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Today is my mom’s birthday. She wrote me a letter about two weeks before she died and left it for my sister to give to me after she passed. She wrote letters for each of us. I remember holding the letter protectively in my hands anxious to hear what final words she had left for me. I wanted to find a quiet place all to myself to wrap myself in her words and my grief. ⁣⁣
The unopened letter felt like such a big, important thing. Her death had left me numb and I had been having a hard time expressing and processing my grief. I felt like her letter would hold the keys to the vault of my heart and finally open the floodgates for my tears to flow. I opened the letter tenderly, reverently, and held my breath as I began reading. ⁣⁣
It opened with the story of my birth. She said she didn’t know she was pregnant with me, but they were happy when they found out. Her labor was short, but very intense and I was born with a little shag hair cut. There wasn’t much more detail than that. But she did go on to say that I was an easy baby, so easy, that she wondered if something was wrong. She confessed in the letter to smoking pot once while breastfeeding and wondered if that’s why I was so chill. 😂 😎⁣⁣
The letter went on to describe things she remembered about my childhood, including some funny tidbits like my older sister asking if they could send me back. And later my sister asking my mom if she could kill me, so it would be just her and my mom again. 😳 ⁣⁣
The funny thing is that I was hoping the letter would be this big emotional catharsis, but it was written very matter of factly, without much emotion at all. She was on pain medications and dealing with some major depression at the end, so I completely understand why there wasn’t more there. But looking back, I realize now that what was there was more than enough. It was human. It was real. It was perfectly imperfect. And at the end of the day I didn’t need a letter at all. I have 30 years of memories of her etched in my heart. I wish she were here to meet Skye, but I trust that she checks in on us from time to time, so I’m sure they are already best of friends. ❤️

One of my favorite humans @jenpastiloff wrote a book On Being Human. And like everything she writes and posts, it’s absolutely f*#%ing brilliant. Head to her page to pre-order (link is in her bio)⁣

Repost from Jen in her own words...⁣

Huge news! I waited until today #WorldMentalHealth Day to reveal my cover because so much of On Being Human is telling the truth about my own mental health and depression. I’m so scared and excited at the same time! “This book is a beacon of hope from someone who’s been VERY far away from that beacon but managed to find her way back.” -Patton Oswalt. ❤️⁣

here’s the truth: PREORDERS MATTER. If you could preorder I’d weep with joy. Maybe not weep because I’m on antidepressants, and, well, it’s not as easy. But please, if you can- if you would be so kind (I get that it’s a big ask so no big deal if you can’t) order it now because for a writer, preorders are everything. EVERYTHING.⁣
Everything has led me here. All of it. The path has been crooked but it’s perfectly mine. I love you ALL and the fact that I’m so supported has kept me alive. Truly.⁣

The link to preorder is in my bio (you can order wherever you get our books too.) Would you SHARE this post? I have big plans for us. I’m taking you all with me. I didn’t get here alone. ⁣
Also - yesterday Caroline Leavitt asked me about writing the memoir, which she saw as an act of bravery. I said that STAYING ALIVE WAS MY ACT OF BRAVERY. (The blog is on my FB if you want to read). Share your own truths below about depression & mental health. We got this. Everything is possible together. Let’s go!⁣

Book is out June 4, 2019!

Skye is getting so close to crawling! It’s equally exciting and daunting, because I know once he’s mobile, Adam and I will have our work cut out for us! 🙀 Even though I’m bribing him to crawl with my smoothie (I can already tell, btw, that this little guy is going to love smoothies as much as his mama!), we’re actually in no rush! It’s a beautiful thing to be able to put him down in one spot and know he’ll still be there 5 minutes later. 😂 Parents, at what age did your kiddos start crawling? ⁣


This little boy is full of so much joy and wonder. He gives me hope that the future will be a kinder, gentler, more tolerant place. These are intense times in our world and I know many of us are feeling afraid, angry, and unsafe. It’s ok to feel all those things. Now more than ever, we must allow ourselves to feel deeply and honor whatever is stirring in our soul. Maybe it’s rage. Maybe it’s grief. Or maybe it’s hope. That’s ok too. In this moment, I feel a fierce mixture of love and hope. I believe we have the opportunity to change the narrative and shift our collective consciousness for our highest good. While it may feel like we’re moving backward, I believe we’re forging a new, stronger path forward. Onward, my friends!⁣ We can do this. ❤️

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I'm re-launching my YouTube Channel! I'll be posting new videos each month, including yoga tutorials, guided meditations, mindfulness techniques, breathwork practices, and healthy and delicious recipes to help heal your gut and boost your mood. You’ll also find candid conversations about topics that are near and dear to my heart such as mental health, domestic violence, overcoming trauma and adversity, body image, self-worth, finding your purpose, real talk on motherhood and relationships, and so much more! ⁣

