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Lieya  Best friend with Instant Gratification Monkey🐒

1. First you stretch it like this.
2. Next flip it like this
3. Third fold in half
4. Lastly let it rest like this.
And that is how you make roti canai. #trustme #itsinmyblood *no roti canai was harmed in this episode, props were used instead.

🔴REFER PREVIOUS POST🔴 Because people are dying to get in. *The things my best buddy would do, like to laugh at my jokes even when its lame 😐.

Why are there gates around cemeteries?

Babe, I got something funny to tell..

Final end of the year cliche:
Time to make more smart decisions after this. Mistakes made once is fine but repeatedly doing the same mistake is just plain stupid. So long 2017 ✋🏻👋🏻✋🏻👋🏻

I just wanna smile all day everyday like this. The only happiness that I can fulfill is within myself and not from the others. People pleaser is a no no 🙅🏻‍♀️ cause you can never please anyone.

2017 been nothing but a tough and great experience all together. I failed countless time, made mistakes that couldn’t be erase but I didn’t failed entirely I found love from all kinds of ways . I found passion and I’ve met very interesting people that inspire me most. My only hope for 2018 to be better than I was before, at least to get hold of my life efficiently. It’s never easy to really figure out who I really am and I’m trying my best... I’m still learning so please be nice to me.

Looking forward ahead wondering if my future is bright enough...

Just tryin' to find my way back home the old me is dead and gone. 🕺🏻 #feelingalltimberlake

🐒 I turn my head to the West.. Still nobody in sight

No kid, even I can’t reach the bike. Wait till you grow! Grow high and big dont be like your petite aunty.

Dad:~ the person who always think that his only daughter will always be his little child. A person who believed in me most even though I know I wasn’t the brightest child in the family yet he is still there for the endless support. Thank you for bringing me up & providing me the best even through difficulties and hardships.

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