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I thought this little bowl would exclusively be for ice cream...but @davidbamat made delicious chickpea salad and it's perfect for that, too! #chickpeabowl #icecreambowl

Family Weekend 💖

One more from Mass MoCA. The new space (Building 6, the Robert W. Wilson Building) is gorgeous.

Letha Wilson: Kilauea Seaview Concrete Ripple Tondo, 2017. Concrete, emulsion transfer.

I visited Nick Cave's show Until at @massmoca. It was phenomenal to be in an immersive installation that reflects on race, violence, opportunity, and limitation. I found it to be a space for empathy (if the viewer wants to participate). There's a good NYT article from last summer about his process and intention: Cave said, "This is me putting you into the belly of a Soundsuit. It's me grabbing you by the hand and saying 'let's jump into the Soundsuit.'"
The show is on view through Sept 4.

Old and new: a vintage Zanesville treasure I found a few years ago (L) and a new piece I made this week (R).
Glaze is magic. Okay, it's science...but look at those colors! I only used two glazes; the floating blue separates on top of a more stable glaze (the pink color is rosy dawn).


Another piece in progress: a bowl with half and half glaze: ron roy white and noxema (deep blue). With a tiny slice of brown clay between the two. It's amazing how the colors don't show until they're in the kiln. I can't wait to see how this one comes out.
I forgot to take a picture - I also made four small spoons tonight!

Today I used shellac for the first time (!!) on this white clay teacup. I'm also excited about the teacup - this is the third one I've made and they get better (and bigger) each time.
By painting shellac onto bone dry (not yet bisque fired) clay, the shellac protects the clay from moisture. Then, using a wet sponge, the clay around the shellacked design is gently removed. This leaves a raised design. The shellac disappears in the bisque firing, so you're left with a great design. Now to decide on which glaze to use...

Another set. I've always wanted matching soy sauce bowls for sushi, so I made some using the 'off the hump' method. That's when there is a big clump of clay on the wheel and then you make a small bowl on top of it, cut it off, and then use the clay below to make another bowl.

The bowls I shared earlier this summer are finished! These are brown clay, white slip, blue celadon glaze, cone 6 (electric) fired. The insides remind me of clouds.
Making pairs/sets of art is satisfying for me - it's very cool to go through the challenge of doing something the same way twice...or more! It's not always easy.

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