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Wearing my favorite button-down from high school that is now the perfect painting smock and about to tackle this last bit of paint in the kitchen. Then I think it really will feel done(ish). I'm not handy, but I've got it taped and I'm gonna make it work. Knowing a backsplash really will cover it at some point. I think I need a little Graceland.

Bat followed by Cobra? I'm going to need some touchy-feely photos soon. Today's journaling brought me to, "Well if Cobra is on my side, my courage just increased." Yep. :: Day 25 of #100morningnotes which are often afternoon and evening notes for the #100dayproject.

Used "letting" as a journal prompt today after pulling "bat." Loved where it took me. :: Day 24 of #100morningnotes for the #100dayproject Used @the_wild_unknown Animal Spirit deck again today.

When I think about the proposed changes to the health care bill and how it affects my family and other families and those with less privilege than me, I feel an urge to scream or cry or just turn on Netflix. Instead, I'm contacting my congressman, hoping these words inspire you to contact yours (use @5calls or @countableus), and baking blondies. Then back to work for a bit. Inhale. Exhale. Call. Pray. Resist. Create. Repeat.

I love that day in April that happens every year when I suddenly realize, "Leaves! On all the trees!!!" #thehouseofmagicalbluesky

Day 23 of #100morningnotes (which was really an evening note last night). First time pulling the beaver card from @the_wild_unknown Animal Spirit deck. He is rad. And such an appreciated confirmation of several conversations I had yesterday.

Jumping into this month's lesson in the #onelittleword ecourse (with #aliedwards) and putting up some sticky notes in the studio to remind me to keep my word and its meaning close.

Really wish I could walk downstairs in my PJs to @stumptowncoffee for the perfect cup and then take a funny photo in the photo booth. :: So yes, all that is true. And the #storybehindthestory is that getting away for Spring Break and again over the weekend has enabled a softness and a connection that this little family really needed. There are habits and patterns and other layers that stack up. I see the privilege of being able to get away. I feel the reality of where we are and external expectations and the internal push and pull and the walls and the little girl dancing her own dance in the midst of it all. I hope I can invite all of us to create the space we've felt while away in our daily lives a bit more. I hope I can let in more gentleness and ease without adding more expectations. I hope and I love and I live and I dance my dance too. #thebeautyofreal #innerexcavation

I love the descriptions in @the_wild_unknown Animal Spirit deck guidebook. When dolphin is out of balance, one "underestimates own power." So many layers to this one. Yes. :: Day 22 of #100morningnotes. (Thinking I'm going to dive into this deck for a few days in a row. Thanks for following along! I'm so loving this project.)

Everything gets clearer when I pause for those #fivedeepbreaths (heck, it's gets better when I pause for one). :: Day 21 of #100morningnotes (though this one was an evening note yesterday and it grounded me in what I know to be true so much that I laughed out loud). Card from #crazysexylovenotes illustrated by the magical @loriportka.

After reading the description of this card in @the_wild_unknown book, all I could write was, "Namaste." :: Day 20 of #100morningnotes for the #100dayproject.

This. This. This. This. This. This. This. This. This. This. This. This.

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