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Home sweet home after a fun day away with my love... what a great way to start my 29th year. A Saturday shopping, eating, laughing, relaxing, & just being us. Now I'm going to sit with a hot cup of tea and read through the sweet messages and comments from today on my last photo I posted, my inbox, email, Facebook, the blog, texts, phone calls & beyond. I don't deserve all the love... thank you for making me feel special today! #whitecottagefarm

Sitting here this morning on my 29th birthday sipping my coffee & reflecting on the year... it was a wild one to say the least & I think the year ahead will be even greater. Since the weather isn't the greatest today I think we might do some of my favorite things like shop & eat haha... maybe a little IKEA, pottery barn, & who knows.. you know, 29 year old things. Cheers friends & thanks for all the birthday wishes & for always making me feel special. I'll never be able to tell you how grateful I am for all your kindness. #whitecottagefarm #LMBlovesCoffee

Eeeek 🤗 spent the better part of my day painting the spare room off our back living room here. I haven't had time to paint rooms or do fun things like that lately [yes, I find this all fun] so I figured spending my birthday eve doing that was a little gift to myself. The room has some high ceilings so it's giving me the run for my money & it's far from done, so I thought I'd share with you this side of the room as I sit here and take a break. Cheers to the weekend friends!! #whitecottagefarm #liketkit

Cheers to my last day being 28!! I'm actually excited to be a year older because I feel like each year I'm gifted so much more wisdom, strength, & love. Each year gets better & better & I can't wait to see what this year brings! I'm going to spend my birthday eve painting a room in our home because I haven't been able to do anything like that in forever & that's what I want to do... happy Friday friends!! #whitecottagefarm

Happy national puppy day to the two naughtiest puppies around. Check my Instagram stories out today to see how they destroyed our living room today. They are wild things, but they bring so much joy to our home. 🐶🐶 #whitecottagefarm Ps. I shared a weird post for me on the blog today, but it's something I'm super passionate about & I think it could help a lot of you out! I hope you enjoy it: LizMarieBlog.Com - link in my profile.

I'm having the best day I've had in a while.. tons of good news & someone ahead of me at @starbucks bought my coffee... too many good things have happened already today that I won't mention them all. I'll just say in the highs and the lows GOD IS SO GOOD! Cheers friends & happy Friday eve!! #whitecottagefarm #LMBlovesCoffee #HeisgoodALLTHETIME

Same view as I posted earlier in our front living room, just on the other side of the room. A couple changes in this space that I need to blog like that coffee table & that fire place. Lots of progress on this farmhouse hopefully coming soon from small details to the big ones... one step at a time! I'm hoping to get a piece of art from @hammmadefurniture for above that fireplace & style those shelves soon for one.. that's all the fun stuff that my heart lives for. 🌿 #whitecottagefarm

Isn't it so funny when you are away from home you dream of just sitting in a chair & reading a book, but when you finally get home your list is a mile long of things to do? Why do we do that? Making a point to intentionally sit more & enjoy our home... it's been lovely, you should try it. #whitecottagefarm Ps. On the blog today I shared a bunch of amazing farmhouse style flush mount lights: - link in my profile.. let me know which ones you like best for our home!

I'm so thankful that we whipped the back living room together this past weekend to temporarily use until we rip out the flooring & re-do it... it's been such a cozy haven to escape from all the construction in the rest of the house in the mean time. It's almost as if the mess isn't even there. But it is.. read & see how bad it is on the blog today: LizMarieBlog.Com - link in my profile. #whitecottagefarm

It's spring so some glass jugs filled with greenery on the table was a must. 🌿Check the blog out today to see what's going on in the kitchen next to this room... it's not as pretty as this: - link in my profile. #thefoundcottage Ps. Thank you for all the kind words on my last post.. reading through the comments made my day!

Seriously this spring weather has got me like SO HAPPY. I've been battling with some pretty heavy stuff lately that I've been keeping to myself. A lot of anxiety, feelings of not being enough, not doing enough, not being myself, but this weather is pure therapy. I walked outside with my coffee this morning and just put my face towards the sun & I was filled with pure joy. Maybe it's because it's my birthday week [29 on Saturday... how did this happen?] or maybe it's life piling up, but something has got to give and I need a mental break. It's hard to share these thoughts with you guys and be vulnerable, but I can't pretend to be someone I'm not.. I struggle daily with high anxiety & extreme lows with battling with my infertility. It's reality & I hope you still love me. I'm not perfect, but by golly I'm me & in the grand scheme of life I'm one blessed happy little lady who likes making things pretty and drinking coffee... thanks for letting me share my heart on this beautiful spring morning... 🌿🌷 #whitecottagefarm

I've fallen in love with a new product you guys & it gave me this authentic primitive chippy finish on this dresser! Come see what that product is & how easy it was to get this look simply by mixing it in with my paint: LizMarieBlog.Com - link in my profile. What do you guys think of this chippy little dresser?! #whitecottagefarm

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