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  🇺🇸usa based 🙌🏼next restock: ↓ SHOP BELOW ↓

Strawberry shortcake 🍰🍓a layered cloud slime topped with pink glitter & strawberry fimo slices! I’ll be selling this @sonomaslimefest !!!! The tan part is scented funnel cake, the pink is scented strawberry, & the white is scented birthday cake 🎂 when mix the color is such a pretty nude ish pink💕
Q-what’s the most iconic theme song from a tv show? Qotd from @slimeobsidian

Tibbles peanut butter toast 🥖🥐🍞Oml this slime is-🤩
Do you like peanut butter? I don’t 🤧

Kermit’s tea 🍵from oscah @slimeglitterz thich slimee 🐸love 😍💕
+10 if you’re going to slime rodeo
+5 if you dislike jiggly slime
+20 if your birthday is in August
+15 if you love James Charles
How many points do you have??

Magic kingdom 👑from THE BEST @snoopslimes 😍😍this video is kinda choppy:-(
Jelly or icee slime?

Spider 🕷 man @paragon.slimes sent me this😍🤯🤩😚turn up volume 🔉for da sIzZlEs
What’s one show you wish would come back?

Pineapple shaved ice 🍍🍧 from the 0ne and 0nly @snoopslimes 🤩I’ve wanted this for forever now
Comment down below some emojis that represent a movie and have others try to guess what movie it is!

This is gunna be super easy but guess who made with slime and what the name of it is:-)

Sry the camera was so close🤧anyways I got these sprinkles from @happykawaiisupplies and they’re adorable!! Use code liyaslimes at checkout for 15% off ur order
What’s your favorite type of clear glue based slime?

Jamba Juice 🥤 @slime_city_bitch_
What’s one show everyone else watches but you don’t

The REAL jelly slime

I had SO much fun at slimers in the city!! I loved meeting everyone and hope to see them soon💕tysm to everyone who gave me a gift, bought, or even said hi ilyy

cloud ☁️ slime 🌃 city
Exclusive cloud slime for sitc!! Scented blue raspberry slushee! Bottom label sticker is adorable (not shown tho)

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