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Olivia Holland  I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave. 👫❤️@agentry74

Valentine's Day at work from babe. 👫❤️🌷🌸 @agentry74

We can't stay away from Sushi Samurai! 🍣💜 @agentry74

I'm so happy to have a new vehicle and fortunate to have a boyfriend who made it possible. ❤👫 @agentry74

I am fortunate to have spent the past year with Aaron by my side. All of the things I believed to be unattainable, regarding love, have become a part of my life. Being able to laugh with your mate when there is 6 inches of water in the basement is, how do the kids say, #goals. I love you @agentry74

The merriest Christmas I have had in years with this hunk. ❤️️🎄👫🎅🏻#mce #christmas2016 @agentry74

Our kid-free party Saturday. 😂❤️👫😍 @agentry74

Thankful today for love and family. We were so fortunate to spend time with our beautiful children, our nephew, my parents, siblings and their spouses as well as an aunt & uncle tonight. We have a pretty groovy life. 👫❤️😍 @agentry74

I am thankful today to have this man by my side. At every down turn he is there to break my fall. I don't recall a time in life that I have ever felt so safe and looked after. #thankfultuesday #mce @agentry74

Babe let's me pick out his Christmas sweater. 🎄😍 @agentry74 #mcm #christmassweater

Today I am thankful to work for a genuinely good man. After spending 4 years working for Satan himself, working for this human is really something to be thankful for. #westchesterminutemanpress #thankfulfriday #herestonewbeginnings

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." #mcm @agentry74