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Liz  Yoga Instructor 🕉 | Central Coast California 🌎 | Alchemist ⚡️ | We are one LOVE 💗

Upgrades are coming
But you won't be able
To buy them at your local Apple Store
Inner technology is infinitely better
Practice nonattachment to Insta
Pretty soon we won't need
Social media at all anymore
Think kind thoughts about everyone
Because everyone is you
And we are all going to remember
Our true nature oneness
Not hiding anything
Breaking open

All is forgiven but not forgotten
It's all a part of the process
Reaffirmations of the metaphysical
Direct correlation with the physical
Lessons learned transmuted
Into plans for the reconstruction
We can intellectualize about
The idealization of equality
But that won't release us
From the cycle of suffering
The pain ends with me
The lovers within

Self love is a revolutionary act
The truth is making itself known
One breath cycle at a time
We taking back our power
The shift is subtle
Ripple effects massive
Return to the divine feminine

I like to joke with my yogis
At the end of class
When the karmas have been eaten
Now if someone asks you ...
"What did you do today?"...
You can respond "Oh you know, destroyed some possible worlds & raised the vibrational frequency
of the collective consciousness."
Keep surfing the breath into new space
Find joy in the alchemical process
Love & blessings

Nothing to see here
Just a Yogini
Munching on some karmas
This is what body called in today
Honoring the temple
To thine own Self be true
Be your own guru

There are no secrets
This is all of me
Me is we
Relearning embodiment
Truth seeker
Being love
Dying infinite egoic deaths
Undying devotion
Wonder woman
Saving the world
By saving herself
Microcosm is macrocosm
Be the change
We are the Universe
In ecstatic motion

Took being here meow literally
Having too much fun dancing
With the elements in my birthday suit
Don't care what others think
This purifying isn't work
It's a celebration
My soul delights

Constant change
Ongoing work in progress
Expanding heart consciousness
Letting go to rearrange
Fell in love with alchemy
Exploring the depths of being
Now inwards we are gazing
The template of reality
Truth is making itself known
Divine seeds are being sown

Devotion to embodying truth
And connecting to the divine
Has been a constant exercise
In moving beyond comfort
Into ever expanding awareness
Surrendering to Spirit
Loving every step of the way
Baby steps in every direction
Together we are elevating vibration
All of us waves in the same ocean

Diving into my souls divine purpose
Everything is energy
Everything has consciousness
Feeling deeply with our interconnectivity
Thoughts create the template of reality
Body and mind are inseparable
These human body vehicles are miracles
Going inwards for the benefit of all beings
Staying focused on highest vibrations
Honoring by witnessing
Destruction breeds recreation
The shift is already happening

I am you
Yes you can too
I aim to inspire
All of us
May we light our internal fire
Everything is energy
Change starts with us
Find joy in the work
Gaze inwards
Bear witness
The old script dissolving
As we embrace
A new way of being

Growing at her pace
Her secret is patience
Working with the elemental forces
Rearranging the matter
Trusting in Mother
Easing into new shapes
As invitations are given
Grateful for another day
To clear stagnation
In devotional service
At Burning Woman
Dying unto lead of egoic selves
To be reborn
Waves radiating blissfully
In our ocean

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