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Liza Koshy  God 1st. Little brown girl with big dreams. Twitter • lizakoshy Snap • lizakoshysnaps 🎄 LIMITED HOLIDAY EDITION DROP! CHECK IT OUT HERE:

life. is. insane. liza. is. too... blessed to live it. i can't even explain how big my dad's smile was when i told him. so, im dedicating this incredible honor to him. to every email he's read, every call he's answered, every doubt he's reassured, every cry he's soothed and every convo i've zoned out of... thank you. for believing in my dreams, before any came true.

yes, im in my feelings, on my period, and my jumbo sports tampon and i would like to say thank you to YOU. for your love, empathy, kindness, understanding, positivity and your willingness to witness and support me as i evolve. this has all been one heaven of a ride, and im thankful to the angels riding with me. bless yall.

aight im done cryin', thank you @forbes for honoring my parents hard work. and also, yes, cups of coffee and my legs always make an appearance in my major IG announcements

sister james was sister shaking in his sister slippers and couldn't be in the pic because he made me look so sister sexy. i blame my good genes, and a great james, @jamescharles. go check out my sweet sister's new youtube video! just 27 minutes and 12 ads long of us being open + honest about our life, love, jobs, mental health and more. ✨ now go watch his brain and talent unfold on my face.

a visual representation of an angry menstrual cramp

i wish i looked thiiis gorgeous. a girl can dream, and this girl can draw, @eliyas_art you are so brilliant. thank you for sharing your talent and creating this ego-boosting beauty.

today is my grandma's 96th birthday... 96TH. it's by the grace of God that i am able to be here in India with her, and she, is able to be here on Earth with me. to the woman who taught me to take life lightheartedly, and to love wholeheartedly... i love you Ammachy, let's party. (also, we look alike, so this is a painting of her. she wont let me post a photo. she doesn't know what "post" means. i, barely know what "post" means. any-who, we're twins. only i was born in '96, and she is 96. but ill warn you now, prepare for me to age extremely gracefully.)

wearing a onesie as an adult is fun. no diapers this time... i know for sure how to SH*T MY PANTS NOW AM I RIIIIIGHT

i jumped through hoops for this photo • HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY BALLAS! YOU GET 30% OFF SITEWIDE ON LIZAKOSHY.COM! Check out @bylizakoshy or my story for all the sales!

athletic... where? JUST DROPPED YOUR NEW FAVORITE TRACKSUIT ON LIZAKOSHY.COM. yall, i am happy as balls about this drop! it's your one of one sportswear made custom, comfy and for the couch.

happy feet • happy birthday happy boy @zane!

well, would you look at this smart ass

1. YESSSS, YOUTH. our turnout and turn up these midterms are deemed to be record breaking! that's so sexy of us. i feel so proud. and so sexy.

2. also, we came out these midterms with a W, and that W stands for WOMEN. the estrogen was feeling ESTRONG this election. this is to our history-making, narrative-shaping, winning congresswomen! from the youngest women elected (29 yrs old, WHAT), to the first muslim women, from the first black and latina women (for many states), to the very first native american woman and to our LGBTQ+ women, and men too. i am so proud to see, our representatives look more like me. like us. like the U.S. these many firsts are just the start to even more change. thank you for voting and being the change we're SEEING.

3. thank you for poll dancing with me. finding my voice and casting my ballot was *almost* as fun as watching you all do so too. lucky for us, there's more to come and more work to be done. so, let's stay charged, and make change. ✨ (that's a decent slogan if anyone wants to purchase from me)

We, the people, are the Keys to America... so lock in your vote on November 6th.

Blessed to love and learn from these two angels who made a pit stop on Earth... ✨ and in Texas! Click the link in my bio to watch our girls trip, then take YO trip to the polls.

voting is easier than marching -sexy pedro

check out my sexy halloween costume... i'm a registered voter

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