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Liza Koshy  God 1st. Little brown girl with big dreams. Twitter • lizakoshy Snap • lizakoshysnaps Biz • NEW VIDEO! 👇🏽

tru but you can follow my mass honey

this says woman freedom... i can read spanish.
pero like girl power mami. stick together like our cleavage ladies. (yours, mine doesn't exist)

i'm 2 years old today! i know i look 12... i'm mature for my age. but two years ago, this little boy uploaded his first youtube video. and now here he is: smiling uncontrollably because 10 million people have lost their minds... and found my subscribe button. thank you for accidentally clicking it. i truly am blessed you fell for it, and i'm so thankful you did. i wouldn't be living the life i do, if it wasn't for each of you. you support me, motivate me, and most of all, employ me lol... i have the best 14 year old bosses around! thank you for your positivity, your kindness, your support, your heart, your time, your subscription and your moms credit card. thank you for joining me on this adventure and being apart of this dream. thank you for inspiring me every day and thank you for treating me to dinner every night! i am so blessed to live in this age of technology and social media. in a crowd of 10 million, a little brown girl can't easily be seen, but now, she sure can be heard. thanks for listening. and watching. ❤️ thanks for losing your minds with me kids.

fun fact: pilots always fly while high

the only person i'll let ruin my contour. here's proof that david dobrik kisses his fans. happy 571 days together cutie. ❤️

my first wedding! but they spelled paige + liza wrong. congratulations @shuapeck, you win. and @paigeobrienn... good luck! to the beautiful couple 🥂❤️ crank out the kids for content soon

roses are black
violets are black
oh my eyes are closed
ps. shout out to all the cuties i met at vidcon! you all had such beautiful energy, stories and smells. ❤️ thank you babes.

Whoever Calvin Klein is... I found your underwear. Now they're #mycalvins.
You thought that was it for this ad... BUT WAIT. THERE'S MORE. Check out @amazonfashion and use code to get some @CalvinKlein for less Calvin Coins honey!

Once a month, my uterus doesn't let me wear white. But my #AlwaysMyFit pad does!
I'm protected all the time baby, it's like armor in my panties. Thank you to @always_brand for always having my back.. and my female organs. Happy Dad day, happy pad day, happy #ad day!

just use protection when you do...

more *procrastinating. aka my youtube video is going up tomorrow! i'm sorry... that you expected it today, now you look stupid. it's okay, i forgive you. lol but it's coming babes! ❤️

i like my coffee like i like my buttcheeks. strong and brown.

i'm working out on the strong part. but what holds my liquid strength is my cute new @mybyta cup! no more harming momma earth with paper cups... i now have the perfect place to pour my liquid personality. be betta, use byta.

FUN FACT • this isn't actually an ad... it's a belief lol. i am proud to announce i am an owner of Byta along with some really dope and creative people! it's not a sponsorship, ITS A LIFESTYLE BABY.

the cutest laxative you ever seen

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