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Fatmaliza Zaki A.  X MIA 2 🏠 SMAN 1 PANDAAN🏫

you, limited edition.
yes you are.☺️

new fams👌


a new chapter, good luck guys!❤️

the way I look at bae :v *ciaaaa!! #justkid😂


Proud being part of this family❤️

I miss the way you hug me tight every morning, I miss the way you look at me and say 'everythings gon' be okay' when nightmare distract my sleep, I miss the way you smile at me before you go to work, I miss everytime you laugh because of me, I miss the way you squeeze me everytime you go home from your work, I miss the way you call my name and command me to pose everytime you point the camera on me, I miss the way you angry with me and punish me whenever I make some mistakes, I miss the way you play with me, I miss the way you kiss my cheek and say 'goodnight dear' before I go to sleep, I miss it dad, you always there when I need you the most. But, I hate it when you lay and many people gather at our home, saying that you've go. That time, I was broke inside. Last thing that I remember, I said your name and ask you not to go. But it's to late, you'll never comeback again. Never. I can't do anything. You know dad, since then, my biggest fear is 'losing someone'. However, I'll always love you, I'll always say your name in my pray. I promise. Thanks dad, for every moment that will always attach on my mind and my heart. ❤️😭

I know it's gon' get better

Miss you dad (':❤️

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