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Most people are not truly bad, it's just their conditioning. The way others treat you is more a reflection of themselves than you. Just because others do things to you unintentionally, it does not make it right. Instead of pointing a finger at them, point in the direction that you want to go and become the person you were born to be. Your dreams, your emotional health, your mental well-being, and self respect are all in your hands. People will only treat you a certain way if you allow them to. Do not allow others to take away your dreams or steal your peace

Forgiving ourselves and others does not mean what we or others had done is right, it simply means we will not carry the weight of those experiences. There is tremendous amount of strength and peace that comes when you let go.

In our society, people speak out against others telling lies, yet the truth to many, is not what they want to hear. We must begin by being honest with ourselves about who we truly are. Once that happens, we will find the truth much easier to accept from others.

Luck just doesn't happen, it takes timing and after. Even someone winning the lottery, they have to have the thought and the action to purchase a ticket. Our life is much the same. Take action for what you want, do not leave your dreams, in someone else's hands.

When we stop running away from ourselves and our experiences, and make the time to look in the mirror, then we can see who we truly are and all of our beautiful potential

Regardless of the challenges, fears, depression, anxiety or negative self image you have faced, all of those things make you who you are. Accept what you have done and who you have been. Who you are in this moment, is up to you. Learn to love the person in the mirror.

If you want it bad enough and believe in it, as well as have faith, I can make anything happen

When you truly believe in something in your heart your mind and in your body, nothing will stop you. Do not allow the opinions and words of others change you

When we give with our hearts, we are connected to a place of beautiful truth within us.

No external love is as important as the love that you have for yourself

Even if you are the only one, believe in you. If you believe strong enough, it will attract others who also believe. New paths were not created by taking old roads.

Sometimes the person that we most need to forgive is ourselves. When we forgive others we let go of hate and negativity and bring more love in.

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