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Liz  Central Coast of Calif 🌊 | yoga instructor 🕉 | blissfully growing 🌱 | we are one love 💗| nudes censored 🙏🏽 . YouTube 👉 Liz Crosby Yoga

Building strength to bend
Heat the byproduct of strength
Stabilizer muscles engaged
Central core lit
Diving deep into heart expansions
Loving every little step
In every direction
Raising our vibration

Loving being
Immersed in divine attunement
Finding joy now
Resting in the knowing

My best "blue steel" emulation
Only comes out when I'm super focused
Reaffirmations of our oneness
Got me so focused on clearing vessel
Loving all that is
It's a full time job
Fully committed

Steve Jobs put an apple on it
Foreshadowing our reactivation
Running cosmic energy
Through our apple
The electromagnetic field
Also a toroidial flow
He knew
Only book on his iPad
Autobiography of a Yogi
Keep growing

Finding joy in the release
Coming back into symbiosis
Mother Nature constantly changing
Burning burning burning
Clearing stagnation for the benefit
Of all beings
As we remember how to maintain
These bodies she gifted us
Loving the Self as intended
We evolve into a new human
And subsequently usher in a new earth
Free of unnecessary suffering
Being the change

I've been dreaming of heaven
Here on earth since I was a little girl
We are the harbingers
Of the divine kingdom
As we rearrange our gunas
We usher in the heavenly realm
Letting go of all malicious entities
Moving on from harmful distortions
Clearing all limiting thought forms
Trusting in the process
Believe & so it is

Barney passed away
Remembering him sending up a prayer
That he may incarnate as a yogi
Cancer he had been fighting for 3 years
Took his life yesterday
Reminding me to let go of all toxicity
Clearing all negativity from the field
He loved his ball so very much
Remembering that the ball is within
Transmuting all the emotions
Riding them into the practice
Rebuilding the temple
The divine masculine to harness, the cross
The divine feminine to receive, the ankh
The ball at the top, crown
Love you Barney

Nude yoga nun
This is how I pray
God is in the spine
External reality a projection
We are shifting the paradigm
Set the superficial aside
Clear on the soul level
Gaze inwards
Concentrate on third eye

There are no coincidences
Only when we learn
From wounds inflicted upon us
By teachers we call in energetically
To deliver messages to us
Can we move on
Everyone is a guru
Relearning how to hold space
Faking positivity inhibits the process
The lessons repeat unless
We take action to create change
Without solar plexus activation
And heart consciousness expansion
Everything stays the same
We have a choice
Shine light into darkness
Love the Universe that you are
If everything is a projection
We can shift the paradigm
And so it is
Blessed be

Peace amplifier
Living in devotional service
External reality a projection
Immersed in alchemical transmutation
Not attached to the forms
Solar plexus activation leads to
Heart consciousness expansion
The surface changes
Diving deeper

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Eternally grateful
For your bearing witness
The energy has shifted
I am released
Moving on
With lightness of heart

Ignore the tamasic. Yoga sutra 1.33

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