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Liz Lurie 

Small wood fired rice bowls or perfect for ice cream .... last couple of days of free shipping before we close up shop for a bit ! Link through website to shop! Happy new year! #luriebeasecker #meantforthehand #dontstackwellbutsurefeelgoodtouse #warmth #hold

Last couple of days of free shipping before we close up shop for a bit! Happy new year!!!!! #luriebeasecker #beaseckerbeauty #sometimesyouneedaflowereveninwinter #handmadebeauty #quietbeauty

These beautiful double walled martini tumblers can still make it to you by Xmas!!! Inside shape is a traditional cone martini shape, drink will stay nice and chilled ....available through Etsy shop link in profile or go to to link to shop! #beaseckerbeauty #surpriseonthebottom #details #specialcupforaspecialdrink

Couple of large apple ash glazed mugs (holding between 12-14 oz depending on the mug) Still available on Etsy! Link though profile or go to If you’re local send a message!

Beautifully weighted, attention to detail, classic Beasecker tumblers for your drinking pleasure! Available in Etsy shop ! Link in profile through my website or if you’re local come and get em! Message me! #beaseckerbeauty #feelsgoodinthehand #sensorygoodness

I never get bored of this apple ash glaze, both glossy and satin, a beautiful light green , this little, round pot is great for soy sauce or olive oil .....available on Etsy ! Link though website to shop! or if you’re local send a message to come shop!!

These small side dishes nestle nicely and are perfect for hummus or olives or any small treat. Available on Etsy ! Link to shop though my website in profile......

This beautiful black and white Beasecker bowl is still available on Etsy! Https://
#blackandwhiteporcelain #beaseckerbeauty
Link through my website in profile to shop!

Etsy sale is live! Go to or link through my website in profile! Free shipping in US through December ! Happy Holidays!

To our customers far away....Lurie/Beasecker studios is having an Etsy sale starting tomorrow , December 7th at 5pm est .Free shipping through the holidays within the US. Link to our shop in profile. Or go to LurieBeasecker in Etsy !Happy holidays Everyone!

We are here till 5 and would love to trade art with kids! If you can’t make it we are happy to make it happen another day just send me a message! 315-744-7465
5214 Irish Ridge Road Chittenango 13037 4 miles outside of CAZ!

We had a fantastic day yesterday! Thank you for coming out! We will be here today 10-5 and MaryEllen Sheehan from @hartwoodfarm will be cooking pizza from noon till thedough runs out!!!! We have local honey bears from up the road @irishridgehoney with a mug makes a lovely gift for tea drinkers! #lizluriepottery #peterbeasecker #handmadelocalgiftsarethebest