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Liz Marie Blog  A Michigan girl, married to a handsome veteran, fixing up our 1800's farmhouse, & starting a farm while trying to start a family. Follow our journey:


I'm one of those people who needs alone time. I wish that being social recharged me & gave me energy, but it exhausts me & to refuel I just sneak away for a few minutes to be alone. I find myself in the barn a lot with this little lady, like today when the BHG team was doing their thing inside... I came to cuddle with Grace. This is the look I get when I stop petting her. She will paw at my hand with her hoof and nuzzle her face into me. You know a therapy dog? Can Grace be my therapy sheep? Would they let her on a plane? I'm serious. Anyways... kudos to your extroverts & im totally jealous of you. I think my life would be easier if I was more like you. I'm the shy awkward girl who doesn't know how to talk to people & who needs a nap after being social... am I alone on this? If not I think we all need to unite and get therapy sheep. I got mine! 🐑 #whitecottagefarm

Mornin' pumpkin! Day one of our photoshoot for @betterhomesandgardens starts today... oh my gosh this is nerve racking. Probably only for me. But to have these people in your home that only look at gorgeous houses everyday & to have all these unfinished spaces and dirty rooms from renovation makes me a little self conscious. I'm over it though... they wanted to come to our house so they saw what we see in it. It's a special house finished or not & we love it.. that's all that matters. ❤️ So far shooting is so fun & I LOVE watching the team work together for the perfect shot. I'll try to share lots of behind the scenes today for you guys in the stories. So far I forgot to show a photoshoot they did with the dogs that was so adorable.. sorry!!! Also.. more on the blog about the shoot today: Lizmarieblog.com - link in my profile. #whitecottagefarm

That's some pretty dapper hair you got there Len. Curls for days 🙌🏼 Lenny was all types of curious wondering what all the commotion was at the house today with the BHG team at the farm, but Then again he is always a curious man...like when the landscapers were here last week doing tons of work on the farm. Always at the fence & watching... come see the progress the landscapers made on the blog today: Lizmarieblog.com - link in my profile. What do you think so far?! #whitecottagefarm

Made it back to the farm after a long day of shopping for the house with @betterhomesandgardens... no big deal. Oh my goodness what a day it's been. We started off at our shop, @thefoundcottage, & from there we ended up at a dahlia farm in the middle of no where, @hopedahlia, who is the sweetest person on the planet! Some stops in between there & now we are back with all of our goods to style the house with for a fun fall shoot. Watch my Instagram stories for more behind the scenes!! I'm freaking out guys... this is so insanely fun & exciting, but also weird and nerve wracking at the same time. Trying to enjoy every minute of it. & THANK YOU for all your kind words on my last post! Seriously.... THANK YOU! All your kind words seriously made my day & I don't deserve all the support, but I'm forever thankful!!!!! #whitecottagefarm

You guys! Today marks the start of a dream come true!! I was keeping a little secret because I wasn't sure when I was able to share, but @betterhomesandgardens is hanging out here at @whitecottagefarm all week shooting our house & farm! Can you believe that?! I can't. Honestly, growing up I would dream about the homes featured on the pages of that magazine & now our home will join those wonderful homes on those pages... I'm in shock. The funny things is our house couldn't be farther from "done" & the old Liz would be upset that it's not perfect our complete, but the new me is better at embracing the in between & not being self conscious about the stage our home is in. Honored, elated, overjoyed, ecstatic... doesn't even begin to explain it. They will be here all week so stay tuned to my Instagram stories & posts for more behind the scenes. Also, check out the blog today to see some of the fun updates we made to the house before BHG arrived: Lizmarieblog.com - link in my profile. Can't wait for you to see the updates on the blog! Thank you guys for being on this fun journey with us! #whitecottagefarm

I just sat down for the first time today after a whirlwind weekend of working on our fixerupper getting it ready for a big week ahead. I stayed off social media most of the weekend knowing what today was & honestly the reminder stings. As we were working today on our crazy messy farmhouse I said out loud to Jose, "how do people do all of this with kids?!" And we both looked at each other and said at the same time.. "We would have made it work." Saying that out loud makes it more real that we have lost 7 babies and we would have given anything to have them running through the house as we were trying to clean and do projects. Anything. Today is infant & pregnancy loss awareness day & while I'm happy there is a day to remember all our babies on & unite as people who have lost babies... it hurts. My heart aches for our babies and longs to hold them. It also ignites a passion in me to not have lost them in vein, but to do more in their memory & spread love in the wake of their loss. I choose to be a light in this dark world because of them. Honestly guys... thank you for being the light in my life. I'm not just saying that.. I'm being real when I say that you guys lift me up & are the reason I think some days I am able to embark on this journey we are on. Thanks for that. I can't say it enough. Thinking of all you mommas who have lost babies tonight... saying a prayer that we can all have peace in our hearts knowing that they are somewhere far better than we can imagine & one day we can look forward to seeing their sweet faces. I hope you all had a great weekend whatever you were doing.. our house is looking very different & I can't wait to show you all the fun changes! #whitecottagefarm http://liketk.it/2t4zF #liketkit @liketoknow.it

