mind. added a little color which i usually only do digitally. inspired by a reference photo i saw online! i'm gonna try to hop on live stream later to come chat n stuff, the other day it was v nice. 🀘🏻

posting early in the day? who am i? here's an ootd πŸ•Έ ripped sweater from @urbanoutfitters, best jeans i've found for short people like me (i'm 5'1") are from @hm. the rest is tagged. i'm outside drawing so today is ok!! i guess!!

sometimes nights u just need cheesy shit like this. i know i do. and i will try to post more of this stuff when i come across it. trying to worry less, i hope u do too!! i had a great time talking on instagram live this morning and would love to go live tomorrow too ✌🏻

going to see the Alien movie let's hope it's scary as heck i need a good horror experience (admittedly haven't seen the original one) 😬

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