Please subscribe to my channel (link in bio) and stay tuned for more! 🤗

Moms and dads, when did you start giving your little ones water? Skye has been exclusively on breastmilk for the past 7 months (how is he already 7 months old btw?!), and we have yet to introduce any H20. We did, however, recently start introducing solid foods (we’re following the baby-led weaning method) and it’s so cool to see him exploring new tastes and textures. He chowed down on a banana today and it was pretty much the highlight of my week. He also likes sweet potato and celery, but the jury is still out on avocado. He seems pretty content with just breastmilk for hydration, but he has started to show a keen interest in my glass any time I’m drinking water. Did you start with a sippy cup or just stick with a bottle (any favorite non-toxic sippy cup brand recommendations?). Appreciate the insights! 🙏🏼🤗⁣


I’ve been watching the news these past few days with a mixture of hope and heartbreak. Hope because it takes so much courage to come forward and speak out. Hope because taboo topics like sexual assault and domestic violence are now a part of our mainstream conversation. Hope because the patriarchy is being challenged in a way this country has never seen before. Hope because this amount of upheaval feels like a revolution. Hope because I choose to believe a safer world is waiting for us on the other side. ⁣

But there is also fear. It registers palpably in my body. As a survivor of intimate partner violence, I know all too well the fear and risk that comes with speaking out. I know the devastation and shame of what it feels like not to be believed. I have been reading some of the social media posts by leaders I respect who have vocalized their support and belief in survivors like Dr. Ford and the comment section is filled with so much vitriol and victim blaming. People questioning her credibility and motives, viciously attacking her character, and hurling hateful insults. The assault of words in this news cycle is dizzying.⁣

If you are a survivor of trauma, the intensity of these times can feel both galvanizing and overwhelming to the point of freeze. Practice radical self-care. Tune in when it feels supportive. And know that it’s OK to tune out when it feels too triggering. Get out in nature, place your bare feet on the earth, exercise, hug someone you love, laugh, dance, cry, or simply place your hands on your heart and take a deep breath. Do whatever you need to support your nervous system and anchor back into your body. ⁣

If you choose to add your voice to the collective conversation, know that you get to decide what to share, with whom to share, when to share, and where you share. You also get to choose NOT to share. In the landscape of social media, sharing can be healing, but it can also be re-traumatizing. YOU get to decide. Standing in solidarity and support for survivors who speak up and for survivors who stay silent. There is no right or wrong way to heal. There is only what’s right for you. #BelieveSurvivors⁣

I love the way Skye holds on to Adam. He reaches out with his tiny hand and clings on to the hair on the back of his head every time he’s in his arms. It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m so grateful that our little boy feels so safe and loved. The funny thing is when I found out I was pregnant, I envisioned having a little girl and we would proudly wear our matching “The Future is Female” shirts together. But now that Skye is in the world, I can’t imagine life any other way. Raising a son at this exact moment in time feels so sacred to me because I know that the way we raise our sons will impact how safe the future will be for our daughters. Our little one is such a sensitive and gentle spirit and it is our greatest privilege and highest duty as parents to continue nurturing his gentleness and modeling kindness and love. ❤️

There was a time in my life not all too long ago, where I felt completely lost in my own trauma vortex. I was doing everything I could not to be swallowed alive. I used to lay awake at night wondering if healing was possible. ⁣

I had an unpleasant encounter tonight that was a direct link right back to the source of some deep trauma, but instead of spiraling off into the trauma vortex, my nervous system stayed regulated. I stayed in my body and processed the information in present time and space without my nervous system viscerally yanking me backward into a flashback. It was such a beautiful reminder that no matter what you’ve been through, healing is possible. ⁣

Keep trusting in your worth, your radiance, and your resilience my friends. We are all innately born with the power to overcome and self-heal. ❤️

Skye approved! He’s not quite old enough for his own @smartypants gummies yet, but he sure loves the bottle! It’s a bonus that all SmartyPants Organics bottles are made out of post-recycled materials and their Prenatal formula is vegetarian and organic with omega-3s, probiotics, methylfolate, vitamin D3, vitamin B12, and a full multivitaminall in one serving. 🙌🏻 #ad #smartypants

Postpartum real talk. My hair is still falling out in clumps and the hair that’s still attached to my head is greasy and never seems to dry (I’ve tried clarifying shampoos, but to no avail)! My eyelash extensions are falling out and I’ve decided not to refill them because I just can’t motivate myself to really care all that much. So I’m going back to my natural, short, straight-ass asian eyelashes that I was born with. My formerly toned yoga arms now have cellulite, and wtf is up with this armpit boob pudge? Anyone know what I’m talking about? It’s like an extra boob between your bra strap and armpit! And yes, I’m still peeing on myself. So that’s fun. But you know what? I strangely feel the most comfortable I’ve ever been in my own skin. I used to always cover up my belly and now I walk around the house all day every day in tiny shorts and just a bra. I’m a milk dispenser, so why bother with a shirt? 😂 When I look at myself now, sometimes I feel like I’m looking at a stranger, but I also feel the most “me” I’ve ever felt. And when Skye looks at me, his face lights up EVERY SINGLE TIME. He doesn’t see any of that superficial, exterior bullshit that we are so quick to judge ourselves on. He just sees a mom who loves him more than anything in this world. He loves me just the way I am, so I’m going to love me just the way I am too. ❤️

We don’t always have to get it right. We don’t have to be perfect. We just have to show up. Showing up is always enough. 📷 @maggiezulovic

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