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Elizabeth Funk  I like dogs more than people

Ovaries before brovaries, uteruses before duderuses. That’s right folks it’s my favorite holiday! Happy galentines day to all my gal pals and of course our fearless leader @leslieknope

Trapped in cf: a memoir

Got to hangout with 2,000 of my closest friends this weekend but they are my favorites (also @emrick03 but she was in the bathroom during this photo)

My reaction when I force @srudy13 to drive 3 hours to hangout with me and her car dies when she gets here

Cheer or fear, Belsnickel is here. Anna has had an impish year

Oh Cedar Falls, who would’ve ever thought I’d be so sad to say goodbye

hbd ya champ

Classic Liz/Kenzie/Sara mess-around

This evening I laid on the ground and took photos of the sky instead of doing my homework. Now I am posting this photo of the sky instead of doing my homework. What a night.

Hi Thanksgiving break, I love you

The worst thing about prison was the dementors

I would take a rainy summer day with ice cream over a rainy fall day with a 9 page paper right about now

21!! My bff is 21! Like this photo if you’re surprised savannah made it this far in life and comment your reasoning (example: sav has given herself multiple homemade permanent tattoos)

Found the pumpkins we could afford

just me, the trees, and @thelumineers today. cf you are so pretty.

Mama’s sweater says it all {happy}

girl, u the Harry to my Ron 💕

Would you believe me if I told you it's only been a week since I've seen @srudy13 but I miss her already

Dad is married! We are no longer illegitimate children! #joshiefromtheblock #newlywedsontheblock

Let's hear it for the king of finger guns and candles on his 50th 🎉 #old #overthehill
Ps my dad recently moved so if there's anyone else interested in buying all my food for me lmk

Today is my birthday

another picture with macdaddy and an awky arm. who's surprised? not me!

really missing the little moments that made this summer so big
Oh what I would give to be running through a rainstorm singing at the top of my lungs right now

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