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Liza Koshy  God 1st. Little brown girl with big dreams. Twitter • lizakoshy Snap • lizakoshysnaps WATCH OUR SHOW, LIZA ON DEMAND, for free.99! 👇🏽

if pigs could fly

@zane's 200th video. get. ready.

shhhh, i just laid down my baby hairs to sleep

windows remind me, that sometimes you can't see, what you about to run into. ouch. i got a boo boo on my forehead. comment down below if you wanna kiss it.

i like every. single. one. of my own instagram posts because that's millennial self lovin', honey

• move bush, get out the way
• just me and my lady garden
• just a tool in the garden
• im a late bloomer
• look, it's a budding businesswoman
• bushes be crazy
• laughing at my bush

you are now here

she's looking left... but i say, she lookin' riiiiiight

just two lil coffees with cream

yo don't freak out but there's a bug on your screen lol this caption doesn't have a punchline... but this pic has a PUNCH BUGGY NO PUNCH BACK BIH

door...a the explora

i squat like this for photos and for public toilets #womanhood #cleanthighs

an icon livin'... an icon chillin'... and im just TRIPPIN'

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