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Liz Looker  Higher education professional. Artist, explorer, eater.

How did I get so lucky to be surrounded by these kind, thoughtful, intelligent, and hilarious people as I celebrate the end of being a single woman?! #oldfriends #theygetme #imgettingmarried !

Made it out to the PA woods.

Vacationing! Mostly Charleston architecture, and us by the fountain. It’s hot down here 🌞

Rainy day on the North Shore, with my love

Science as art. C.E.B. Reas and Ben Fry at MIT.

I graduated! Thank you to everyone (SO many people!) who supported me during the past two years as I worked full-time and spent most of my other time working on my masters degree @suffolk_u @suffolkahe. The encouragement, especially during this last semester, helped get me through 🙏🏽

When painting goals = window views

Taking a break from writing final papers to see the Klimt & Schiele show @mfaboston is always a good idea.

New views from familiar places.

Art and lights of Kendall Square. Galaxy: Earth Sphere, by artist and @mitpics biology professor Joe Davis.

Have you seen We the People II by @miaxart? I look forward to seeing more of Mia’s work. #rosekennedygreenway #leatherdistrict