Oh my, I would have stayed in bed all day today if I could have. Waking up to a cold rainy day gives you all the "let's stay in bed" feels.. am I right? Our bed is basically a series of white quilts ranging from vintage to new & everything in between & its way too cozy for its own good. It's really hard to get up everyday, but Jose brining me coffee every morning usually does the trick. In case you missed it I found some very affordable farmhouse style bedding at Walmart... yes Walmart... from @thepioneerwoman & i shared them on the blog: Lizmarieblog.com - link in my profile. We are working on some projects inside here on @whitecottagefarm today, what are you up to?! It's so dark and dreary here [my iPhone made our room look bright... it's not trust me.. go iPhone! Haha] though that I might just end up here this afternoon yet. Let's all take a nap at some point today... deal? Deal. Special thanks to my pal @mustardseedbeginnings for my rad scroll sign! http://liketk.it/2t3Ex #liketkit @liketoknow.it

We went to the hospital to visit @adventuresinabbyland, Joe, & baby Otto tonight. You guys, he looks so good. I know a lot of you have been praying & would love to hear that little update. Keep those prayers coming. He will need another surgery on his little heart, but you can follow her updates to get all of the details & how to specifically pray. As we were walking downtown back to our vehicle looking at all the houses and architecture of the old homes I took a deep breath and instantly peace & thanksgiving flooded me because there is nothing like going to a hospital that will bring so much perspective to your life & realize that every single moment is precious. I liked this happy yellow house we passed tonight the best.. that peaked roof & that greenery covered porch. Love it all! Happy weekend friends. #lmbloveshouses

Thank you guys so much for all your kind words about today's blog post. I got the case of the "burn outs" & I wanted to be so open with you guys because I know I'm not alone. We can't do all the things all the time & not get burnt out once in a while. I blogged more about it today: Lizmarieblog.com - link in my profile. Thankful for the flowers I got yesterday & the mini blessings I've seen today like a new haircut & my mom coming to the farmhouse and helping me with some things around the house... it's the little things that are getting me out of the slump I'm in & I'm forever thankful!! Thanks guys for always cheering me up. Ps. Aren't these flowers I got from @farmgirlflowers amazing?! Thank you @mcpherson_mama & @alyssa.williams98 for thinking of me and sending me this beautiful bouquet! Perfect timing 🌿http://liketk.it/2t2DD #liketkit @liketoknow.it #cottonstemheartsfallfoliage

Gloomy day here in the mitten, but there is so much that needs to be accomplished today so it's time to stop playing around and go fill this cup up again... is it sad that a cute mug makes me a tiny bit more motivated in the morning? I'm not going to lie I've been feeling pretty burned out lately & a little unmotivated & I shared all about it on the blog today: Lizmarieblog.com - link in my profile. I hope it helps someone out there who is feeling the same way I am.. you are not alone!! Let's all find a balance today together between work, rest, and family time. Question: what helps you when you are in a slump of being unmotivated? I would love to hear what works for you! #whitecottagefarm #LMBlovesCoffee #CottonStemHeartsFallFoliage

While living in a complete fixer upper that doesn't even have a kitchen or any room that is close to being finished at the moment I have found that it is so therapeutic to style tiny pretty spaces in the middle of the big messy projects even in the unfinished rooms. Today on the blog I styled this tablescape with some lovely finds from our shop, @thefoundcottage, & it's centered around one of my favorite florals, dried hydrangeas. See more & read more about it: Lizmarieblog.com - link in my profile. Fall has so many fun looks & I just love them all! What do you think? #whitecottagefarm

Want to know what these floors have taught me?? I'm AWFUL with change. I never knew how bad I was with it until this project. I don't deal well with it, I'm a mess during it, & I feel out of control. One second I'm obsessed with the floors & the next I'm like oh no, did we make the wrong choice?! Then Jose comes along with his infinite wisdom & says to me, "Babe, if you had ripped up the carpets that were put in the farmhouse in the 1980's to reveal these exact floors that were put in in the 1840's you would be in love with them. The reason you are doubting them is because you made the decision. And you made a good one." Oh man that man is handsome & oh so so smart. I'm lucky.. him, not so much. Haha poor guy. So everyone say a prayer for Jose during my adjustment period & also help me out.. how do you think I should seal these babies? Matte poly? Oil? Has anyone ever used dark wax to make them look older or something else to make them matte & more "muted". Let me know! You can read all the details and see the floor progress on the blog: lizmarieblog.com - link in my profile. #whitecottagefarm

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