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This is me. Showing up in my messy, imperfect, heart aching but open, hand reaching out to you way. Just wanted you to know. And now I'm going to get back to this drying journal page and scratch some words into it with the top of a skinny paintbrush. #innerexcavation #becausethisisselfcare #weareinthistogether

These hearts I so deeply love are part of the flash sale that's going on through the end of today. They've been part of my retreats and altars in my home for years, and I'm so glad to have a wonderful fair trade source to now get them into your hands. We've been sending out boxes of them this week, and I'm smiling so big thinking about the connection to love people will feel holding them in their hands.

Peek at part of a journal page. These layers and scribbles and words are unearthing something in me. I've finally created a space in my home where this longing to play in my journals with paint and layers and all the techniques I've learned over the last decade can happen. The truth is though that I'm finally making space for it. And by sharing here I hope to hold myself accountable so I'll keep diving in. Even if the sharing feels deeply vulnerable. #doingitanyway #innerexcavation #becausethisisselfcare

We are really into movies over here. And Eleanor cannot believe that I answer Lincoln every time she asks me what my favorite movie is. It's like she thinks, "This will be the day she says a movie we both love. This will be the day she says Zootopia!" But I say Lincoln every time. Over the weekend, we read the book Looking at Lincoln by Maira Kalman. As we finished it, she said, "So this is what the movie Lincoln is about?" "Well, yes. It focuses on the last few months of his life." She nodded. Then a few moments later, "I think I kind of get why you like him so much now." Though then I had to break it to her that no, she doesn't get to watch it yet. (Lately, I cry every time we read together. I cried when she read this page out loud to me. I cried tonight while reading her the author's note at the end of The Watcher, a great book about Jane Goodall. I think it's the way hope is sitting on an edge for me right now, dangling its feet, watching, waiting.)

I'm having a 48-hour Flash Sale that includes more than 20 of my favorite Soul Mantras, some mystery sticker packets, and even the custom gemstone bundle. You can find everything at the link in profile.

Trust the drumming humming inside. :: When EJ and I were playing with paint in the studio, I found a printout from @mindy_lacefield from one of my retreats from a few years ago (she's the best teacher!!). I followed some of the prompts and found my way to here, listening to my instinct and pushing aside the gremlins with each breath. Thinking it's time to fill up a whole journal like this, painting and scribbling until the words I most need rise to the surface.

Sweet souls, today is the last day to start your @soulmantras Talisman of the Month subscription with the March box. Here's a peek at the contents! This month, we're exploring: Let It Be. Part mantra, part self-care practice, part boundary setting, part act of self-love, I think of this phrase as a deep, wide exhale. There are 1, 3, 6, and 12-month subscriptions available. (Link in profile) #talismanofthemonth #becausethisisselfcare #soulmantras

This. (My heart grew three sizes.)

Mission accomplished.

Two girls on a quest to find some doughnuts. :: Alternative caption: That weekend when she suddenly became a tween because I bought her some new sunglasses.

I am obsessed with this Jumping Juniper doll that I got at the UPS Flea Market today. First, Ellie bought a doll while I looked longingly at several. So many incredible colors and clothes and hair and facial expressions. Each one unique and made with love. An hour later I was back to get my own. I'm pretty sure her name in Penelope, and she's going to hang out in my studio with me every day. I think she might need her own tiny "she persisted" necklace. (The delightful local woman who makes them isn't selling online right now but DM me if you want her info.)

Writing a series of articles on great picture books on various topics (like activism and race and empathy and science) and this batch just arrived. I think this is one of those moments when EJ really loves my job. Me too.

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