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🎀Lizbeth Eden🎀  the girl your video games are based on🏃‍♀️Twitch Partner: Body Positivity & Fitness 🎥 ASMR👂🎶 Cosplay🧝‍♀️// PATREON: where lewds are(18+) & cat MILF🐈

Comment “HELLYEA” letter by letter, line by line, for a chance to win access to tomorrow tonight’s nsfw snapchat bath show! The last winner loved it! 😏 Y’all help me so much by participating 🙌💛it makes my tiny lil reach on social media go quite a bit further! THANK YOUUU!!! 😍💛🤗 By the way, you can get this same image, uncropped, as a full 4K HD wallpaper, right now by pledging only $1 to my Patreon! Link in bio 💛

Comment “KINKY” letter by letter, line by line, if you want to see me do another set like this. I was re-inspired by @liquorice.and.lace today 😈 and I’m thinking of doing another soon!

Comment “MICRO” letter by letter, line by line, for a chance to win access to my BATH SHOW! OR ➡️ guarantee access by signing up by 12midnight EST TONIGHT on Patreon!!! My full show is tomorrow night (Saturday), but you have to be signed up by 12midnight EST tonight!!! I’ll be slipping around in this lil micro bikini, getting all sudsy 😏💦🛀 You don’t wanna miss it! Show will be on my NSFW Snapchat via Tier 5 on Patreon. Just remember, you have to be signed up by midnight! (Patreon link in bio)

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(Sumbum is a summer bum, and also sum bummer bc summer is almost over lol I’ll see myself out 😂)

Comment “PEACHY” letter by letter, line by line if you like this set & wanna help me grow my platform! You guys help SO much in getting me past the stupid IG algorithm 😭🤗❤️ All your comments help a ton!!! I’ll do a special giveaway since y’all keep being so kind & supportive💋! Keep a lookout over the next couple days!!! OR if ya wanna see more now, link in bio! .
<<polaroid winner on previous post to be determined tomorrow!>>

Tell me your favorite dinosaur in the comments and WIN A POLAROID of me! I’ll pick a winner on Tuesday! 🦕🦖🦕🦖🦕🦖🦕🦖🦕🦖🦕🙌🙌💕
Mine is Little Foot from Land before time 😜

I just really love the anime Monogatari. I had extra photos from the mini test shoot set, so I’m posting them at the +$5 tiers right now (Link in bio)! I’m using all the pledges from this add on to fix up the extra details I want to add to this cosplay! Plus y’all get an extra freebie peek here 💕👌 If you like when I cosplay and you support for this cosplay, I will make more cosplays! It’s as simple as that. I really enjoy cosplaying, but having y’all cheer me on goes a LONG way🙌🔥❤️ ((LINK IN BIO)) And if you really like what I do but can’t financially support, just comment, like and repost my stuff! Tell me what it is you like that I do by interacting on the content you like on here (IG) and retweet on Twitter or repost! That kinda support helps more than you know, honestly. If you read my long lil post, thank you. I genuinely appreciate you taking your time to do so. I’m feeling so much better about things & am refreshed and ready to start streaming on twitch again. I promise I’ll make a video or blog post on why I crumbled emotionally (we all have moments), then stepped back from what I was trying to do on twitch, how I got through it & what I plant to do now! I feel like I’ve found a way to do the things I want to and still maintain my sanity lol, as well as progress in other areas y’all don’t really see, like my writing. It’s a tough gig to be a 100% freelance artist, all in effort to have a schedule that lets you hone another art form you love (writing) and couldn’t pay proper attention to with a non-creative 9-5, but I’m making the full time artist thing work, all thanks to y’all!!! and feeling good about it again (def has its stressful moments)! Not many people can say that they create every single thing they make money from (I wish more could honestly, it’s a cool and thrilling feeling)🤷‍♀️ If you read this far, damn. You’re grade A+ Thank you lol <3 FeelsGoodMan #blackhanekawa #monogatari #kizumonogatari #hanekawa #nekogirl #animegirls #cosplayer #streamer

shitty photo but anime hair is 👌so we just going with it 🤷‍♀️💙 re dyed it lastnight using @overtonecolor — also touched up my ultra naturally dark af roots (ash black, for real) with beach first! Long hair day 😅 lol. Posted the inbetweens on my NSFW Snapchat Lmafo. Anyone else do some part of their hair on their own? ( @bentleysalon did the rad cut tho 💙👌) #animehair #animegirl #bluehair

✨GIVEAWAY TIME!✨ Comment “NATURE” one letter at the time line by line to win my NSFW Snapchat for a week! I’ll pick a winner when this photo reaches 700❤️s. To up your chances, in a separate comment, tell me why you do or don’t like camping! I’ll be responding & sharing stories back lol I have some good ones 😝 #sunset #dusk #adventure #adventureisoutthere

🍃 fallen .
link in bio
new pic available on my public Patreon

Comment “TAKE ME” letter by letter, line by line, if you want to see more adventure outdoor photos! 💜This is part of August’s set—>link in bio to see more! I’ve already started posting from this set, so you’ll be rewarded the second you join 🤗💜✨link in bio✨

Comment your favorite anime! 👇👇👇Mine is Monogatari & I did a mini shoot of Black Hanekawa today!!! 😸🖤 It was a costest that turned out rad, so all July patrons (+$10 tiers) will get this mini set! 🖤Link in bio🖤 #monogatari #blackhanekawa #hanekawatsubasa #hanekawa

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